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Why Does My Girlfriend Not Want to Cuddle Anymore? (Exact Reasons)

Feature Image of Why Does My Girlfriend Not Want to Cuddle AnymoreYou cuddle her so tight that she faces difficulty breathing. Initially, out of hesitation, she would not tell you anything. But now that you are more comfortable in each other's shoes, she keeps intimacy limited to other things.

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out why your girlfriend doesn't want to cuddle anymore and what you can do about it. 

Reasons why your girlfriend doesn't want to cuddle you anymore

  1. You cuddle too hard: If you make it too difficult for your girlfriend to breathe when you cuddle her, she will do anything to avoid cuddling with you. Everyone cannot enjoy cuddling, and even if they enjoy it, it cannot be enjoyed by everyone.
    • We loved cuddling with our cushions. We liked to get cushioned from every corner and tug into a blanket. It is because the cushions were made of soft materials. We could use it the way we like. 
    • With people, we can’t stuff them between our legs to make us warm. They neither have the ideal weight nor are they handy. They would keep moving rather than stay stationary.
    • It gets all the more difficult when the person cuddling is a mouthbreather, a snoozer, has oily skin, or is too fidgety and overweight. You have signed in for trouble. 
    • It would bring you sleepless nights, and if you are one such person, your girlfriend might have tolerated it out of politeness and courtesy for so long. However, now she fails to keep up the facade, and out of annoyance, she might even suggest facing different sides when sharing the bed.
  1. You never exchange roles: Cuddling is synonymous with playing big spoon, small spoon. She might get offended if you always take one role and never care to ask her about her preferences.
    • Yes, you couldn't have imagined that cuddling could be a subject to be fussed about. But relationships make everything possible. While you might not mind not kissing your girlfriend every time and being fond of cuddling, your girlfriend might not feel the same way. 
    • Exchanging roles, taking charge, and following the lead are parts and parcels of relationships. You cannot let down a person for something that you find convenient. Everything must be discussed and mutually agreed upon for health and sustenance.
  1. She is more interested in making out: Perhaps your girlfriend isn't a typical woman who loves to play cozy and stay passive in bed. She likes to thrust herself upon you.
    • Women who love to dominate won't easily resort to cuddling with you. She is not your bed toy. She won't let you make a teddy out of her. 
    • She will take charge and set you right. She is not into the nonsense talk. She likes to seek pleasure. And most importantly, unlike most women, your woman knows how to derive pleasure. 
    • Don't force her into it if she doesn't want to cuddle. Give her time and see what she might surprise you with. It might be worthier than you could have imagined.
  1. You have gained weight: Skinny or health-conscious girls might find it disturbing and be put off if you show a gain in weight. They will be alarmed if you are comfortable with your added carbs.
    • Cuddling your girlfriend without guilt after putting on weight is very disturbing. It could jeopardize your relationship. You should work on yourself more if you see a woman with a hot body. 
    • Remember, she gets all the attention that she never asks for. She won't stand if she feels you are neglecting yourself because of basking comfortably in bed with your girlfriend. 
  1. She is tired of cuddling: Believe it or not, cuddling requires effort. It burns calories. It is painstaking to find a comfortable position with your partner.
    • Couples have issues, from their favorite corner of the house to their favorite side in bed. They could fight over anything. Similarly, your girlfriend might simply decide not to put up with your demands and say no to cuddling because she has grown weary of it. 
    • When you think about it, there can be multiple reasons for this absurdity. It could be that she finds cuddling exhausting. After a long day at work, your girlfriend might look for something solo and relaxing. 
    • Steam baths, spa therapy, body massage, going down on your girlfriend, and making her a hearty dish are some ways to win her charm. She might offer cuddling as a reward to you in return, but before that, she wants you to prove to her that you are worth it.
  1. She is cheating on you: You cannot let go of the possibility that your girlfriend is gradually becoming distant from you because she is cheating on you. Notice whether the changes are minor and seldom or major and frequent.
    • If she is always fighting with you, her arguments are groundless, and she has stopped saying that she loves you, and there has been a blunder in your relationship status. 
    • You might want to catch her red-handed in such a case, but that would be no good. She might accuse you of many things she thought you should have done for her. 
    • If you feel this can be the case, you must buy her confidence to convince her to confess the truth. One way is by promising her that you would understand the situation and won't behave like a helpless, homeless person. 
  1. She has a change of plans: She is deliberately becoming distant because she will be changing cities. It needs to be a change in the romantic course of events but circumstantial.
    • We fail before life. The beauty and greatness of life in all its might disasters positivity in us, but when the days go wrong and nights become longer, we are devoid of hope. 
    • You must remember to have your back and be kind on such days. When you are honest in your intentions, you will stand triumphant even if you lose your girl.

What to do when your girlfriend doesn't want to cuddle anymore? 

  1. Ask her about it: Inquiring is the right way to resolve a query. Unless you pose your doubts, no human would understand what might be bothering you. Hence, if you feel your girlfriend does not want to cuddle anymore, ask her about it.
    • Tell your girlfriend that you appreciate feedback and criticism alike. If there is anything that you are doing wrong or you are overdoing, tell her to share it with you shamelessly. 
    • The only reason for embarrassment is when you discover that your girlfriend is uncomfortable sharing points on what makes her uncomfortable with you. 
    • Before being a boyfriend or a girlfriend to each other, you must work on being great friends and gelling along well together. That would sustain your bond and help you overcome every problem.
  1. Give her a break: If you feel your girlfriend can use a break, don’t hesitate to give her the same. The relationship often gets so overwhelming that we feel dismayed without any strong reason. This results in pent-up emotions, which becomes the root cause of misunderstanding and lapse in communication.
    • Learn to convey things immediately. When emotions are not taken up as burdens but shared promptly with one another, there would never be room for discomfort. 
    • Remember, your priority is to make it work without unnecessarily sweating too much. If you feel that taking two steps backward might help your girlfriend in this regard or that she has taken you for granted and detaching from her might make her realize how much you mean to her, do it.
  1. Try to understand her preferences: Intimacy is about sharing comfort. You must do things that both of you enjoy doing. Hence, if your girlfriend is striking off cuddling from the list, try to understand what she keeps top on the list.
    • Things become simple when you know how to please. Take turns to please. Pleasure should be a two-sided give-and-take process. 
    • You can fix alternate days to make the call. Try new things in bed. Find yourself some props that both of you might enjoy. Learn to value hygiene. Whatever you do, don’t make it stink. 
    • Sometimes it is not enough to love the right person but also to love the person in the right manner. Being selfish in bed or providing love is the worst kind of selfishness. 
    • If you feel your girlfriend is selfish, help her purge herself of meanness. Tell her about the things you enjoy doing with her or the things you are up for experimenting with. It will encourage her to share her part of the story. 
  1. Don't cuddle too tightly or all night: If you feel your girlfriend might avoid cuddling with you because you cuddle too tight or all night, perhaps loosen yourself a bit. Let her grasp you instead.
    • Many times turning the table around helps a great deal. This is more so when you feel your girlfriend might not be doing a particular thing because you are doing more of it. Stay still and let her function. See what she does to you when you are getting fidgety with her.
  1. Work on yourself: Give her more reasons to stick by you. Show her your abs. Work on building up a stronger frame for her. Be the man she would love to flaunt with. Take pictures with her and make your relationship official.
    • Take one step at a time. When you take it in the right direction, things will be alright. Girls love to cuddle with guys who have slim frames. Make this your motivator. Hit the gym, go skipping, go cycling. Do enough cardio solo to do more with your girlfriend.
  1. Look for changes: Is cuddling the only aspect that has changed between you, or has she started talking less, avoiding meet-ups, and receiving calls? Look for the changes that have recently come over in your girlfriend.
    • Perhaps you are seeing more of one thing because you are fixated on it, but your girlfriend is getting aloof from you in various aspects. Trace it all down by recalling events and sequences of occurrences. 
    • If you can locate more than three changes, it has to be a deliberate move on the part of your girlfriend. Talking over it might not bring aid as she is aware of what she is doing. Sometimes it is better to take clues and stop doing what you are doing.
  1. Check her social handles: You can always get clues about what's happening with a woman when you stalk her, even if you do it on social media rather than hiring a secret agent to complete the task.
    • When you go through her posts and see the likes and comments, you will know the people who take the liberty of doing so. These are the set of people your girlfriend is comfortable with. 
    • If you choose to delve deeper, you can further check into the accounts of these people to see if your girlfriend equally images with their posts too. You might even stumble upon some photos which will give you further clues about her whereabouts.
  1. Be patient: You don’t need to get too heated on trivial matters. After all, it’s just cuddling. It is not like she is breaking up or ditching you for someone else. Sometimes being patient is the toughest but the most important task to do.
    • Having patience is a sign of maturity. Your girlfriend is well aware of what she is doing. She is doing it deliberately to see your reaction. When you don’t let your anger get the better off you and take things slowly forward, when you know when to pause and when to run, your girlfriend will find herself all the reasons to stick together.
  1. Let go: While uttering the words letting go is very simple, doing it is not. You must be very disciplined and strict about letting go of the situation, habit, person, anything, and everything that becomes toxic and affects your health.
    • Health is physical and mental. Remember, looking after your mental welfare is just as important. Even if you have to walk extra miles for its sake, do it. The ultimate hustle of man is to stay calm and be at peace.
  1. Accept and move on: If you can say it clearly that your girlfriend is trying to become your ex or following a similar pattern in which your ex had ditched you, it is time that you bid her goodbye upfront and close the door on her face rather than wait for her to do so.
    • When it is evident to you that something has gone wrong, don’t harass yourself more. Learn to accept and move on in life. That way, you get to keep the good memories with you. 
    • You may fall out of love with someone just as you had started loving them. Both are natural steps. The rule you must adhere to in life is to be with the person as long as you find the spot respectable. Never compromise your dignity over love affairs.


Here are a few things to keeping mind:

  • Your girlfriend might have asthma that has made it impossible for her to cuddle you or anyone. Going for regular checkups with the physician together with your partner can help you in staying medically alert.
  • Learn to communicate your wishes and desires. If your girlfriend isn’t the one you should talk to, then who is? Don’t waste your time by brain-racking or asking other people about it. They would not know what is going on in your girlfriend’s mind. They will interpret, but only your girlfriend can tell you the right answer.
  • Learn to give space in a relationship. You must not suffocate your partner with your extraterritorial presence. Allow them to breathe. They will automatically make space for you in their life.

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