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When a Guy Falls Asleep on Your Chest (Reasons & What to Do)

Feature Image of Guy Falls Asleep on Your ChestWhen a guy falls asleep on your chest, he is probably tired from the make-out session. It shows how comfortable he feels around you. He feels connected to you in a way different from all other human connections. You should never wake him up unless it is an emergency situation.

This article will help you delve deep into the guy who falls asleep on your chest. It will enlist a few reasons for this behavior, possible solutions, and advice. Read on.

What makes him fall asleep on your chest?

  1. He loves you: A guy might fall asleep on your chest when he has feelings for you. To be more precise, this guy might be in love with you. He loves the closeness.
    • A guy doesn’t fall asleep on your chest for no reason. He did so because he loves you. He feels happy around you. Sleeping on your chest signifies that he thinks of you as a close one.
    • Random guys, don’t fall asleep on your chest. That would be creepy and dangerous. He did so because he knows you, and you know him.
    • He fell asleep on your chest with consent. If he loves you, he will never do something you don’t want. His respect for consent also shows his affection for you.
  1. He feels comfortable around you: He fell asleep on your chest because he feels comfortable around you. When with you, he can be himself, and he doesn’t have to hide his vulnerabilities. That relief makes him feel comfortable.
    • Almost all of the reasons for his behavior point towards the fact that he has romantic feelings for you or is extremely close to you. Falling asleep on someone’s chest requires certain permission that can only be attained by lovers or potential lovers.
    • It is clear that he likes you. He fell asleep on your chest because he felt comfortable around you. You have successfully created a safe haven for him to cocoon up.
    • He feels comfortable around you because, with you, he feels at home. You are a comfort zone for him. He trusts you with his vulnerabilities and quirks.
  1. He is tired: He fell asleep on your chest because he is tired. Now, this could happen when you guys are already dating. Let’s see how.
    • He could fall asleep on your chest while making out if he is too tired to put in the effort. However, he will only be comfortable about doing this when you guys have been dating for a while.
    • What he did doesn’t mean he likes you any less. He did that because he thinks you will never judge him for being tired. He can be himself around you. That’s why he likes you so much.
    • The fact that he fell asleep on your chest proves what he feels for you. He thinks of you as a trustworthy person who is capable of making him feel comfortable. He would probably do the same for you.
  1. He loves to sleep: He fell asleep on your chest because he loves to sleep. This has nothing to do with being tired or comfortable. This is probably a way to disregard your feelings.
    • He loves to sleep. He can sleep on any surface he wants, yet he chooses to fall asleep on your chest, and that too while making out.
    • This shows his disregard for your feelings. He intentionally did what he did to irritate you. He knows that nobody likes it when a partner falls asleep, without reason, in the middle of a make-out session.
    • You will know it when he is tired, but in this case, he wasn’t. He is simply trying to mess with you by putting his urges above your wishes. He thinks he is more important than you, and so are his whims and fancies.
    • He wants you to cater to his needs without question and feel good about it. He needs to know that he should sleep on his own time unless he is too tired to function. It’s not that you won’t understand.
  1. He is lazy: He fell asleep on your chest because he is lazy. This situation can also arise during a make-out session. Laziness is his biggest enemy, and it is clearly affecting this relationship now.
    • Lazing around is more important to him than spending quality time with you. He wants to be with you, but his laziness is stopping him from doing so.
    • He is not a bad person and is probably not doing this to irritate you like the scenario in the previous point. He likes you and wants to be with you.
    • However, the effort that goes into making out is too tiring for him. He falls asleep even if he doesn’t want to. It’s not in his hands. His body controls his life.
    • He knows he disappoints you to a great extent, but when it comes to sleep, he fails to fight it. It is like his body closes down and forces him to fall asleep at critical moments.
  1. He likes how your bodies feel against each other: He loves the physical touch. He fell asleep on you because he likes the warmth of your body, and that points towards the possibility of him being in love with you.
    • He fell asleep on you because he likes you and the particular reason for that is he likes your body.
    • He likes how your bodies feel against each other. He feels comfortable in the embrace. The sense of comfort brings him closer to you.
    • He likes the physical nature of this connection. The touching of two bodies brings him peace and relief. He loves to be close to you.
    • This can mean he is in love with you, and finding comfort in you is his way of showing that love. You are his happy place.
    • He likes the warmth of your body as that makes him feel safe. For him, it is like the warmth of a fireplace inside a cottage in the woods on a cold wintry night.
  1. He wants to listen to your heartbeat: The guy fell asleep on your chest while listening to your heartbeat. Your heartbeats are like music to his ears. That’s where he finds peace.
    • He did not intend to fall asleep. All he wanted was to listen to your heartbeats. But it acted as a lullaby for him, and he fell asleep on your chest.
    • This can happen during or after a make-out session. The sound of your beating heart has a rhythm. Such monotonous beats can put a person to sleep. That’s what happened with him.
    • However, this situation proves how much he likes you. A common sound originating from your body is music to his ears. Your heartbeat soothes his soul.
  1. He feels safe: The idea of safety comes hand-in-hand with love. The guy fell asleep on your chest because he feels safe around you. He can be himself when he is with you.
    • Safety is important when it comes to relationships. The guy we are talking about feels safe with you, and that’s why he can fall asleep on your chest with worrying about the world.
    • Whenever he is with you, he feels at peace. With you, he doesn’t have to worry about acting in the right manner.
    • Sleep comes so naturally because he doesn’t have to follow the behavioral standards set by society. He can be whomever he wants with you.
    • Falling asleep on your chest is not a bad thing unless he does that intentionally to irritate or disrespect you. If he does it out of laziness, it is a bit worrisome. However, when it happens involuntarily, it means this guy is genuinely in love with you.

What to do when a guy falls asleep on your chest?

  1. Give him the safety that he deserves: If all he wants is a little bit of safety, you should give that to him. He fell asleep on your chest because he feels safe there.
    • You will have to be a little considerate in this situation. He loves you and finds safety whenever he is close to you. Let him have that.
    • You can indulge his behavior so that he feels welcome. Show him that you like him by not waking him up when he sleeps on you.
    • However, don’t go and ask him directly to come and sleep on your chest. That can make things a little awkward. You wouldn’t like that if you had a thing for this guy.
  1. Let him rest: You should let him rest. He fell asleep on your chest, probably because he is tired. He needs a few good hours of sleep.
    • He fell asleep on your chest while making out because he was too tired to function. You should let him rest.
    • If keeping him like that on your chest becomes difficult and suffocating for you, you can gently slide him down and tuck him into the bed with a fuzzy blanket.
    • You can also try that “slide and roll” thing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. In the show, the method was only half successful. Ross was a pro at as he used to slide his hand from under Rachel before rolling her over to the other side. However, when he used this information to advise Chandler, the latter messed it up while he was with Janice. The point is that this slide and roll technique is great but only with practice and precision. However, it is an effective way to deal with the uncomfortable situation you are in.
    • Gestures like this from you will show that you like him too and that he is not alone in this.
  1. Ask him to stop: You can ask him to stop falling asleep on your chest if you feel uncomfortable (physically or mentally). Your consent and comfort are of foremost importance here.
    • Someone sleeping on your chest can be uncomfortable for you. He can create a lot of pressure on your body because of his undeniable body weight. It’s not like the movies where things like this are shown to be effortless.
    • You can ask him to stop falling asleep on your chest if it makes you uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable about this is not unnatural. This can happen even if you love him.
    • If he tries to fall asleep on your chest without your consent, you have the right to wake him up before he closes his eye to rest. He has no right to use your body like a mattress.
  1. Let him listen to your heartbeat: He loves listening to your heartbeat. You can let him do that if you are into him. The guy likes you and the closeness he shares with you.
    • Let him listen to your heartbeat if you feel comfortable about it. Your heartbeat is like music to his ears.
    • He likes to press his ear against your chest to listen to your beating heart as that soothes his mind. It looks a little odd when I write about it, but it is a pretty romantic gesture that involves a lot of non-sexual physical contact.
  1. Talk to him about your problems: He tends to fall asleep on your chest. It is okay to have problems with that. Communication is key here. Talk to him about your problems if you have any.
    • Have a conversation about boundaries. Politely ask him to have some boundaries when it comes to falling asleep on your body parts.
    • Tell him that you get muscle craps when he sleeps on your chest. It is a pretty common thing. The part of your body he sleeps on can turn numb within a few minutes due to lack of blood circulation.
    • He needs to know about the physical implications of his action that is supposed to show love. Tell him that you love him (only if you actually do). But along with that, don’t forget to mention your limitations about allowing him to sleep on your chest.
    • Don’t ignore your mental health. Often people end up doing things they don’t like just because their partner likes it. If that is the situation with you, you need to step up and talk to him about your problem. Tell him you don’t want him to sleep on your chest anymore because you don’t like that.
  1. Ask him not to be lazy: Laziness is affecting his love life in adverse ways. All you can do is ask him not to be lazy.
    • Tell him how his laziness is affecting the relationship. He is lazy, and that is why he tends to fall asleep at odd hours in odd places. Ask him to stop doing that.
    • Tell him that you don’t like him falling asleep while making out, as that makes you feel unimportant. Falling asleep while making out signifies that he is bored by your presence in his life.
    • Request him to change this habit before it is too late. However, try not to threaten him about breaking up.
  1. Don’t make fun of him: Don’t make fun of him for falling asleep on your chest while making out. This can happen to anyone, including you.
    • Try not to make fun of him for not being perfect. This guy fell asleep on your chest while making out, probably because he was too tired to perform. You should deal with this situation with empathy. Anyone can get tired after a hard day at work.
    • Don’t laugh at him either when he falls asleep because he is lazy. He still loves you, and laughing at an aspect he is not proud of can be triggering for him. You need to choose your words correctly here.
    • You can’t make fun of him even if he snores. Snoring is a physiological anomaly that can cause serious problems. Laughing at it is like laughing at a sick person. He might have a blocked nose causing all the snoring. You need to be respectful.
  1. Fall asleep on his chest for a change: Change the game and fall asleep on his chest the next time you guys make out. It will be a relief for you from all the numb hands and muscle cramps.
    • Falling asleep on his chest will put you on an equal plane with him. He falls asleep on your chest all the time, and it’s time he gets to be on the other side. Make him experience the change.
    • Sleeping on his chest will give you temporary relief from muscle cramps, numb hands, and occasional pain medications.
    • If you find it comfortable, try to do it as much as you can, just like he did with you. Act all cozy and comfortable while you attempt to sleep on his chest. However, do listen to him if he faces the same physical ailments as you.
    • You can even do it while making out to teach him a lesson. Act like you are falling asleep even if you are wide awake. He needs to know what not to do. Your gesture will be educational for him.


Things to remember:

  • If you don’t want him to fall asleep on your chest, talk to him about that politely. Don’t say unnecessary harsh words that can have a negative impact on this relationship.
  • Get out of the embrace if it becomes difficult for you to breathe with him on your chest. It’s a practical thing to do.
  • Respect his feelings if you like him. However, your respect for him should be there only if his wishes are not regressive and demeaning to you.
  • Create a safe space for him. He should be able to be himself around you. Make sure that you accept him with all his quirks and vulnerabilities.
  • Don’t make fun of him for getting too tired or being lazy. A tired person can fall asleep at any time. It is not his fault. When it comes to being lazy, you shouldn’t laugh at him because he might be fighting a never-ending battle with himself to get rid of laziness.
  • He loves you. Try not to hurt his feelings intentionally.

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