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Do Guys Like Neck Kisses? - It Depends (Here's Why)

Feature Image of Do Guys Like Neck KissesNeck kisses are a source of arousal for many guys. For some, it might be a little weird. The best way to find out lies in experimentation. Plant a kiss on your guy’s neck to find out if he likes it or not. The reaction is supposed to be instant.

Now, this one’s a head-scratcher. We will have to delve deep into a guy’s mind to find out the answer to your question. Let’s find out whether he likes neck kisses or not. We will also talk about your part in all this. Read on.

Why would a guy like neck kisses?

  1. It is arousing: Neck kisses can be arousing for a guy. That is the reason why he likes it. It helps him get into the mood.
    • Do you like a kiss on your neck? It is arousing. Right? He probably likes it, too, for the same reason.
    • Monica, in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, enlisted the female erogenous zones for Chandler to help him deal with his girlfriend’s sexual desires. This article is all about one such erogenous zone: the neck.
    • A kiss on the neck can arouse him. For him, it is the best kind of foreplay that can put him in the right mood for the next series of actions.
  1. It brings you immensely close to each other (physically): He likes neck kisses because it brings you closer. A neck kiss needs two people to share a rare kind of intimacy, and that’s what he looks forward to.
    • A neck kiss can bring two bodies extremely closer to each other. He enjoys the closeness, and therefore he likes it when you kiss him on the neck.
    • The physical closeness can kickstart a range of sexual activities that can turn out to be pleasurable for both of you. The neck kiss spurs desire in him.
    • A kiss on his neck brings goosebumps to his body. Goosebumps are a known sign of sexual arousal. It excites his senses.
  1. He finds it emotionally binding: The closeness ensures a certain kind of emotional bond. He likes neck kisses because he wants to that bond with someone.
    • It is not just physical. A neck kiss can be emotional too. It can create a difficult-to-break emotional bond between the two people involved in it.
    • A neck kiss can make him fall in love with you. Guys with sensitive hearts often like emotional attachments like this. Guys like these are a keeper.
    • Guys who like neck kisses can do the same to you for emotional attachment. They expect the same from you in return.
  1. He wants you to smell his perfume: He thinks fragrance is important. He likes neck kisses because he wants you to discover his fragrance by smelling his perfume.
    • He has a thing for fragrances. He has taken the 2006 movie Perfume a bit too seriously. He loves perfumes and wants to show them off to whoever comes close to him.
    • He wants you to discover and appreciate how he smells. This can happen, especially when he has spent a great deal on a certain brand of perfume.
    • He wants to entice you with fragrance. He thinks the best way to inhale a person’s scent is through their neck. He applies the fragrance on his neck just for you to smell it before you get more intimate with him.
    • He probably has different perfumes for different moods. Fragrance can make and break his mood. He thinks it can put you in the mood too.
  1. He wants you to initiate: He likes it when you spur the make-out session. He wants a neck kiss because he wants you to initiate things.
    • A neck kiss has the potential to kindle fire between two bodies. He does it all the time to put you in the mood.
    • He wants you to do the same, as he needs you to initiate the make-out session this time. He loves neck kisses and wants them from you once in a while for a change.
    • He likes it when you spur his sexual desires. He wants you to take charge sometimes, and according to him, a neck kiss is the best way to do that.

Why wouldn’t a guy like neck kisses?

  1. He finds it weird: He might not like neck kisses if he finds it weird. Certain intimate acts can be weird for different individuals. It is a part of their personality.
    • Neck kisses freak him out. It’s one of his weird pet peeves. He likes every other act of intimacy, excluding the neck kiss.
    • These things are a part of his personality. It makes him who he is. He dislikes it when you kiss him on the neck, but that doesn’t mean he will never do the same to you.
    • He will kiss you on the neck if you like it. He might even enjoy doing that. He feels uncomfortable only when it comes to his neck. He probably lets no one near his neck for this whim. He doesn’t even want you to touch his neck.
  1. He doesn’t like lips on his neck: He doesn’t like the feeling of lips moving on his neck. Such a reaction might be the result of a bad memory, or it can just be a weird personality thing.
    • Now, this situation is a bit different from the previous one. A guy might hate the feeling of lips moving on his neck, but he can be fine with you touching his neck while making out.
    • His issue with the lips on his neck could be due to PTSD. It is probably the result of a bad memory. He might be scared of getting a hickey from a neck kiss. He thinks of it as an embarrassment.
    • He could also be scared of bite injuries from the person who is kissing him. People often tend to get excited during sexual acts, and bite injuries on the neck are a pretty common result of it.
    • Not liking neck kisses could also be a weird personality thing, just like Rachel’s thing with touching her eyes in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  1. He wants to be the one to kiss necks in the relationship: He doesn’t want neck kisses from you because he wants to be the one doing that in the relationship. This might be a gender-role issue.
    • He doesn’t want neck kisses from you probably because he thinks it is something only a man can do to a woman. He is the classic example of a victim of the patriarchal society we live in.
    • He wants to be the one to kiss you on your neck to make you feel aroused. He doesn’t even know what a neck kiss can do to him (sexually), and he is not even interested in trying it out.
    • He is a rigid person who probably won’t even ask you if you like neck kisses or not. He will do it just because society and movies taught him to do so.
    • He follows a formula when it comes to making out, and that clearly destroys the mood instead of making it.
  1. It doesn’t arouse him: He doesn’t care about neck kisses because it doesn’t arouse him. Using neck kisses to seduce him during foreplay would be a waste of time.
    • Neck kisses won’t arouse him. He needs you to do something else to get him in the mood. Foreplay with neck kisses means nothing to him.
    • He thinks neck kisses are overrated. He might not even do that to you.
    • He can also be against neck kisses because he is too ticklish. Ticklish people are often sensitive around the neck area.
    • He gets uncomfortable whenever someone kisses his neck. Instead of arousing him, neck kisses only make him roll with laughter and a weird sense of discomfort.
  1. He is a bit self-aware: He might not like neck kisses if he is self-aware. People like this are often a bit much aware of their bodies or certain body parts. Neck kisses ensure intimacy. Therefore, he would consciously avoid it for his comfort.
    • Neck kisses are not his cup of tea because he is too self-aware. He fears intimacy.
    • He is always too aware of how he smells and looks. He is careful about how he dresses up and never experiments with his looks. He won’t even change his perfume.
    • His self-aware nature holds him back from enjoying intimacy. While kissing the neck (or even while any general act of intimacy), two bodies come closer than ever. The bodies touch each other, and that is probably the source of his discomfort.
    • He wants to be perfect all the time, and in the process, he is losing out on great feelings and spontaneous intimacy.

What should you do?

  1. Ask for consent: Consent is key here. Ask for his permission before you attempt to kiss his neck. He may or may not be comfortable doing this.
    • As this discussion is about a guy and his likes and dislikes, we should pay a bit more importance to his preferences. Kiss him only when he gives you permission to do so.
    • Don’t assume that just because he is a guy, he will be up for any kind of intimacy. You wouldn’t want him to assume things about you.
    • Consent is especially important when you guys are in a new relationship. You know nothing about him and his sexual preferences. Honest mistakes are fine until you repeat them on purpose. It is always better to ask for permission to avoid any unpleasant situation.
  1. Don’t keep kissing if he cringes: Stop when you find him cringing at the neck kiss. That’s his way of telling you that he doesn’t like it.
    • Some people can tell how they feel about something without a second thought. They tell things on your face. Some are there who can talk about their discomfort in cryptic ways, and some can’t bring themselves to talk about their discomfort. They can only convey their feelings through facial expressions.
    • If a guy cringes at a neck kiss, it clearly means one thing: he is not comfortable with you touching his neck with your lips.
    • Once you discover his discomfort, the first thing you should do is stop kissing at once and ask him about his preference. You can even divert his attention from the bad experience to make him feel a bit more comfortable.
  1. Talk about likes and dislikes: Talk about each other’s likes and dislikes before you start getting intimate. Conversations like this will help you know him better.
    • Getting to know someone before intimacy is important if you want to do things right. It is widely believed that the first time doesn’t go as smoothly as one imagines. However, you guys can attempt to make it smooth by having a difficult conversation before doing it.
    • Conversations like this will make it easier for you to get him into the mood. The same applies to him. He should know your likes and dislikes too.
    • Talking about things like this will help you connect with each other mentally. This mental connection will be helpful during physical intimacy.
  1. Make him feel comfortable: Try to make him feel comfortable before you initiate intimacy. Do this, especially when you guys are in a new relationship.
    • This is applicable when the guy is a bit shy. He won’t tell you much about himself and his likes and dislikes. You will have to figure that out on your own based on his behavior and words.
    • He might not make the first move. Therefore, initiating intimacy becomes your responsibility. You will have the pressure to do it right.
  1. Try to attain emotional bonding: Emotional bond is needed to function well in a relationship. Before you try or discuss neck kisses and intimacy, try to get attached to each other emotionally. You can do that in the following ways:
    • Talk about your past relationships.
    • Ask relevant questions and find out more about each other.
    • Try to find a common area of interest.
    • Talk about sexual preferences.
    • Discuss your likes and dislikes.
    • Do something that will make him feel special.
    • Your reactions should be authentic.
    • Talk about your discomforts and pet peeves.
    • Talk about sexual misadventures from the past.
  1. Don’t force yourself on him: Nobody wants to do something they don’t like forcefully. Don’t force yourself on him with neck kisses if he doesn’t like them. It’s not always about you.
    • You like neck kisses. He may not like them. You will have to respect his wish of not getting kissed on the neck. It makes him uncomfortable, Do not do something that might pull you apart.
    • Similarly, he might not even like the idea of kissing you on the neck. Don’t force him to do that, either, even if you want it.
    • You can talk to him about your issues, and the best way to deal with the situation is to break up with him. The breakup might sound a bit too drastic, but it will help you later in life.
    • Don’t force yourself on him, and don’t be in an incompatible relationship. The world is full of people to fall in love with.
  1. Stop when he asks you to stop: While kissing his neck, you should stop when he asks you to stop. He might be experiencing discomfort, and that needs your attention.
    • Neck kisses are pleasurable. However, for some, they can be uncomfortable too.
    • Even a guy who likes neck kisses can ask you to stop if he feels discomfort. He might be up for doing it later, but at the moment, he is asking you to stop.
    • Being intimate needs one’s undivided attention and a lot of open-mindedness. You need to respect his decisions, and he needs to do the same.
  1. Explore other things: Why stick to neck kisses when there are numerous other things to explore? Spice up your life with new experiments.
    • Even if he likes neck kisses, too many of them can quickly turn boring. You guys need to find a new way to put each other in the mood.
    • The foreplay needs to be vibrant and diverse. Try new things and find out if you are comfortable with them.
    • Neck kisses are not the only way in the world to show intimacy. You can kiss each other’s ears for a change.
  1. Try to have a mutual understanding when it comes to intimacy: Mutual understanding is the utmost necessity when it comes to intimacy. You guys need to understand each other in order to understand where you stand in the relationship.
    • Neck kisses are only a part of the prolonged act of intimacy. They help you to get into the mood.
    • Before diving for each other’s necks, you guys need to understand each other. Try to figure out what he likes or wants you to do in bed.
    • In most cases, the guy won’t tell you about his preferences willingly. You will have to bring it out of him with efficient conversation.
    • Understanding each other creates an emotional bond, and that, in turn, helps you in the physical act of love. It helps you connect with each other.
  1. Set up the ambiance right: The right kind of ambiance is necessary for intimacy. You can do it in the middle of unwanted disturbances.
    • Find a place with little or no disturbance and put on music that sets the mood right. You guys need to be peaceful to enjoy intimacy.
    • Neck kisses can be extremely pleasurable if done in the right way in the right place with the right kind of music.
    • You can even light scented candles. Bring the ones with a fragrance that both of you can relate to.
    • You can do these things but don’t do it in haste, or you will end up in an uncomfortable situation, just like Rachel and Joey in the last season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They tried to do it fast and ended up realizing they were not meant to be with each other.


A few things to remember:

  • He may or may not like it. You will have to respect his preference.
  • Always ask for consent before you kiss a guy on the neck.
  • Most guys like neck kisses.
  • If he dislikes the act, he might not even kiss you on the neck.
  • The right ambiance is required to get him into the mood.
  • Don’t ever force yourself on him.
  • Stop when he asks you to stop.

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