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About Relationshippp

We are a bunch of young enthusiasts who are experiencing life with each and every moment. We all hold relationships very dear to our hearts because we believe relationships should be your happy place, not a battleground. 

From seeing our friends and family around, we have realized that relationships do not always have a regular graph. It has its share of ups and downs. We have seen how little things in a relationship go a long way and how the relationship evolves with time. We have understood that a relationship is not just a term or a fancy tag to show your social media family "how happy you two are"; rather, it is a constant place of effort, commitment, and understanding of each other that makes a relationship. 

So, just like you, we are also in a quest to make our relationships better, make our partners happy, solve unwanted problems, face real-time issues, and, most importantly, work as a team to make our relationships a "happily ever after." 

With our first-hand experiences and after hearing real-life stories from people around us, we have embarked on a mission. And the mission is to make the journey of a relationship a beautiful one and make people fall in love with each other madly and deeply. 

One thing we swear by is "Love can cure all things." So, let us find love in our way and only feel loved. 

How did Relationshippp come to be?

The Internet has become the answer to all our queries nowadays. From how to wear eyeliners to how to throw a birthday party, we search for everything under the sun on the Internet. So, even when it comes to doubts and questions about our relationships, we resort to our trusted Internet. 

Once, dealing with Saswata's (Our Chief Publisher & Operation Head) own relationship issues, he looked up solutions on the web. A lot of solutions popped up, yet he felt that there was a lack of personal touch in them. Most of them felt like a machine giving some advice on the phone and seemed impractical—something that he can't apply in real life. He wanted to have real conservation about his issues but did not want to include friends and family. 

That's when the light bulb moment arrived for him.

Along with some of his close friends who have been in relationships, and have mingled with people from different fields of life, always observing people and listening to their stories, he decided to create a platform for people to have their one-stop solution.

We solely believe that your relationship has to be your safe space; we wanted to create a safe and secure space where people can come and put their hearts out without any worries, hesitation, judgments, or criticism. 

So, here's a big and hearty welcome to your safe space. We only want to see happy couples and not a frown on their faces. That's why the thought of Relationshippp came into being. A place where anyone comes when they feel let down in love and goes back with a big smile on their face. After all, nobody has won anything with hatred, right? Love is the only solution. 

Why should you choose us?

We are your 3 p.m and 3 a.m friends. We are not giving one-sided solutions; we want to build a safe and trusted community where you can talk to us just like a friend, maybe using our open discussion section below articles or via emails (Our newsletters are also not one-sided conversations. We read all your emails and thoughtfully address each one's issues). You can trust us with your queries, and we assure you of our best-curated solutions. While most websites lack human connection, here we are on a quest to build a solid friendship with all of you. 

Nowadays, you can see most websites recommend fluff ebooks and courses as they earn a hefty amount as a commission. But we are selective and disclose all relationships, which means you are aware of potential biases. We have used counseling from BetterHelp as online counseling is easier to fit into schedules.

We wanted to be dot one, i.e., 1 in 1000; we spend thousands of hours crafting blog posts to make your lives easier and smoother. We take inspiration and insights from relationship experts, real-life scenarios, from friends and family who have faced problems in their lives, and implement these techniques while crafting to see positive results. 

We understand going through a difficult patch in a relationship is not an easy one. Hence we find the best for you so that you do not have to search for one for yourself and then end up getting the wrong one. Our detailed and minute process helps couples get the best outcomes. 

Our goals

Our goals are simple. We want to create a beautiful world for lovers. A world that is only yours. There is no fear of fighting or losing each other because holding onto each other and solving it takes a lot of courage and love. Love is the healing power for us.

We aim to provide easy, simple, and practical solutions. We are not creating a fairy tale because, let's be honest, Cinderella looks good on screen only. We are here in the real world, dealing with our careers, family issues, friends, future, and of course, our loved ones. So a rosy solution does not work for us. Rather, we are here to give tried and tested solutions that work. 

Our editorial process

We have to agree that we spend our days and nights finding out the best content for you. And we are not complaining because brainstorming over hot cups of coffee and solving the problems of lovers is worthwhile and extremely satisfying. 

We are a bunch of perfectionists, and we love to follow steps. 

  • Idea Generation: The most fun and exhausting part must be idea generation. We are always searching for ideas and topics which have not been discussed before. People have many queries on various subjects, from dating to infatuations to marriage. So, based on our readers' demands, we curate our topics and always try to bring a fresh perspective to the table. Topics that are relatable, real, and relevant.
  • At the writing table: After idea generation, comes our most detailed job of ours. We put on our thinking caps and take the mightier pens to write the best valuable and unique content for you. Once again the focus is not to get some fancy and heavy words to attract the audience. Rather providing easy and simple ways which will work in real life. Nobody would be in the mood to look up the meanings of fancy words while going through a heartbreak. We understand the pain, and that's why we keep everything easy to read and grasp and, most importantly, easy to implement. 
  • Fact-checking: Facts, facts, and facts- the three words we swear by. Every article is not written with emotions and relevance but also after hours of research work and fact-checking. Quality is something we never compromise on. We believe in providing top-notch quality content reviewed by professional relationship and life experts. After going through drafts, our relationship experts give us the final feedback and a green signal to go ahead. 
  • Time to publish: As much as we love to follow steps, coming to the final step is the most exciting. We publish the articles from finding the best topics for you to writing down with good research work and quality assurance. And we are not done yet. We are always active in the comment section because you don't give up on your friend right? You keep checking on them, and that's what we do too. So, even after the article is out there, we make sure to solve further queries of our readers and be a pillar of support to them till they are happy. 

Our team

Relationshippp has a team of four experienced writers and editors. The team curate content based on real-life experience, well-established research, testimony, and science.


Relationshippp.com is funded by display, video, affiliate,  and native advertisements. 

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If you have any questions about us, please feel free to send us a note by visiting our contact page.

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