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Why Do Guys Like White Nails? (6 Possible Reasons)

Feature Image of Why Do Guys Like White NailsGuys like white nails because they often associate them with flawless beauty. For some of them, white nails signify purity and virginal innocence. This archaic mentality is found in many guys. This is a common way to dehumanize and objectify women. However, for some guys, white nails can be sexual.

In this article, we will discuss why some guys like white nails. We will go through some possible reasons behind this preference and suitable ways to deal with the issue. Read on.

Reasons why guys like white nails

  1. They associate white nails with beauty: White nails are supposed to look neat. Many people associate beauty with neatness.
    • Commonly accepted social standards for beauty often puts a lot of pressure on people to look a certain way. As a result, most people seem to be in a rat race to present themselves in the prescribed manner, and that often goes hand in hand with what society wants.
    • White nails are one such thing. They are immensely popular and are often associated with beauty. Guys who like white nails are pretty aware of the beauty standards set up by society. They want their partners to go with the flow. They only accept things that are usual and commonly accepted. Weird colors on the nail do not fall into that category (according to them).
    • White nails are of two types. They follow two distinct patterns. One of them simply requires you to remove your old nail polish to put on a bright white polish. It is just a color like all the other bottles of polish in your box. However, the color white often adds a brightening pop to your hand. Irrespective of complexion, it can attract eyes easily.
    • The other way to style a white nail is a French manicure. It requires a little bit of white polish for the tips of your nails and a lot of clear polish for the rest. Both styles look good on people who can carry them efficiently. But this is not the only way to look beautiful.
  1. They find it sexual: Along with the beauty angle, a sexual point of view also exists for white nails. Many guys like white nails because they find them sexually attractive (just as some people like lips).
    • This varies from person to person. Some like color while some like its absence. The type of guys we are focusing on like the lack of color on nails. They find it sexually arousing. White nails are an instant turn-on for them.
    • They may or may not be concerned about beauty. They find beauty only in things that arouse them. This point of view tends to lean towards objectification. They look at a certain part of the body that they find sexually attractive. The rest does not matter to them.
    • The brightening aspect of white nail polish could be invoked again, in this case. The color white reflects light. That is why it looks so bright on any surface. A chalk white nail pant on any skin tone will shine bright like a pearl, attracting the attention of people around.
    • The limited number of people wearing white nail polish also adds to the reason why guys find it attractive. It is different from the usual stuff. We often see people wearing various shades of color on their nails. Black and white nail paints are still the extreme ones. Both of them have a bit of popularity among guys because of the way they can change a person’s get-up.
    • White nails are a fetish for many guys. Any sort of white nail can arouse them. They tend to focus only on the nails of a person and ignore the rest. They could even make their partners wear the color to enhance their sexual experience. The color white gets them going. Liking a color or finding it sexy is pretty normal but when the attraction to the color crosses the threshold of sanity, it becomes a bit disturbing. Here is a list of weird sexual fetishes.
  1. It is a way for them to objectify people: Guys like white nails because it makes it easy for them to objectify people. They often justify the act as looking at something different and interesting.
    • You will feel uncomfortable (and probably unsafe) if a random guy stares at you. However, that won’t matter to them at all. Guys who objectify people often come up with a messed-up justification for their actions.
    • In this case, the justification points toward the fact that white nails are strange and attractive to look at. It shines bright and stands out in an ocean of ordinarily colored nails. Guys think that is a reason good enough to ogle at someone relentlessly.
    • The question is: Are they looking at you because they are interested in you? The answer is probably “no.” They are only interested in pondering how hot your hands look in the bright white nail paint or the quaintly pristine French manicure.
    • They are probably building up sexual fantasies in their head. Whatever is going on in their mind, does not put you in a respectable position. You and your white nails exist in their imagination to do unspeakable sexual stuff to satisfy their twisted fantasies. The worst thing about this is that you can’t do anything to stop that. It is their mind and they are entitled to think anything they want as long as they keep it to themselves, without harming you directly in any way. Read about a few other ways in which guys can objectify people.
  1. They are interested in the outer shine: Guys who like white nails (or any other particular kind of nail) could be more interested in the outer shine of a person, rather than getting to know them. If they say they like you, be sure about the fact that they are only after how you look.
    • The type of guy we are talking about finds goodness only in bright, shiny, and glittery things. Your white nail adds a pop to the sea of usual nail colors. Some guys are attracted to that pop of brightness.
    • Preference for particular nail colors, sometimes, comes with a detailed knowledge of fashion trends. He likes your white nails because of the way you look in an ongoing fashion trend. Your nail color shows (to him) that you are aware of what is going on in the fashion world and that attracts him. He probably thinks there is nothing more important than following the right fashion.
    • You, as a fellow human being, are not a very appealing factor to him. He is only interested in your outward appearance. If you suddenly stop following fashion trends, all the attention from him will go away quicker than you think.
    • Even if the two of you started dating, he would only concentrate on how you look. He would expect you to be on your toes, all the time, following the newest fashion trend by dressing up in a certain way and doing your hair and makeup like all the famous influencers. If this sounds fun to you, you can go ahead with this relationship, but such a relationship (which entirely stands on material and superficial things) can often turn tedious and boring when you two are left with nothing to talk about, other than looks and fashion.
  1. They associate the color white with purity and innocence: People have been doing this for ages. Some guys like white nails because they associate the color white with purity and innocence. They think that a person who sports white nails will be of no harm to them.
    • Thomas Hardy, in his novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles, extensively dealt with the idea of the significance of white attire. For eons, white has symbolized purity and innocence (mostly in women). White attire is normally soothing to the eyes (unless it is a movie like Midsommar). That is why, some guys like white nails. They associate it with purity, calmness, and innocence.
    • The color white does not seem to threaten anyone because it is inherently associated with peace. The peace flag is literally nothing but white in color. Whereas, Other colors like red or black often seem to intimidate people.
    • The color red along with red nail paint is often associated with the femme fatale characters in literature and in the movies. It signifies imminent danger. The color black also does the same but along with that, it also perpetuates horror and darkness. In horror movies, black dresses and black nail colors are often worn by fear-inducing characters like ghosts, ghouls, and witches (like in The Curse of La Llorona or Mama). Read about the meaning and usage of colors in horror movies.
    • Even in the twenty-first century, where honest expression of one’s true feelings is given so much importance, guys tend to act strong to show how cool they are. But deep down, they feel safe in the presence of the bright yet soothing color.
    • The association of white with purity and innocence makes them feel safe around people who wear the color. Guys who like white nails look for safety in a physical feature that is often used in offense or defense. White nails make them think it is safe to engage in conversation. Guys like this often avoid people who have a dark sense of fashion.
  1. They think white nails are clean: Guys who have a thing for cleanliness, often tend to go for people with white nails. The thought behind this is, “White nails mean that the person must be really clean. There is not one speck of dirt there.”
    • Cleanliness is important but an obsession with it is problematic. Guys who are into cleanliness often like white nails because they look clean at a glance. The color white is often associated with cleanliness.
    • These male versions of Monica Geller get a kick out of looking at squeaky-clean things. But humans cannot be like that. Therefore, they have chosen to judge the outward appearance of a person to decide if they are clean or not.
    • White attire and white nails are the epitomes of beauty for guys like this. They will probably not even think twice before falling for a person in white. Wearing the color white does not ensure cleanliness. But again (as I have said earlier), guys like this are often engrossed in the outward appearance of a person. They are not interested in inner beauty. They tend to judge a book by its cover.

What to do when a guy asks you to keep your nails white just because he likes it that way?

When you are not into this:

  1. Tell him you can wear any color you want on your nails: His preferences should not always be your concern. Tell him that while you may keep your nails white sometimes, you will paint your nails mostly in the colors that you prefer. It should depend on your mood.
    • Painting one’s nails is an extremely personal experience. It can easily be categorized as self-care. People often paint their nails when they want to pamper themselves. They buy nail paints when they want to make themselves feel good in this mundane adult life. In that case, the nail color that you prefer is the ultimate thing. The color of your nails should have nothing to do with a guy’s likes and dislikes.
    • You can tell him that you bought your nail paints with your hard earned money and that he should never dictate your fashion choices if he wants this relationship to work. He will understand your plight if he is a sensible person.
    • If his insistence makes you uncomfortable, tell him that his fashion preferences for you are the least of your concerns. You can say that you will wear white nail paint when you feel like it, and not because he asked you to do so.
    • Tell him that, if a certain kind of look is so important to him, he can look for love in someone else, preferably a person who is comfortable sporting a look that he likes. You are an independent person with free will and he is no one to instruct you on fashion choices and nail colors.
    • You can also make him realize your problem by instructing him to dress up in a certain way all the time. Tell him that you do not like his fashion choices and would want him to wear what you seem is good for him. Try to observe how he reacts to this situation. Chances are there that he will protest. People like him turn furious when someone questions or criticizes their fashion sense. They think they are the best. His refusal to dress up in the way you want will be your opportunity to tell him to mind his own business.
  1. Ask him not to make you feel uncomfortable: Getting criticized for your fashion choices can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. The discomfort grows tenfold when you realize that he is observing you keenly. His gaze feels unsafe. Ask him to stop making you feel uncomfortable by staring at you.
    • Judging someone’s nail color needs keen observation. It is great that he likes white nails, but keenly observing you is not okay, especially when you do not know him well. A guy staring at you is bound to make you feel uncomfortable (and most importantly, unsafe).
    • You can ask him not to look at you (or your hands in this case). Tell him that his stare makes you feel uncomfortable. A clear conversation about discomfort and boundaries can effectively sort things out between you two. However, be polite with your words. There is no need to be defensive from the beginning.
    • However, if he continues to make you feel uncomfortable with his stare, even after your repeated requests, you can get defensive and ask him to leave you alone, in a stern voice. You can even seek help from a friend to deal with the situation.
    • The intention of a guy who looks at your nails (when they are white) can be dubious. He can also be harmless, but let’s focus on the danger first. So, if you feel uncomfortable around him, try to judge his stare. Use your common sense, and your life experience with guys, in this situation. He could be a sexual predator with a fetish for white nails. If you keep the predator angle aside, he could still be a guy with a pretty weird sexual fantasy (a big red flag for you).
    • However, do not rule out the love/affection/admiration angle. He might have fallen for you just by looking at your pretty nails. Remember the time in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Phoebe wanted to attract the attention of one of her male massage clients (whom she had a crush on), just by getting a nice pedicure (as her feet are the only part of her body that he will be able to see for a long time). My point is, people, do get attracted to particular body parts. Even you could get attracted to someone’s feet, belly button, or ears. The possibilities are endless. But the most important aspect of this situation is comfort. You can’t make someone uncomfortable with your stare. So, you can always ask him to stop staring at you once the gaze gets too uncomfortable to bear.
  1. Tell him you do not care about his weird fantasies: He has the right to harbor weird fantasies but does not have to entertain any of them. Tell him that you are not interested in his fantasies.
    • He likes white nails. He can talk about that with you, but he can’t force you to sport white nails just because he likes it. He fantasizes about white nails (which is okay as long as he keeps his fantasy to himself). Saying it out loud could be a source of discomfort for the person who is listening to him.
    • You can tell him that you do not care about his weird fantasies as it does not go well with your fashion choices. You could like bright colors on your nails while he likes the sheer lack of them. No one is at fault here as long as your rights are in the right place. The moment he tries to force his preference on you, the scenario changes into a hostile one. He can’t impose his wishes on you and he needs to be made aware of that.
    • Say that you do not wish to entertain his weird fantasies as you are not into that. He can either stop seeing you or he can keep it all in his head and never speak about it again. Tell him clearly that you do not like white nails, and you also detest the fact that he is trying you to do something you do not like.
  1. Tell him that he can’t control you and your choices: Be clear when you tell him that he can’t control your life and choices. He thinks he is entitled to say whatever he wants to you.
    • Your choices are yours to make. No one can take that away from you. A guy has the right to like white nails just as you have the right not to. He can tell you what he likes but if he tries to impose his preference on you, you need to stand up for yourself to say that he can’t control you or your choices.
    • Painting one’s nails look like a pretty insignificant thing when it comes to the problems of the world, but it could be important to certain individuals. It can easily be assumed that it is important to you as you are here reading about such a specific problem.
    • Not getting to fulfill one’s wish can be extremely disheartening and disappointing for the person who faces this plight. You need to say that he can’t believe that he is entitled to comment on your life. He can’t make decisions for you. He needs to take a step back. His controlling attitude can only harm the relationship if you have any.
    • Tell him that a great relationship needs time to build. People need to put a lot of time and effort to sustain a relationship. Controlling each other only makes things worse by turning the relationship into a toxic mess that can only be undone with the end of the relationship. These problems often leave a scar on our minds and it becomes difficult for us to recover from the mental trauma.
  1. Do not talk to him again: If you do not like his behavior, do not talk to him again. He should have been careful if he truly valued you. He only wanted a pretty face on a hot body to show off.
    • Talking to people who are too much into material things and outward shine is exhausting. If he likes white nails and forces you to sport them by projecting a relationship with him as the prize, you need to stay as far as you can from him. He is so self-absorbed that he has acquired total disregard for other people’s feelings.
    • If he makes you feel uncomfortable by staring at you, move out of his sight and never meet him again. He does not deserve your attention (and definitely not your affection). He probably does this to other people who sport white nails.
    • If you get to know about his weird sexual fantasies that involve white nails, take time to think if you are comfortable with it. If you are not, ask him to stop fantasizing. If he continues to do so, stop talking to him immediately.
    • You can also stop replying to his texts that you have seen (making it clear that you do not want to talk to him anymore). You can even ghost him if he feels like too much work. Block him if he keeps disturbing you even after all the signs of disinterest from you. Ignore him until he realizes his mistake, and promises not to instruct you again about your nail color.

When you are into this:

  1. Ask him what type of white nail he likes: There are so many types of white nails. The color white has myriad shades and various textures. White nail colors can be worn in hundreds of styles.
    • If you are into this, you can ask him what kind of white nail he would like you to sport. However, make sure that he is being polite and tasteful when you have the discussion. Ask him if he wants it matte or glossy.
    • Some people are into the clean nail look. Ask him if he wants nail color on your nails at all or not. If you like nail paints you can come to an agreement with him where you wear color for a week and leave your nails white for the next.
    • If he is into French manicured nails, you can ask him to pay for it or do it himself as it can get pretty expensive when you visit a salon. Doing it yourself is also difficult with the left-hand-right-hand thing. Asking him to do it for you will clarify his true intention. It will also make him a part of the experience.
  1. Tell him what you like: Why would you make all the effort? He should do something for you too. If you sport white nails for him, ask him to do something you like.
    • Do you like dudes in tuxedos? This is the time for you to have one in your life. You can ask your guy to dress up in a tuxedo for your next super-fancy date at the fanciest restaurant in town. This is just one example. You can ask for whatever you want, but it should be affordable.
    • You can ask him to put down the toilet seat in exchange for your white nails. You can get a French manicure to get him to stop playing that awful video game he plays all the time. There are endless things you can do.
    • However, do not use your nail fashion as a tool for extortion. That is the most toxic way to be in a relationship. Ask for things that would help your relationship. Make him do harmless little things to spice things up when you are being intimate. Try to have a clear boundary.


A few things to remember:

  • You can paint your nails white more often if you like him. A relationship needs effort from both sides to survive. You can’t expect him to make all the compromises while you sit back and stick to your enormous ego.
  • Most guys associate white nails with beauty and purity. They think you are the most harmless person when you sport white nails. This is an age-old social construct. This concept even goes behind the white wedding gown.
  • Stay away from him if he makes you feel uncomfortable by staring at your white nails. Use your common sense to identify a sexual predator and get away from him as fast as possible.
  • Call him out if he tries to make fun of your fashion choices by highlighting his preferences as the coolest ones. Tell him that you bought your nail paints with your money and he can stay out of your life.
  • Do not keep in touch with him if you find him materialistic and shallow. He will probably try to dictate your life and choices (mostly fashion) if you make the mistake of getting into a relationship with him. He only likes the outer shine. Your personality means nothing to him.

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