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When a Guy Looks at Your Lips (7 Possible Reasons)

Feature Image of When a Guy Looks at Your LipsWhen a guy looks at your lips, it means he wants to kiss you. He is physically attracted to you, and he thinks you are pretty. Your lips, particularly, have enticed him, and he just can’t look away. Kissing you is his biggest fantasy right now. He probably likes you.

This article will help you understand the reasons why a guy might look at your lips. You will also find ways to deal with the moment. Read on.

Why would a guy look at your lips?

  1. He likes you: When a guy looks at your lips, it means he likes you. He has fallen for you, and your lip has played a big part in it.
    • He saw you, and he fell for you instantly. He likes the way you look. You have distinct facial features.
    • Your lips define you. They are the reason why this guy got attracted to you so easily. He thinks your lips make you beautiful.
    • He looked at your lips because he particularly likes them and wants to be in a relationship with their owner. He is not objectifying you here.
    • There is a thin line between attraction and objectification. He does not mean any harm when he looks at your lips. He likes you and probably won’t break your heart.
  1. He wants to kiss you: He looked at your lips because he simply wanted to kiss you. The existence of romantic feelings is conditional in this case.
    • As I have said earlier, your lips define you. They are the most distinct feature of your body. Your lips make you look attractive.
    • The guy looked at your lips because he felt attracted to them. He wanted to kiss your lips.
    • Romantic feelings are conditional here. That is because he does not need such feelings to get attracted to your lips. A kiss does not always have to be romantic. It can be experimental too.
    • He probably wants to kiss you to see whether you guys are compatible. For him, it will take just one kiss to decide that.
    • He might want to kiss you because of romantic feelings. But these feelings can be momentary. He instantly felt attracted to you and looked at your lips because he wanted to kiss you right at that moment.
  1. He is in love with you: The guy looks at your lips because he is in love with you. Again, your lips have played a big part in making him fall in love with you.
    • The guy looked at your lips because he is in love with you. Your lips have enticed him.
    • There is a big difference between liking and loving someone. He does not just like you; he loves you. The word “love” has a serious undertone. He is not here to fool around. He probably wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He wants to grow old with you.
    • It is true that your lips have played a part in making him fall for you, but the truth is that he loves you. It is not about your lips. He is in love with the person that are you. Your lips happen to be the defining feature.
    • He looks at your lips and thinks about ways to tell you what he feels for you. Your lips are where his inspiration comes from. He wants to be in a serious relationship with you.
  1. There is something on your lips: A guy might look at your lips when you have something on them. Not every glance is about love and lust.
    • He might look at your lips if you have put on a weird shade of lipstick. It is a growing world. People have started to normalize things that were strange a few decades back. But certain lipstick shades still turn heads. Yours have turned his head. Most darker shades are weird to people so are the neon colors.
    • He might look at your lips if he finds the shade of your lipstick pretty. He might not be interested in you romantically. It is written nowhere that men can’t wear lipstick. He is probably a lipstick connoisseur. He wants to buy your shade to add to his collection.
    • He can also look at your lips to see if you have food particles on them. Being a stranger, he might not alert you about the situation. He looked at your lips and probably judged you a bit about your carelessness.
    • He might look at your lips if you have a visible injury on them. Blood and cuts on the skin often attract unwanted attention from strangers and even from people you know. An injury is quite an unnatural thing. He looked at you because he found it strange. However, do not think that he was trying to disrespect you with that glance.
  1. He is attracted to your lips: It is just about your lips and nothing else. He feels attracted only to your lips, and that is why he looks at them.
    • He does not feel anything exclusive about you. He just likes your lips and is attracted to them. There is probably nothing romantic about this situation.
    • His feelings about you and your lips will last till he finds someone more attractive. It is a passing infatuation.
    • He looked at your lips with lust. He might fantasize about it later. The moment he saw your lips, he wanted to kiss them (or maybe bite them even). However, that is all in his mind. He will probably not act on it.
    • He was probably just checking you out, and as you have nice lips, he looked at them just like everyone else. He might feel nothing about you.
    • Remember the time you looked at a guy’s abs at the gym? You were just checking him out without an immediate intention of acting on your feelings. Looking at something or someone attractive does not mean falling in love.
    • The guy who was looking at your lips was just looking at the beautiful physical feature you have. Many a poet from the times of yore has written poems about beautiful women and their lips out of pure admiration. Things are probably the same in your case.
  1. He is objectifying you: He is objectifying you by looking at your lips. He has no admiration for you. He is physically attracted to your lips and might click a picture without your consent.
    • The guy has a lip fetish. For him, you are just a pair of supple pink lips. He has successfully dehumanized you down to the level of a single body part.
    • He has sexual feelings about your lips but not about the rest of your body. He fantasizes about your lips and does weird (and harmful) things to them in his imagination.
    • If given a chance, he will probably click a picture of your lips without your consent and use it to assist during his fantasizing sessions.
    • He does not like you. He does not even want to be friends with benefits. He just wants your lips to practice and nurture his weird fetish. He will do the same with another pair of lips (if he finds one).
    • He might even share his imagination with other people who have a similar fetish. In the process, all of them will objectify you collectively.
  1. He is distracted: He looked at your lips accidentally when he was distracted. What he did might seem creepy, but he never meant harm.
    • Do you know about the times when we get so distracted that we fix our eyes on random things and think about something totally different? We look at a certain thing until the rest of our world goes blurry. Only intense thoughts can do this to our brains and eyes.
    • The guy looked at your lips because he was distracted. He was thinking about something else, and unfortunately, you came in front of his eyes. That was when he decided to focus his eyes on something, and your lips came in the way.
    • He is not interested in you. He does not have lusty feelings about you, either. He will probably not remember seeing you or how you look.
    • During that time, you were just like a wall for him to stare into. From your point of view, his behavior will definitely seem creepy, but that was not his intention. He is not even thinking about you. He is not aware of your existence.
    • He only cares about what is going on in his life and is trying to focus on his thoughts. He was probably thinking about ways to solve a problem that has manifested in his life recently. He has no time to stare at people’s lips out of lust or attraction.
  1. He is not good at making eye contact: Making eye contact makes him uncomfortable. He is interested in you, but he can’t make the necessary eye contact to convey that to you. Instead, he stares at your lips.
    • Someone staring at your lips is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. However, it may not be the guy’s (who looked at your lips) intention to do so.
    • He is interested in you and wants you to know that. But he is too shy to say it in front of you or even to look into your eyes.
    • In this case, looking at your lips does not mean he likes your lips or lusts over them. He does not know where to look when he is in front of you. He is not aware of the fact that his behavior is making you uncomfortable.
    • Making eye contact with someone creeps him out. It is nothing but a weird personality trait. It is a whim that comes with him. This is not about you. He probably gets uncomfortable when it comes to making eye contact with anyone.

What to do when a guy looks at your lips?

  1. Tell him it makes you feel uncomfortable: You can tell him that his behavior makes you feel uncomfortable. Be polite when you say so.
    • Being uncomfortable around a guy who looks at your lips is normal. It is okay to have a conversation with him about it. Talk to him even if you do not know him that well. You must set boundaries.
    • He looks at your lips, but that does not always mean he wants to harm you psychologically or hurt you physically. He could be doing it for many reasons, and there is a chance that you do not know the real reason behind his behavior.
    • Try to give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to what he has to say. Give him a chance to explain why he did what he did. Let him talk about what he wants from you.
    • You can tell him to leave you alone. However, if he continues to make you feel uncomfortable with his weird behavior, threaten him about taking legal steps against him.
  1. Ask him what he wants: You can approach him and ask what he wants. He looked at your lips for a reason. Ask him what it is so that you can plan your move.
    • You need to know why he keeps looking at your lips, as the act is a bit unnatural. Think about ways to ask him what he wants (especially if you do not know him well). Here is a little insight into asking someone what they want.
    • Do not harbor preconceived ideas about what he wants from you. You might get oddly surprised or disappointed at what he says. Do not assume that he likes you or is in love with you.
    • He could have looked at your lips because he was distracted. You will end up making a fool of yourself if you ask questions with latent subconscious expectations.
    • Do not accuse him of misbehavior when you ask him what he wants. Listen to him before you make a judgment about his character. However, if you come across an arrogant and tox person after asking him what he wants, you are free to be as rude as he deserves.
  1. Kiss him if you want: You can kiss him if you want. Your consent is important here. However, do it only if you get romantic vibes from him.
    • Kissing someone is a harmless activity as long as it involves consent and comfort. You can kiss him with his consent. Do not force yourself on him just because he looked at your lips.
    • Looking at your lips does not mean he actually wants to kiss you. You have to think and act carefully in situations like this. He might think about kissing you, but that does not mean he will actually end up kissing you.
    • You will be making him feel extremely uncomfortable with your kiss if you do not seek his consent at first. That would send a wrong message, and you might lose him because of that.
    • If you get romantic vibes from him and if you have his consent, you can kiss him to spur the beginning of a new relationship. However, if you feel there are compatibility issues after you have kissed him, you can always call it quits and move on with your life.
  1. Look into his eyes when you talk to him: Making eye contact is necessary. Look into his eyes when you talk to him (or even when you do not).
    • Eye contact might make him feel uncomfortable, but it is necessary to learn about a person. It shows one’s intention. Eyes are a window to one’s mind.
    • You should look into his eyes. Do it, especially if you get toxic vibes from him. If you feel he is looking at your lips for all the wrong reasons, look into his eyes to make him uncomfortable. Stare at him in a stern way with wide eyes. It might drive him away.
    • You can also make eye contact to make him feel a little familiar around you. He probably looks at your lips because he is scared of making eye contact. You can attempt to fight that irrational fear.
    • However, stop looking into his eyes if it makes him too uncomfortable. You do not want to be a reason for someone’s discomfort, especially when that person has done nothing wrong.
    • Being shy or being scared of something is not a crime. You can attempt to help him fight his fears, but you have no right to force him into something that makes him feel uncomfortable.
  1. Ask him if there is something on your lips: He looked at your lips probably because there was something on it. If you feel there is something wrong, ask him if there is something unnatural on your lips.
    • If he is a stranger, he would probably not tell you anything, even if he finds something unnatural on your lips. He will judge you for that but will never point it out. You will have to question him if you suspect something.
    • Ask him if there is food on your lips and wipe it away immediately. Residual food on the lips after a meal shows that you are careless about personal hygiene. It shows that you do not wipe your mouth or brush your teeth properly.
    • An injury on your lips can attract unwanted attention. Ask him if there is anything wrong with your lips. You can ask him if they are bleeding or not. Sometimes, your lips have a tendency to bleed when they are chapped (especially during harsh winters).
    • You can ask him if there is anything on your lips when you find his gaze uncomfortable. Your question will mess up his train of thought, and he will get distracted. You might even dive him away successfully if you keep asking questions.
  1. If you like him, say it: Do not shy away from expressing yourself. Tell him if you like him. He needs to know how you feel. Your confession might make him express his feelings.
    • You should always speak your heart. Tell him how you feel if you like him. You can start by saying that you liked it when he looked at your lips.
    • But before giving your heart to him, you should always check if he has the right intention. You might end up facing heartbreak if you do not go through with a thorough background check.
    • Of course, you can’t do that right at the moment. Therefore, this advice is only applicable if you know the guy or if you have a chance of meeting him again.
    • He might decide to talk to you about his feelings when he gets to know how you feel about him. However, there is always a possibility of him being a fraud who is only there to use you for sexual satisfaction.


A few things to remember:

  • He might be a sexual predator. In that case, your safety is in your own hands. You need to be alert whenever you are around him.
  • If his gaze makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to him about that immediately. Procrastinating about this might escalate matters out of your hands really quickly.
  • You can kiss him or tell him if you like him. However, always do that when you have his consent. If he says that he does not like you, do not pester him to get into a relationship. You do not own him just because he looked at your lips.
  • He probably likes you, and he looked at your lips because he wanted to kiss you. He wants to initiate a relationship with you.
  • He might want to be friends with benefits with you. He looked at your lips with nothing but pure lust. He does not have romantic feelings for you. All he has is a strong physical attraction.
  • You need to ask him what he wants. He looked at you for a reason. Find out what it is. It will help you make decisions. Observe his body language when he talks to you about how he feels. Try to infer his true intention from that.

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