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When a Guy Looks at Your Stomach (8 Possible Reasons)

Feature Image of When a Guy Looks at Your StomachA guy could look at your stomach when he finds you attractive. He probably has a romantic interest in you. He either wants to sleep with you, or he wants to have a serious relationship with you. It is normal to feel uncomfortable when a guy looks at your stomach.

This article will help you decode the mind of the guy (or guys) who looked at your stomach. Is it pure lust, or is it love? Scroll down to learn more about the reasons why a guy does this and ways to deal with him.

Reasons why a guy looks at your stomach

  1. It is because of pure lust: A guy could look at your stomach because of pure lust. He may or may not have feelings for you. Romantic feelings are not a dire necessity when it comes to lust.
    • A guy looks at your stomach when he is physically enticed by it. What he feels for you can only be termed lust. He is not in love with you. He only wants your body.
    • He looks at your stomach with lust, probably because of the exposed skin. He thinks he can ogle anyone he wants with his eyes. In this case, he thinks he visually owns the exposed part of your belly.
    • He likes only a certain part of your body, and that is your stomach. He has his sexual fantasies built up around it. He wants to do weird sexual stuff to your belly. Your identity is not important here.
    • He most definitely does not harbor romantic feelings for you. For him, you are just a body part he lusts over. He likes to ogle at you while imagining doing unspeakable things to your body. You are probably not safe around him.
  1. He likes you: He looks at your stomach because he likes you. He can’t help looking at the most beautiful part of your body. He is probably not doing it intentionally.
    • Liking someone is perfectly normal as long as it does not make someone feel uncomfortable. He looks at you (to be more precise, your stomach) because he likes you. He has romantic feelings for you and probably wants to start a relationship with you.
    • It could be thought that he likes you so much because you have an attractive stomach. He can’t keep his eyes off of your belly. He wants you to reciprocate his feelings by letting him indulge in them.
    • He could be unaware of the fact that you feel uncomfortable when he looks at the exposed part of your body. He is unaware that whatever he is doing can be deemed creepy by most people, including you.
    • However, his intentions are probably true. He truly likes you and wants to be in a relationship. His approach is wrong. He might not know how to behave around someone whom he likes. Nobody taught him that ogling at someone’s stomach is considered rude.
    • This guy probably means no harm. He likes you and desires you, but he will take the next step only with your consent. He might stare at you, but that is because he is a socially awkward person who does not know what to do around people. He will never touch you unless you let him.
  1. He is a creep: He is just a creep who likes looking at people’s bodies to make them feel uncomfortable. You are his brand new prey, and he has chosen your stomach to ogle at uncomfortably.
    • Creeps can be found everywhere. We meet them every day on buses and on subways. They stare at us in cafes and even utilize the opportunity to touch us in crowded bars. The guy who looks at your stomach is one such creep whose sole purpose in life is to make people feel uncomfortable.
    • He has no feelings for you and probably does not have the courage to come up to you to say how he feels. He exercises his toxic thoughts from a distance as he looks at your stomach. He likes to hide behind his anonymity.
    • The creep who looks at your stomach probably does not have the courage to inflict physical assault on you. He is too scared to act on what he thinks. He loves to think about doing sexually explicit things to your stomach, but all of that is only in his mind. He is scared of the law enforcement authorities.
    • Guys like these are not easy to spot. They often hide their intentions behind a façade of civility that most people are not able to recognize. You will find them everywhere.
    • They will only come closer to you to touch your stomach when you are unnaturally close to each other. They will touch you when they find you in crowded places so that you will not know who did it.
  1. He wants to sleep with you: The guy wants to sleep with you. Looking at your stomach is his way of letting you know about his intention. He will probably never act without your consent.
    • Looking at someone’s stomach is a well-known sexually explicit gesture. He did it intentionally to let you know what he wants. He is waiting for you to react to his advances as you read this article.
    • He is not in love with you. He just wants to get physical. He is offering a friends-with-benefits situation here. By looking at your stomach, he is expressing that he is sexually attracted to you.
    • He is trying to communicate with his glances at your stomach. He wants you to understand what he is trying to say and act accordingly. He is probably a bit too shy to talk about his desires in person.
    • He is looking for your consent. That is why a physical distance is still there between the two of you. He will never make further moves without your consent. He is not into serious relationships, but he is serious about boundaries.
  1. He finds you attractive: He looks at your stomach because he finds you attractive. The feeling may or may not be sexual.
    • Finding someone attractive is not always sexual. It can be platonic too. He looks at your stomach because that part of your body is extremely beautiful. He admires your beauty without sexual thoughts. He finds you attractive.
    • He might find you attractive even if he knows you are never going to be with him. However, he knows that no one can say anything about which way he looks with his own eyes. He is exercising that right by looking at you.
    • He may find you sexually attractive. In that case, any other part of your body or your personality would matter. He likes focusing on your belly and does not care that his stare makes you feel uncomfortable.
    • Sexual attraction can also lead him to like you as a person. He started looking at your stomach because of sexual attraction, but now that he knows you, he has started to like the person you are.
  1. He is trying to flirt with you: He looks at your stomach because he is trying to flirt with you. For some reason, he is out of pick-up lines to start with. That is probably why he has chosen to convey his thoughts with gestures like this.
    • Men often try to flirt by looking at different body parts of the person they are interested in. That is their way of letting the person know that they are into them.
    • This is why he looks at your stomach. He likes you and wants to flirt. When I say he likes you, it may or may not be serious. In the case of flirting, the feelings are mostly breezy, and they tend to go away once the moment is over.
    • Men often come up with cheesy (or good) pickup lines when they are flirting with some. The guy (or guys) we are discussing could not think of a suitable pickup line. Therefore, he chose the uncomfortable staring to do the job.
    • He is trying to attract your attention by looking at your stomach. That way, you will start talking to him first without him having to think of a pickup line to start the conversation.
  1. He has a fetish: Well, he has a fetish that involves people’s stomachs. He probably does not like you. He looks at everyone’s stomachs as that tickles his sexual fantasies. His gaze might make you uncomfortable.
    • He looks at your stomach because it (not you as a person) is the only thing that he is interested in. He does not like you and is definitely not interested in you.
    • His fetish excites him when he sees people’s bellies or anything associated with it. If you check his search history, you will probably find deeply unsettling searches.
    • He exists to make you feel uncomfortable. Everything about him is going to wreck your nerves. Things might get intense if you get to meet him regularly.
    • Ask around, and you will find other people who have dealt with the same uncomfortable feeling when they were around him. He probably is not aware of the way he is making people feel because of his weird fetish.
  1. He is casually checking you out: Guys could look at your stomach when they are casually checking you out. This mostly happens when your stomach is the best feature of your body. Situations like this often take place in public places.
    • A guy could casually check you out by looking at your stomach when you leave it uncovered. Even in the twenty-first century, an exposed bit of skin could stir people.
    • This could be a fleeting thing. His stare is momentary, as you guys will probably never meet again. He looked at your stomach, liked it for a brief moment, and moved on. This is particularly applicable in public places like the street where you check out people on the go. This is exactly like the time you checked out that bearded guy with his sleeves rolled up.
    • However, a guy casually checking you out can also fall for you. This happens especially when you guys are in a place where you have to be in each other’s company for a while. He will look at your stomach from the corner of his eyes for a while before he walks across the room to make his move.

What to do when a guy looks at your stomach?

  1. Ask him not to make you feel uncomfortable: Ask the guy not to make you feel uncomfortable. However, be polite when you do that. Give him the benefit of the doubt the first time.
    • You can directly approach him to say that you do not like what he is doing. Tell him that his weird gaze is making you uncomfortable. You can also say that you are extremely sensitive about things like this. He will understand if he is a reasonable person.
    • If you know this person and do not want to engage in an embarrassing conversation with him, you can always take the help of your phone to convey what you feel. Call him up to say that what he did was wrong because it made you uncomfortable. Ask him never to do that again.
    • If you are too anxious to have a conversation over the phone with him, you can simply drop a text. Try not to engage yourself in mindless banters that will do no good and only waste your time. Instead, be brief with what you have to say. The coldness in your texts will tell him that he was wrong to ogle at your stomach.
    • You need to be polite when you do any of the aforementioned things. Do not insult him unnecessarily. Try not to say something that is uncalled for. He might have done what he did unintentionally. He will probably be careful the next time.
  1. Ask him if he likes you: You can ask him if he likes you if he looks at your stomach. He is attracted to you in some way, and you need to know what is going on in his mind.
    • You need to know if he is into you to make the next move. Knowing what he feels will help you make important decisions about the relationship you might have with him. Asking this question will also help you understand his intention. But that can only happen if he remains truthful about his intent while talking to you.
    • You can directly ask if he likes you. Find the right moment and walk up to him to catch him off-guard. Ask him the questions that are making rounds in your mind.
    • Chances are there that you will get disappointed with his answers. But that is precisely the reason why you chose to do this. It is a good thing because once you know his true intent, you will be able to decide whether you want to stay with him or not.
    • Disappointing answers will provide you with reasons to stay away from this guy. Asking questions will save you from heartbreak and even potential dangers (if the guy is harmful).
  1. Ask him if he wants to be friends with benefits: He must be doing this for a reason (that could be sexual in nature). Ask him if he wants to be in a friends-with-benefits relationship with you.
    • Shed your inhibitions and ask him if he wants a physical relationship with no strings attached. You guys have to be clear about certain things before getting into a relationship to save yourselves from future trouble.
    • If you both want a casual fling, then all your problems are sorted. You guys can enjoy each other’s company as long as you want without falling in love. He looked at your stomach because he wanted to initiate a friends-with-benefits situation with you, and you wanted it too. You guys are on the same page.
    • However, it can also happen that he wants a casual fling, and you need to be in a serious relationship. In that case, talk it out and part ways if things get out of hand.
    • In an exact opposite situation, the guy could want a serious relationship (albeit with sexual elements), but you need a fling. In that case, inform him about your intent. You probably got the wrong signal when he looked at your stomach. Start the conversation with a clear discussion about whether he wants to be your friend with benefits.
  1. Flirt with him: You can casually flirt with him to reciprocate the gesture. He looked at your stomach because he felt attracted to you.
    • Flirt with him only when you feel like it. You do not have to do anything against your will. Do this only if you get a positive vibe.
    • You can directly go and talk to him. Open the conversation with a “hi” and choose casual topics to talk about. Do not get into relationship dynamics when you are trying to flirt. Show him that you are interested without saying it aloud. Now, that needs some expertise.
    • You can look back at him with a coy smile or a dreamy gaze that announces your consent. You can even tuck your hair behind your ears, just like Amy Santiago did in Brooklyn Nine-Nine when she started to harbor a romantic interest in someone. Check out a few more ways to flirt.
    • It is advisable to be extra careful about people who look at your exposed body part. Most people do it with the wrong intention (which is pure lust). They do it just to objectify you with their eyes. You need to be careful while flirting with a person who looks at your stomach.
  1. Ask him what he wants: You can casually ask him what he wants. Tell him that you need to know that to understand his intention.
    • Now, this is applicable in a situation where he has been looking at your stomach (on and off) for a few days. He probably makes you uncomfortable with his gaze. You have every right to ask him what he wants from you.
    • The tone in which you will speak to him will be set according to his behavior. It is perfectly all right to be annoyed about someone’s objectifying gaze. Talk to him about that.
    • Be tough with your words if you feel he is crossing a line. Your stern words might drive him away for good. Tell him that you only want a serious relationship and that you think he is not the right guy because of all the uncomfortable staring.
    • If he is subtle with his gaze, you will have to be subtle with your words. However, a subtle gaze does not ensure that he is a good person (he is just clever as the rest). In this scenario, you should stay polite during the conversation. Talk things out like responsible adults. There is no reason to hurl insults at him. You cannot tell him what to do or where to look with his own eyes. In this case, you will have to be responsible for your own safety.
    • Say that you need to know what he wants in order to decide what to do about the matter. Wordless situations like this freak you out. Make sure he knows that.
  1. Seek help: You should seek help if you find his gaze disturbing. He might be dangerous.
    • Put all your true-crime-watching hours to good use. Try to find out if he is dangerous. If you find his gaze unsettling, he is probably harmful. Try not to be alone with him to keep yourself safe. Here are a few ways to stay safe.
    • Try to find help if you are in a situation like this. Look for someone you can trust and talk to them about how uncomfortable you feel about the guy staring at your stomach.
    • If you are on the street, you can ask a passerby to help you deal with this. Ask them to stand with you for a while to create the illusion that you are not alone.
    • You can also pay a visit to the nearest precinct if the guy looking at your stomach crosses the line of civility. If he tries to touch you (without your consent) or assault you in any way, run as fast as you can to lodge a complaint.
    • Speak to someone on your phone. Ask for help if the person you are talking to stays nearby. If you do not want to call anyone, you can always act as if you are on call with someone.
    • You can send your live location to your family or a trustworthy friend. This way, if you get into trouble with the guy looking at your stomach, they will be able to reach you and rescue you on time.
  1. Tell him you are not interested: Simply tell him that you are not interested in his sexual advances. A rejection might make him look away.
    • Do not wait for him to make a direct move to reject him. Get to the root of the issue. Go up to him and tell him that you are not interested in him in any way.
    • Tell him that whatever he is cooking in his mind is futile as nothing is ever going to happen between the two of you. Ask him to stop acting in a creepy way and walk away.
    • He probably would not stop until he heard a direct rejection. The rejection might break his heart, but that is not your problem. You do not even know the guy, and you are supposed to do whatever you need to feel safe.
    • Your rejection might make him stop staring. He did that because he had hopes of having a liaison with you. But when you make it clear to him that you are not interested, he will probably look elsewhere.
  1. Tell him that you like him too: If you like him and like the fact that he looks at your stomach, talk to him about that. Tell him how you feel.
    • Nobody will frown if you end up liking his weird gaze. It is your life, and the final decision is yours to make. Tell him that you like him too when you find him looking at your stomach.
    • You can initiate a new relationship with him. Your reciprocation will probably be a great romantic achievement for him. However, do not forget to ask what he wants. Being on the same page is a necessity.


A few things to remember:

  • Try to stay safe. You do not want to get into trouble with the guy. He could be dangerous. Let other people in your life know where you are whenever you have to be around this guy.
  • Do not be rude unnecessarily. He must have a reason for this behavior. Hear him out.
  • He looks at your stomach because he finds you attractive and probably wants to sleep with you.
  • He probably has a fetish that involves uncovered body parts like the stomach. He is not in love with you.

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