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She Rejected Me but Kept Texting (Reason & What to Do)

Feature Image of She Rejected Me but Kept TextingShe rejected you but keeps texting because she is still interested in you. She wants to be a part of your life without being in a committed relationship. She wants to keep tabs on you with texts. She probably has a set of weird reasons for not being with you.

Through this article, we will attempt to help you with reasons why she keeps texting even after rejecting you. Once you finish reading the reasons, scroll further down to find possible ways to deal with the situation. Read on.

Reasons why she rejected you but kept texting

  1. She wants to see what you are up to: She rejected you but kept texting because she wants to see what you are up to. She is probably still interested in you.
    • She wants to know what you are doing without her presence in your life. She wants to see if you are already over her. She maintains a friendly façade just to fool you into believing that she still has some feelings for you.
    • She is confident about your feelings. The woman knows you would reply to her texts (faster than lightning). She also knows that you would start blabbering about your life the moment she asks you a question.
    • By doing this, she is feeding her vanity. She considers herself so special that she has absolute disregard for your feelings. She probably does this to other people like you Who have romantic feelings for her.
    • She loves to be the queen of everything and thinks that the world should move according to her whims and fancies. It is extremely selfish of her to think that you will spend your valuable time waiting for her and replying to her texts even after getting rejected by her.
  1. She likes you but won’t admit it: She is too proud to admit that she likes you. That is why she keeps texting you now, even after rejecting you at first.
    • She did not like you at first, and that is why she rejected you the time you tried to say that you like her. However, she likes you now and wants to be a part of your life.
    • She feels bad about the fact that she fell for the person she had rejected before. This is an embarrassing situation for her. She knows she has to let you know how she feels. That is why she keeps texting you now.
    • You will find a pattern here. Did she text you like this right after you said that you like her? If the answer is “no,” then be sure that she is interested in you. Her texts started to ping up on your phone screen only recently. That is probably right after she realized her true feelings for you.
  1. She does not know that she loves you: She keeps texting you because she is not aware of her feelings for you. She likes you, but she does not know that yet. She probably thinks it is fun to talk to you.
    • This happens to people more often than you think. People often fail to recognize their true feelings for someone and end up losing a good partner. We, humans, are bound together by society. Most of our decisions are influenced by society and its norms.
    • She rejected you probably because of societal pressure or certain preconceived ideas about what an ideal partner should be like. However, that can’t control what we truly want.
    • Even though she rejected you, she wants to be with you. She likes (or probably loves) you. But she is not aware of that. She thinks you are a cool person to talk to. Why she likes talking to a person she rejected is a mystery even to her.
    • She is a confused (and to some extent naïve) person. She does not know what she feels about people or how to react when someone she likes talking to asks her out. This could happen when she has a lot of preconceived notions about dating.
    • For her, the idea of dating is extremely Hollywood-ish. She thinks everything will be like the movies. She rejected you because you do not fulfill the requirements to look like a movie lead. However, the heart wants what it wants. She likes you and that is the end of the story. She might take her time to realize that.
  1. She is trying to disturb you: She has a sick sense of humor, and, with that, she is trying to disrupt your peaceful life. She does not like you and feels absolutely nothing for you.
    • She has a disturbing sense of humor. She keeps texting after rejecting you because she finds it funny. She laughs at your expense. She feels elated to see you full of hope, only to feel even more elated once she takes that hope away from you.
    • She wants to disrupt your peaceful life. You moved on after she rejected you. You were happy with your life. The moment your phone beeped with her text, all the unpleasant feelings came back to you. You were once again thinking of her. This is what she wanted, and she seems successful in the venture.
    • She texts you even after rejecting you just to make you miserable. She finds happiness in your sufferings. She does not have feelings for you. She wants you to think that she is still interested in your offer.
  1. She is making fun of you: She rejected you but kept texting just to make fun of you. You mean nothing to her. You are a laughing stock in her group of friends.
    • She is just making fun of you and your feelings for her by texting you. She rejected you clearly because she did not like you and that is normal. However, tormenting someone and making fun of their feelings is not okay.
    • She is trying to create a fun spectacle for her group of friends. She probably does this with all the people she rejects. Your replies to her texts are being widely circulated.
    • Your life is no longer private. She and her friends collectively stalk you, text you, talk about you, and laugh at your life over drinks and snacks. You are the new source of entertainment in their lives.
    • Is she too polite in the texts? Does she keep asking you embarrassing personal questions? Is she irregular with her texts? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then there is an unfortunate possibility that she is doing this to make fun of you. Here are a few ways to know when and why she is making fun of you.
  1. She wants you to be jealous of her life: She rejected you, but that is not enough for her. Now she wants you to feel jealous of her life. That is why she keeps texting you.
    • She thinks she has a great life. She wants to show that off to the world and especially to you. She wants you to envy her and to feel jealous of her happiness. She probably thinks you are a loser.
    • She is full of fragile vanity. The glass house she has created is so fragile that in order to make it stand upright, she has to show it off to the world for constant validation. By seeking your envy, she is actually asking you for validation.
    • She probably has a romantic partner who (she thinks) is better than you. She rejected you because she did not want to settle for mediocrity (yes, she thinks you are too mediocre to be dating her). She considers her present partner superior to all. She wants you to be jealous of her life with that partner. She wants to rub your face into the life you wished for but can never have.
    • She can also text you to make you feel jealous even after rejecting you if she has seen great success in recent times. She thinks you do not deserve her and clearly wants you to know that. She texts you so that you stay aware of her life and the fact that she was never meant to be with you.
  1. She will be with you once you are rich: She keeps texting you even after rejecting you because she wants to keep you as an option. She will dive back into your life once you are rich and successful.
    • She only dates people who provide her with expensive gifts and takes her shopping to expensive stores. She needs someone to pay for her expensive taste as she is probably skilled for nothing. Her choice of partner changes from the rich to the richer.
    • She rejected you because you are not as rich as she wants you to be. In her eyes, you are poor. She has nothing to do with a poor person. She knows you will not be able to take her shopping or to expensive restaurants. The word “love” has no meaning in her life. She only believes in money and dates rich people. She has a lust for wealth.
    • However, she still keeps in touch with you through texts because she does not want to lose the opportunity to date you once you get rich. This is probably because she has seen potential in you. She believes that you might get rich one day.
    • She is so confident about you because she thinks very highly about herself. She believes that you will never reject her when she tries to come back into your life once you are rich enough. In simple words, she is a selfish gold-digger. Learn how to spot a gold digger right here.
  1. She is checking if you still like her: She needs constant validation to survive. She texted you even after rejecting you because she wanted to check if you still like her.
    • She had her reasons for rejecting you. That probably has nothing to do with the situation we are facing. She texted you to see if you still like her. That is an example of her lack of confidence in herself.
    • She depends on validation to survive. She will accept it even if it is from you (a person whom she willingly refused to date). Actually, she will accept it from anyone. She needs a daily dose of praise and love in her life.
    • She thinks that the best kind of validation comes from people who have a romantic interest in her. You liked her once and that is why you made an advance. She thinks you still have some feelings left for her even after the rejection. She aims to spur those feelings to reignite the spark of romance within you.
    • Her validation-seeking nature does not ensure her presence in your life. She is probably using you as a tool to feel emotionally stable. The more you shower her with praises, the happier she feels. She has no feelings for you and probably will keep using you like this till the day you realize her plot and step out of her life.

What to do in this situation?

  1. Ask her to leave you alone: You can ask her to leave you alone. However, be polite when you do that. There is no need to hurl insults at each other.
    • One of the most sensible things to do in this situation is to ask her to leave you alone. Tell her that you are no longer interested in a relationship with her. She should know that you have lost patience after her repeated rejections.
    • You need to be polite when you say this to her. Your annoyance is understandable but that does not give you the right to insult someone. Did she say or do something with the sole purpose to insult you? If the answer is “no,” you will also have to stay within the borders of civility.
    • Be clear about your intent. Try not to be confused about what you want. Your confusion will probably get reflected in your behavior, leading her to believe that you are interested in her. Do not give her mixed signals.
    • Remember, you have chosen to stay away from her for a reason. Her behavior affected your mental health. You are at peace now, without her tormenting presence in your life. Do not indulge her wishes to engage in conversations if you want peace to persist. Push her away gently.
  1. Block her from all social media platforms: If you feel disturbed by her texts, you can block her from all social media platforms. This way, she will not be able to contact you and you will be able to move on quickly.
    • If you can’t avoid her imposing presence at all, you can block her from all social media platforms. She has her reasons for texting you even after she rejected you. Your feelings may or may not matter to her. But that is not your problem. Focus on your well-being this time.
    • You had enough humiliation to endure when she rejected you the last time you talked to her. You do not want to repeat that phase of your life again. Keeping her out of your life is especially necessary when you have spent time moving on.
    • How to check whether you have moved on or not? Well, you will not think twice before blocking her if you have truly moved on. Do not think about what could have been if she was with you. That is a dangerous place to venture into if you are trying to focus on positive things in your life.
    • She rejected you once. Who says she won’t reject you again? She might be doing this because she is lonely or just wants to have fun. Think about it. Are you ready for a relationship with no strings attached? If the answer is “no,” she is not the right person for you (even though she texted you after rejecting you before).
  1. Ask what she wants: You can clearly ask her if she likes you or not. She must have a reason for texting you even after she rejected you a few days ago. Try to know what she wants.
    • Be straightforward and ask her what she wants. You can ask her if she likes you. If she says she does, ask her the reason why she likes you now and did not like you back in the time when you asked her out. She should have a valid set of reasons for her unnatural behavior.
    • She could be texting you to lay the groundwork for a favor she needs from you. Ask her if that is the case and tell her whether you are comfortable with the idea of helping her, or not. Rejection is not a pleasant thing. You felt bad when she rejected you. It is okay if you reject her when she needs a favor.
    • If you think she is going to be yours once you help her with the problem she is in, you are mistaken. Asking for help does not make her available for you. Two people should only get into a relationship when both are interested in it. This should not be a compromise for either of you. Relationships like this often turn toxic (and that happens quicker than you think).
    • If you are a selfless person, helping her won’t be a problem for you. However, make sure that her problem is genuine and that she is not using you to do something wrong. Do not get into trouble for her. You deserve better than that. Be careful of the fact that she might be projecting you as the fall guy for some dubious plan she has hatched. Beware of fraudulent people and stay safe. Use your common sense in situations like this.
  1. Call her out if she tries to make fun of you: No one can make fun of your misery. If she has been texting you to make fun of you, call her out. Let everyone know who she truly is.
    • She rejected you. It was her independent choice but you felt humiliated by it like any other person. The story should have ended there. However, if she chose to humiliate you further by making fun of you and calling you names, she needs to be taught a lesson. You can call her out in any manner you see fit.
    • You can talk about her with common friends to let them know about the kind of person she really is. This could especially work if she has a great reputation in the circle. Tell your friends that she is not really the “woke” person she claims to be.
    • You can choose one particular friend who is bad at keeping secrets. Tell them what she did to you in an exaggerated manner and let nature take its course. The gossip will spread like wildfire and she will probably never make fun of you again.
    • You can use social media to call her out. However, keep this option for serious situations (mostly personal attacks like body shaming or calling you poor). If she has been extremely mean (you can spot the characteristic of a mean girl right here) to you, use social media to name and shame her. Get screenshots of the texts she sent you and post them on your profile. You can make the post public if you want.
    • However, try not to be too vengeful about this situation. Too much anger can cloud your judgment and lead you to make wrong decisions. Respect boundaries and do not write things that you might regret later.
  1. Give cold replies: If you do not want to stay in touch with this woman, reply to her in a cold way. Show that you are no longer interested in her. This time, you should reject her.
    • Cold replies show your lack of interest in something or someone. She texted you because she wants something from you even after rejecting you before. She has not taken your feelings into consideration.
    • If you do not want to engage in conversations with her anymore, send cold replies to her texts. This behavior might put her in her place. She should know that she has lost the right to ask you for favors or even fall for you now.
    • However, you will have to send a number of cold replies before she gets the point. A “yes” or a “no” to her first question will mean nothing. Give one-word answers to all her questions and reply with a “hmm” whenever she asks you a question. You can even leave her ‘seen’ for a long time (if she texts you in the morning, see the texts and reply to her after twelve to fourteen hours, and that too, with a word or a “hmm”).
    • All these one-word replies will show your lack of interest in her. You likes her once but after she rejected you, you moved on. Make this clear to her. Be so cold with your texts that she stops contacting you forever.
  1. Try ghosting her: You can try ghosting her when she texts you after rejecting you. Ignore her to drive her out of your life for good.
    • This one is related to the previous point about cold replies. If cold replies do not work, you can try ghosting her. People often think that ghosting is rude. But the truth is, it helps you ignore her.
    • She is a problem in your life. She brings anxiety and other mental health issues whenever she steps into your life. You need to stop that soon and for that, nothing is better than ghosting her.
    • You do not have to block her. Just do not reply to her texts. Do not answer her calls. Ignore her presence even if it makes you feel bad initially. Remember, nothing is more important than your physical and mental well-being. She messes up your mental health and therefore, it is okay to ghost her.
  1. Tell her that you do not wish to be with her anymore: Be honest and tell her that you do not want to be with her. She rejected you once and that broke your heart. Tell her you do not want to engage in further interaction with her to save yourself from mental agony.
    • Being straightforward is the key here. Do not feel ashamed about the fact that she rejected you once. If the rejection is true so is the fact that she came back to you (whatever the reason may be).
    • Tell her that you do not like her anymore. Say, “It is true that I liked you once but I am not interested in you anymore. Please leave me alone.” Your cold politeness will do the trick.
    • You can talk to her about how the rejection messed up your mental health. Make it a valid reason for not speaking to her again. You can even take her on a guilt trip if you know the right words for it.
    • Tell her that it took you a lot of time and effort to forget her. Now that you think you are over her, you do not want to revisit the old feelings. Tell her that you are happy in your present space and do not intend to mess that up for anything or anyone.
  1. Tell her you are not jealous of her life: If she tries to make you feel jealous of her life through her texts, tell her that you are not jealous. Tell her that your life is way better and more peaceful than her life (the one that she needs to show off).
    • If she texted you to make you feel jealous of her life, tell her that you do not care about what she does or how she lives her life. Show that you are not jealous with your words.
    • Confidence is key here. Even if you are jealous, do not show that. That is precisely what she is trying to bring out of you. Failing to make you feel jealous will disappoint her soon and she will leave you alone.
    • However, if you want to make things bitter (and better for you), crank it up a notch and strike up a polite text fight. Show your great life off to her. If you are not doing great, exaggerate (she does not have to know that).


A few things to remember:

  • She is still interested in you. That is the easiest explanation for her strange behavior. She did not like you at first, but now she likes you and wants to be in your life. She just finds it hard to admit that she fell in love with the person she rejected once.
  • She is not aware of the fact that she likes you. She likes talking to you. Everyone who knows you two knows that she is quite into you. Nevertheless, she fails to see that and keeps texting you even after she rejected you blatantly.
  • She is probably trying to disrupt your peaceful life by making fun of you. Rejecting you was not enough for her. She needs entertainment in her life and thinks it will come at your expense.
  • The best way to end this agony is by calling her out publicly. Talk to your common friends and tell them what she did. Be the good one in this story. Bring everyone to your side.
  • You can send cold replies or even ghost her. If you ask me, ghosting is the better option. You need to flush her out of your system, and for that, you need to be strict with yourself. You can’t give in to the urge of speaking to her again. Remember, she is here to hurt you. She is the source of your anxiety and other possible mental health issues.

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