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When a Guy Says It Was Nice Seeing You (What Does it Mean?)

Feature Image of When a Guy Says It Was Nice Seeing YouWhen a guy says it was nice seeing you, it generally means he might not want to see you again. He just wanted a great time or needed a change in his life. Your company helped him breathe fresh.

In this article, I'll go over several other reasons why a guy might say, "It was nice seeing you," and I'll also walk you through your next steps. So let's get started!

Reasons a guy says it was nice seeing you

  1. He enjoyed your company: It is a common phrase to tell someone when you enjoy their company. Also, these words are used when you don't have anything else to say.
    • Say, this was your first date, and it was lukewarm. While you had good conversations, there was a lack of instinctive attraction. 
    • By the end, you didn’t feel like kissing each other. Then, the guy may tell you that he had a nice time. However, he indicates that he was expecting something more out of it, but it wasn’t up to his expectation.
    • Say, you caught up after a long time. Either you would realize that everything has changed, and there isn’t much left to catch up next time. 
    • Or, you may feel that nothing has changed, and it was a good decision to catch up like this.
    • In the latter case, the guy might feel you should do it more often because it is worth it. You are more of yourself in each other’s company because you have come a long way.
  1. He was looking for a refreshment: Many guys go on dates with no purpose besides clearing their heads.
    • Such guys keep their expectations low.
    • They would neither put in too much effort nor expect you to do.
    • They will let you take the lead if you are enthusiastic about it.
    • You will feel comfortable because they would neither be too cheesy nor creepy.
  1. He has a girlfriend: When you are on a date with a guy, and before leaving, he tells you with an undertone that it was nice seeing you, the chances are high that he has a girlfriend.
    • It is possible that his girlfriend is on vacation or he is in a long-distance relationship.
    • This happens commonly in a long-distance relationship when the partner seeks physical proximity but is also afraid to lose the love of their life.
    • It is always better to talk this out and clear your doubts before going on a date with someone, the basis of it being their intention of coming up on a date.
    • If the answer arrives that they are looking for something casual, they won’t discuss their personal life with you.
    • If the answer arrives that they are looking for something serious, they will take it slow.
    • If the answer arrives that they will go with the flow, they will wait for you to ask them out the second time.
  1. You are too clingy: Guys don’t like women who are too emotional. They like to chill out. They like it when women flirt, So if you were very quiet or only asking questions rather than making them feel hot, it would be a big turn-off.
    • Never make your first date serious. It is against the rules. 
    • Keep a cheerful disposition.
    • Try to avoid attending calls during the date. You are creating an impression and are submerged in a mode, and you don’t want to get off it unless needed.
    • Pick up a place without very loud music.
    • Getting tipsy is fine, but don’t get very high.
  1. You come with baggage: If you had just had a breakup before you went out with a guy, and all you do during the date is talk about your ex, the date will find an escape to abandon you asap.
    • Well, there are two types of guys. One who likes to take full advantage when a girl is low and has just had a breakup. They will stick by you for the night to give you support and get handsy when they get a chance.
    • The next category is the zero-tolerance group. They won’t want to know or do anything about or with your ex. They have a universal bro code. They believe that you must have made a mess. 
    • The other category will judge you in silence and let you be as soon as possible.
    • Hence, seek a friend even if you came out of a breakup and are looking to rant. But if you need to divert your mind, then the first rule is to not talk about what you are trying to divert yourself from.
  1. You are plumpy: If you met the guy for the first time or after a long time, and your profile picture doesn’t match your physical form, the guy might get uncomfortable.
    • It might not be a case of body shaming. It’s just that the guy came with a different picture in his mind, and what he received from you is different.
    • If the guy is too lean, and you are plumpy, you might look awkward together.
    • If you are not passing close looks to the guy, he might get offended and tell you with a clear hint of sarcasm that it was nice meeting you.
  1. He was in travel mode: When the guy you are meeting up with is on vacation in the city, he may want to keep the meeting limited to a single visit.
    • The guy might be more interested in understanding the culture if the guy is a foreigner. He is certainly not out looking for dates but gathering knowledge about the people and the community. 
    • If the guy keeps on revisiting the place from time to time, that is, if it is his native place, but he works outside, he won’t want any unnecessary troubles that might involve his family while he is away.
  1. He is not looking for commitments: Perhaps the guy is trying to get over a phase. It is possible that he is too career oriented and his work is such that he doesn’t get enough time to maintain a relationship, or the nature of the work is such that he has to maintain his privacy.
    • There is also the possibility that he doesn’t believe in love or the concept of a relationship until he can let it be.
    • Perhaps the impression or how you spent time together hasn’t been enough to carry it further.
  1. There is a significant age difference: If the guy is younger than you, he will be concerned about the age gap.
    • While guys are fascinated by older women because they are freer, more charming, and more mature, most guys don’t have it within them to make an older woman their go-to person before society.
    • If the guy is much older than you, he might find it appropriate to date you. Remember the girl obsessing over Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid Love? Now, look at the situation from that angle.
  1. You are in an open relationship: If you are married or living with a guy but maintaining an open relationship, the guy might find it too liberal and get uneasy by the idea.
    • In an open relationship, you must pick up on guys carefully.
    • While some might find it delightful, others might get offended thinking that you are considering them to be your sidekick.

What to do when a guy says it was nice seeing you?

  1. Tell him the same: Returning the compliment is the bold step here. 
    • Maintain the voice and tone when you return the compliment.
    • Don’t intermix it with any other emotion you might be having.
    • Be very clear about why you are doing it. The idea should not be to play smart or get even with him.
    • Say it only if you don’t mind either meeting or not meeting up with him in the future, that is, if the meeting was decent and you hold neither affection nor grudges towards the person.
  1. Laugh it off: Humor is a great tool to exercise for getting out of awkward situations.
    • Try not to laugh hysterically, but perhaps a sarcastic, stressful, and short one. 
    • If he laughs in return, he might be calling you b*tch under his breath, but that’s a move well played because it assures you have hit the nail on the head.
    • If he doesn’t laugh and doesn’t understand the joke, you can get all serious and ask him to excuse you or run away if the look creeps you.
  1. Ask him if you weren't good enough: If you want to play dirty or are in a playful mood, you might want to hold on to the conversation rather than accept it as a closing statement.
    • Tell him that you can make it nicer if you have the time for it.
    • If you are back home, drop a flirtatious text that reads, “How about I make our meeting hotter next time?”
  1. Be positive: Tell him you are hoping for nicer times if you enjoyed his company. 
    • There is no reason to get excited about someone or something, especially if you had a good time.
    • People these days don’t understand the importance of having a good time.
    • When you vibe with someone, keeping it limited to that is enough.
    • You neither have to make promises nor complaints; just acknowledge the beauty of the moment you shared with them with the hope that you may recreate it in the future if given a chance.
  1. Kiss him on his cheek: Sometimes, you don't need to say anything. Let the silence rule. A pat on the cheek will show that you keep him in good books. 
    • A kiss on the cheek can be friendly and meaningful. 
    • You can kiss him on the lips if he brings it forward and you find it luscious.
  1. Extend your hand for a goodbye: When you feel you have had enough of the company and don’t want more of it, you shall be glad that it is ending.
    • The cherry on the cake will be when you extend your hand and bid adieu after the guy tells you it was good to see you.
    • It would make it clear to him that he doesn’t stand a second chance.
    • Do this only when you have made up your mind about it.
    • Be certain the guy is not a neurosis and won’t come after stalking and bothering you.
  1. Don't stalk him: This is where you would show you are weak if you stalk him.
    • Even if you are connected on social media, don’t open, re-open, block, or report his page.
    • It will bring you nothing besides restlessness.
    • Remember, you are better than this and deserve a great deal more.

What to do if the guy contacts you again?

  1. Give him a second chance: Opt for this if you want to keep it lighthearted and friendly. 
    • Remember the duration between your previous meeting and this proposal to meet again.
    • Recollect the quality of conversations you had and if you would want to do it again.
    • Were you in touch with him in between, or did he text out of the blue?
    • Try to estimate what he might be thinking if he has asked you out for it.
  1. Tell him you are busy: Opt for this when you want him to try hard to gain your affection. 
    • Most guys who want you back will tell you to find some time in your busy schedule when you refuse to meet them because they are occupied.
    • Such guys mostly try to point out that they are desperate for you.
    • You would tell him you are busy only if you want to keep this option open. However, if you don’t want to meet him again, don’t make excuses. A proper rejection is gracious.
  1. Ask him to surprise you: Let him charm you. It will give you clues as to what his intentions are. 
    • How a guy plans a surprise for you and to what limit he uses his liberty is a wonder.
    • Try to analyze if he is doing something to form a temporary impression or if he is doing things to make it long-lasting.
    • When you ask for a surprise, plan one for him, and be thoughtful in your approach.
  1. See if he calls you: Wait to reply promptly. Wait to see if he calls you. It would indicate his sense of objectivity, the liberty he is ready to exercise, and his level of desperation.
    • If he indeed calls you, try to keep your voice moderate.
    • Don’t laugh if he can sense what you are trying to do.
    • Try to make the conversation welcoming.
  1. Share a picture: Let him get all warm up to meet you. When you open up nicely through conversations, you enjoy a great deal when you catch up.
    • Sharing pictures would make the conversation dynamic.
    • It does not imply that the picture has to be intimate; it can be related to your conversation. It would show him that you were paying attention to his words.

What to do if the guy doesn't contact you again?

  1. The game of life is to move on: Don’t hesitate a lot from moving on in life. 
    • Don't let hatred consume you when you are moving on from someone.
    • You are discarding a type of treatment. Make sure never to allow anyone to have that liberty again.
    • At the same time, learn from it how you would never treat or mistreat a person.
    • Remember, words, once spoken, cannot be discounted.
  1. Don't block him: It will only show that you are desperate for attention. 
    • Blocking someone over calls or messages does not necessarily block them from your life.
    • It only means you are weak and emotional.
  1. Go on newer dates: You deserve someone confident of having you in their life and is a keeper. Keep the wayward, loose moral people away from your life. 
    • Life doesn’t stop at one date. You must enjoy it and relish the new meets. 
    • Indeed, new dates cannot bring you stability, but they will give you the power to choose what you deserve and understand your needs better.
  1. You can catch up: If you indeed miss him, there is no harm in wanting to catch up with him. 
    • If you are reading this because he struck a chord in you, stop reading, pick up your phone, and text him.
    • Ash him if he is free the next day.
    • Plan a second date.
    • There is a possibility that he was nervous on his first date.
    • You may be overthinking.
    • When you feel good about something, giving it a second chance is better.
  1. Don't give up: Remember the second episode of Modern Love? Cupid came in disguise as a journalist. Stay hopeful. Love is a beautiful feeling.
    • Life is beautiful, and what is meant to be shall be. 
    • Never stop loving. Love yourself, love humanity.
    • Kindness is always fashionable. Remember it by heart.

Quick tips

  • Learn to enjoy your company.
  • Work on your hobbies.
  • Keep good friends.
  • Don't get too personal on first dates.
  • Ask the guy what he is looking for before you meet him.
  • Make conversations before meeting.
  • Dress decently, neither too explicit nor too tomboyish.
  • Try to keep the first dates brief, that way, there shall always be hope for a second meet, and even if there's not, you won't regret it.

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