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He Texted Me a Happy Valentine’s Day (Meaning & What to Say)

Feature Image of He Texted Me a Happy Valentine’s DayHe texted you a happy Valentine’s Day because he likes you. He has been pursuing you for a while. Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity for him to show that he likes you. He wants you to be in a romantic relationship with him. You are the perfect partner.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why he texted you a happy Valentine’s Day, along with ways to react appropriately. Read on.

Why did he text you a happy Valentine’s Day?

  1. He likes you: He texted you a happy Valentine’s Day clearly because he likes you. He wanted to let you know this for a while but could not muster up the courage. Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity.
    • When we start liking someone, it often becomes too difficult for us to let them know that we like them. Something similar must have happened with the guy we are discussing.
    • He found the perfect opportunity to drop a hint about his feelings for you on Valentine’s Day. This is the single most romantic day of the year on which people wish a happy Valentine’s Day only to the person who matters.
    • He just wished you a happy Valentine’s Day. Well, that is a start. Do not worry if he does not ask you out right away. He will do that, too, in his own time.
  1. He wants intimacy: He wished you a happy Valentine’s Day because he wants intimacy. He probably wants to be friends with benefits.
    • If you already know him and he wished you a happy Valentine’s Day, that might mean he is trying to take the relationship to the next level. He wants to get intimate with you.
    • This intimacy can be physical or mental. It can even be virtual if you guys stay far apart. Physical intimacy refers to making out (obviously), while Mental intimacy refers to the act of getting to know you a little better. Virtual intimacy requires steamy texts and erotic phone calls or video calls.
    • He can also wish you a happy Valentine’s Day when he wants to be friends with benefits. He wants you to be his sexual partner with no strings attached. Most importantly, he wants you to want the same.
  1. He wants you to notice him: He texted you on Valentine’s Day because he wanted you to notice him. He has been a part of your contacts (or your friend list) for a while now.
    • He likes you but cannot convey that to you in any way because you do not know him personally. He is too shy to ask you out on a date directly.
    • You have never noticed him, even though he has been a part of your contacts for a long time. He wants to be seen, and that is why he texted you a happy Valentine’s Day.
    • He feels scared about the way you might react after he says he likes you. Therefore, he has decided to take one step at a time. He is taking it slow.
    • He wants to make a mark in your life, and texting you on Valentine’s Day is only a humble beginning. He wants a free-flowing conversation with you.
  1. He wants reconciliation: You guys were in a relationship, but you broke up for some reason. He texted you a happy Valentine’s Day because he wants reconciliation.
    • Valentine’s Day makes singles feel lonely, especially if you just had a breakup. He texted you on Valentine’s Day because he was feeling lonely.
    • He wants reconciliation. He is done being broken up. He is unable to deal with the loneliness. The solitude is killing him. Knowing that you are still out there and single, he could not just resist texting you on the day of love.
    • If you guys were in a strict no-contact policy after the breakup, breaking the pact would only mean one thing. He still loves you, and he thinks breaking up with you was the biggest mistake of his life.
    • He chose Valentine’s Day because it is the day of love, and he thought you would not return him empty-handed. He assumes you are still into him. What you want to do in this situation is totally up to you.
  1. He was trying his luck: He texted you a happy Valentine’s Day because he was just trying his luck. He wants to see if you reply.
    • He thinks you are way out of his league. Therefore, he was testing his luck by texting you on Valentine’s Day.
    • He does not have much hope about getting a positive reply (or even a reply) from you. It would be like a miracle for him if you actually texted him back.
    • He is testing his luck, but that does not mean he does not like you. He definitely likes you but can’t talk to you about that. He fears how you would react.
    • You might not be the only person he has texted a happy Valentine’s Day. He probably has sent the same text to more people that he thinks are way out of his league.
    • He would settle for anyone who replies and gives him a little attention. He has extremely low self-worth, which could become a problem in the future if you decide to date him.
  1. He is fooling around: He wished you a happy Valentine’s Day because he is just fooling around. This is nothing serious. Do not get your hopes high.
    • It is a game for him. He wants to text a happy Valentine’s Day to as many people as he can just to have some fun.
    • He is not serious about any of this. Valentine’s Day is a day for him to have mindless fun and numerous make-out sessions like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.
    • He must be doing this as part of a stupid Valentine’s Day challenge with his friends. You or any other person does not mean anything to him.
    • He will probably forget about it once the day is over. You might look like a fool if you approach him with hope. Asking him out would be a big mistake in this case, as it would definitely make you a laughing stock.
  1. He wants to mess with your head: He simply wants to mess with your head. This may happen if you have known each other for a while.
    • If he is your friend, a Valentine’s Day text from him could confuse you. He probably did this to mess with you. He is a prankster and would never let go of such an opportunity to fool you. He would love to see the look on your face right after you receive the text.
    • If he is a stranger (or a social media “friend” you have never talked to), he could also be doing this to mess with your head. He is a curious person who wants to see how you react to the Valentine’s Day text out of the blue.
    • If he is a former partner, he could have done this to play with your emotions which is another way of messing with you. He blames you for the breakup and wants to suffer emotionally on the most romantic day of the year. He is trying to sabotage your Valentine’s Day celebrations. This could happen if you have moved on and already are with someone else that he does not approve of.

How to react when he wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day via text?

  1. Wish him back: He texted you a happy Valentine’s Day. You can politely wish him back. If you want, you can stop the conversation there.
    • He likes you. That is why he texted you a happy Valentine’s Day. That does not mean you have to like him back. However, the least you can do is send him a polite reply.
    • You can wish him a happy Valentine’s Day, too, and end the conversation there. If he tries to continue the conversation, tell him you are not interested.
    • You can tell him you were just trying to be polite when you replied to his text. You can politely say no to his advances.
    • However, if he persists in pestering you for a relationship, you can turn your tone a bit rude to suit the circumstance. Firmly say no to him if you are not that into him.
  1. Try ghosting him: If you feel uncomfortable about his wish Valentine’s Day wish or about his texts in general, you can try ghosting him. That will bore him out of your life.
    • Feeling uncomfortable about someone’s texts is not new and definitely not unnatural. It is okay to feel like that. But should also act on it.
    • The best way to deal with this is ghosting the person. Just stop talking to him after one or two replies.
    • You can do this when he makes you feel uncomfortable with his texts. Wishing someone a happy Valentine’s Day can be considered harmless, but when that harmless little text escalates into a string of inappropriate innuendos, you need to step up to do something drastic.
    • Ghosting him for a while will bore him away. He is in your inbox because he likes you and either wants a relationship with you or wants to get you into his bed, or both.
    • When he sees none of that getting fulfilled or doesn’t even have a little chance of getting fulfilled, he will probably move out of your inbox and, by extension, your life. However, he might stay a little longer if he is persistent.
  1. Start a conversation: Start a conversation if you like him. This is the best opportunity to begin with, something new. Love is in the air.
    • This is a rare opportunity. You liked him, and he just sent you a text on Valentine’s Day. That definitely means something. He is probably into you.
    • Grab the opportunity and start a conversation after wishing him back. If he is into you, you can also wait for him to start the conversation.
    • Talk about your likes and dislikes. Discuss your preferences. But do not disclose too much about yourself on the first day.
    • You should have a shroud of mystery around you until you guys are official. Make sure he stays interested in you. However, he might also do the same to retain your interest in him. You are not the only one reading this blog.
    • This scenario changes when you guys already know each other for a while. If he is a friend, he will know a great deal about you. You do not have mysteries and first conversations with friends.
    • In that case, you guys can start a new kind of conversation. This could be something you have never done. Friendly conversations are different from the ones that happen at the beginning of a relationship.
    • You can ask him what made him fall for you and tell him what made you like him romantically. Discuss your relationship and its future.
  1. Find out more about him: Try to find out more about him before getting into a relationship. You know he likes you, thanks to the text on Valentine’s Day. But should you like him without knowing him at all?
    • You need to know someone well to start a relationship with them. He likes you, and you kind of like him because he seemed like a pleasant person in your first conversation.
    • You can’t fall in love with someone after one conversation. You need to know this guy better to be in a serious relationship with him. You need to know what kind of a person he is or what his political affiliations are.
    • Find out the type of genre he likes when it comes to books, movies, and TV shows. Things like this will help you begin conversations. People with similar tastes do not often run out of topics to talk about.
    • Check if he is serious about you. A few conversations with him will reveal that if you are observant enough. You need to be careful at the beginning, especially if he is a stranger.
    • Check out his social media presence to know more about his likes and dislikes. His political preferences might show up on his Facebook profile. His Instagram might reveal him to be a movie buff or a traveler.
    • While you are doing your secret little field work to get to know more about him, he is probably doing the same. In that case, try to be your truest self. You do not want to start a relationship based on lies.
    • He wants to see if you are perfect for him. You are doing the same for honest information about him. Both of you need to maintain the sanctity of being honest.
  1. Ask him to stay away: Ask him to stay away if you are not into him. He can’t force you into a relationship with a Valentine’s Day text.
    • He likes you, but that does not have to mean you will like him too. Be polite and refuse to go through with this at first. If he persists, as him to stay away.
    • He is here to create problems and disruptions in your life. He wants a relationship with you by ignoring what you really want. This is the most wrong step a person can take while trying to impress someone.
    • He is a bit tone-deaf in this sense as he keeps ignoring your refusal to the level of abuse. You should firmly ask him to stay away if his texts seem to be getting more explicit with each passing day.
    • Start with a polite refusal. Say that you are not interested in him and wish him good luck in his future endeavors. If he pesters you, turn your tone a little harshly and firmly tell him that you are not interested.
    • The next thing to do would be to ask him to stay away. You can start ghosting him after that. You can block him, too, if his advances become unbearable and, to an extent, disrespectful to you.
  1. Ask him if he likes you: If you are not sure about his feelings or intention, ask him directly if he likes you. He texted you a happy Valentine’s Day for a reason, and you have every right to know that.
    • Chances are there that he will not tell you how he feels easily or at the beginning. You will have to extract the truth from him with the use of clever words.
    • Ask him if he likes you directly at first. It would be great if he replied. However, if he does not, you will have to frame your question in a different way. Do not do it right after the first one. Wait for a day or two before asking the next question.
    • Ask him why did he wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. You can even tell what it made you feel. Do not be scared of speaking about your feelings. You will not be making a fool of yourself.
    • If he tries to make fun of you for harboring feelings for him or thinking that he likes you, come up with a quick reply like, “It is juvenile of you to make fun of this. Do not act like a five-year-old kid.” A stern reply like this will put him in his place.
  1. Block him immediately: Block him if he tries to disturb you even after you have rejected his advances. You can also block him immediately if you find him creepy after the first few texts.
    • Creepy guys can be found all over social media. They make the internet a bit unsafe for women. If you suspect him of being creepy after a few texts, get rid of him by blocking him instantly.
    • You can also block him if his social media profile seems fake. People with fake profiles often have questionable intent and can be more harmful than you think.
    • You can also block him if he keeps disturbing you, knowing that you are not interested in him. He texted you a happy Valentine’s Day, and you texted him back just to be polite. He should have realized you were not interested after a few texts. But he chose to disturb you with incessant text messages and a few phone calls. Block him from all social media platforms and block his calls too.


A few things to remember:

  • He likes you and wants to be in a relationship with you. He thinks you are the perfect one for him.
  • You can wish him back and tell him how you feel. You can also ask if he likes you. That would make things easier for both of you.
  • He does not understand consent, and that can turn out to be a problem if you go through with this relationship.
  • He wants to get intimate with you. That is why he texted you on the most romantic day of the year. He hopes you will not refuse.
  • He probably wants to be friends with benefits with no strings attached. He wants this relationship to be strictly physical. He wants you to acquire no romantic feelings for him.
  • Be honest when he asks you about your likes and dislikes. You want him to be honest as well. A relationship should always be based on honesty.
  • You can ghost him if you do not like his presence in your life. If asking him to stay away repeatedly has failed, there is no way other than ghosting or blocking him right away.
  • Put him in his place if he tries to make fun of you or your feelings for him. Call him out for acting like a school bully. Tell him that making fun of people’s feelings is sick and is not something a responsible and respectable adult would do.

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