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Do Guys Get Attached After Cuddling?

Feature Image of Do Guys Get Attached After CuddlingGuys can get attached to you after cuddling. Some find comfort in cuddling, while for others, it is all about intimacy. Cuddling reduces the physical distance between two people to a great extent, and it takes a strong mind to refrain from wanting more out of the newfound closeness.

In this article, I will help you get to the root of this topic by discussing the reasons that make a guy get attached to someone after cuddling. I will talk about the times you can lead them into cuddling. Along with that, this article also mentions why cuddling someone you have not started dating is a bad idea and what to do once you have done it. Read on.

Reasons why guys get attached after cuddling

  1. Cuddling brings your bodies closer: Well, cuddling brings two bodies closer. A guy might get attached to you after cuddling because of the connection they just discovered.
    • You don’t cuddle everyone. You only cuddle those people who are already pretty close to you.
    • In this case, you knew the guy well before you cuddled him. He knows you too. You two already have a few things in common.
    • However, he can get attached to you after cuddling, as the act requires you to be a lot closer to him physically.
    • The closeness has made him discover a new sort of connection between you two. He is starting to look at you in a new way.
    • The closeness of your bodies brought your minds closer too. It is not unnatural for him to start liking you in a romantic way after this. It is not unnatural for him to get attached to you.
  1. It makes them feel things: The closeness of two bodies makes them feel things they have never felt about you. Cuddling is cute, and it brings you closer to someone in ways you can’t imagine.
    • Cuddling is never part of anyone’s plan. It happens suddenly. A sudden closeness makes him feel things he has never felt before.
    • Guys can get attached after cuddling as the closeness makes them think about you. You guys may not be dating, but that doesn’t stop him from having romantic thoughts.
    • Cuddling offers physical closeness without sexual undertones. It is a way to show how a person cares for someone they love.
    • That is why he can get closer after cuddling. Cuddling makes him think about the possibility of falling in love with you. It makes him feel things he can’t explain.
  1. It spurs their emotional side: Being a non-sexual way to attain physical closeness, cuddling deals with emotions. It spurs the emotional side of a guy and makes him realize how precious these little moments are.
    • Remember that episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where Rachel decided to watch the horror film Cujo for the first time and got scared too soon? Joey, who was in love with Rachel at that time, came to her rescue and cuddled her to make her feel safe. This was the same Joey who often conveniently forgot to call women after sleeping with them.
    • Cuddling brings out the emotional side in guys. Thanks to years of patriarchal conditioning, guys are often made to grow up with the idea that they should never show their emotions. It creates more problems than we can think of.
    • However, cuddles can attempt to break the ice as it brings him closer to a loved one in a platonic way.
    • However, the physical closeness during cuddling can sometimes lead to more, depending on the situation and the relationship.
  1. It gives them comfort: Cuddling someone induces a sense of comfort in most guys. In most cases, this comfort isn’t something they were looking for. It is more of a pleasant surprise for them.
    • Most conventional guys tend to believe that they can control their emotions. They often try too hard to be tough. But gestures like cuddling can melt the shell of patriarchal standards that guard their heart.
    • Cuddling gives them comfort. It makes them see that closeness doesn’t always have to be sexual. The comfort makes them appreciate the little things in relationships, and that makes them feel things about the one they are cuddling with.
    • The comfort was not what they were looking for. Cuddling offers a connection that (at times) can be stronger than quick sexual escapades.
    • They discover a new kind of attachment with the person they are cuddling with. The act is already a result of knowing each other better than most people. Cuddling will ensure a special connection, a certain bond between you guys.
    • Some people cuddle with the sole intention of getting close in order to sleep with someone. Even then, the closeness and the incredible comfort would make them feel differently for a while.
  1. It gives them hope: Guys get attached after cuddling because it often gives them hope. They hope to have a lasting relationship with the one they have cuddled with.
    • Cuddling ensures closeness. It brings two bodies closer without a certain sexual intent. It gives a guy the hope of a romantic relationship.
    • Even though it is not sexual, cuddling involves the touching of two bodies. A guy could get attached to you as they might have hopes about taking the relationship to the next level.
    • If you guys have been cuddling for some time now, and he seems too clingy, be sure about the fact that he has fallen for you. He hopes to have appropriate reciprocation and recognition of his feelings for you.
    • The hope can be tricky too. It can make him think he is entitled to get into a relationship with you (or worse, he is entitled to sleep with you).
  1. It makes them feel secure: Cuddles make a guy feel secure around you. After cuddling, he might believe his vulnerabilities are safe with you, and that brings in the attachment.
    • Everyone is a little vulnerable in their own way. Most people won’t show that. They don’t want the world to know about their insecurities.
    • Most of them have that one space of comfort where they can be vulnerable. They can safely be their true selves in that space.
    • After the cuddle incident, you have turned into his safe space. He seems more attached to you because he loves the newfound closeness.
    • The closeness makes him feel secure as he believes his secrets and vulnerabilities are going to be safe with you. He trusts you.

Times you should lead them into cuddling

  1. When you want him to fall for you: You can lead him into cuddling when you want him to fall for you. Cuddling can be a great non-sexual way of saying that you like someone.
    • You like him, and you want him in your life. But he is not getting the hints. You can lead him into cuddling. However, you have to be the one to initiate it.
    • Cuddling has its limitations. You can go on to cuddle a person you barely know. That can be foolish or dangerous. Cuddling only works when you have known the guy for some time.
    • You like him, and you know that he likes you. He isn’t aware of his feelings for you, and that’s why nothing significant ever happens between you two. In a situation like this, a few harmless hours of cuddling can help melt the ice.
    • Cuddling can make him feel things even if he is not that into you. The closeness will bring in a stream of new feelings.
  1. When you have feelings for them: Cuddling is a great way to show someone how you feel. It shows affection and longing for a person. The added advantage is the closeness.
    • You have feelings for him, and you want him to know. Cuddling is a great way to do that. It is less awkward than an unexpected kiss, and it speaks more than words.
    • However, you can’t just cuddle someone you like out of the blue. You will have to create an environment for the act to happen.
    • Cuddling is like a prolonged hug that conveys thoughts that you can speak out. Your feelings for him might get a shape through cuddling.
  1. When you just want intimacy with no strings attached: Cuddling can offer intimacy without commitment. You don’t have to be in a serious relationship to cuddle.
    • You just want intimacy without all the emotional drama that comes with you. Cuddling could be perfect for you in a situation like this. It can bring you closer to a person without falling for them.
    • Cuddling can be great when you want to feel the warmth of another human body near yours for a longer time period. Cuddling is like a prolonged hug.
    • With no strings attached, cuddling can be a great stress buster. It calms you down and makes you experience intimacy without the headache of an impending sexual obligation.
  1. When you want them to comfort you: Cuddling is a great way to comfort an upset person. You might want him to cuddle when you are feeling low.
    • You are upset, and you need someone to make you feel better. A hug does the job, but cuddles do it better. Cuddling can calm you down.
    • You can lead him into cuddling by dropping hints when you feel upset. Do the following if you need to cuddle:
      • Hug him (but of course with consent).
      • Try to extend the hug into a long embrace.
      • By now you will know whether he wants to cuddle or not.
      • If he is into it, find a cozy spot to cuddle in.
      • You can order food (cuddles and comfort food can cheer you up).
      • Put on F.R.I.E.N.D.S or any other sitcom you want (watch things that make you happy).
  1. When you want to begin a romantic relationship: Most romantic relationships begin with physical touch. Cuddling brings two bodies closer. You might want to cuddle if you wish to be in a relationship with him.
    • Start with cuddling if you want a romantic relationship. Cuddling reduces the physical distance between two bodies to a great extent.
    • The intimacy that comes with cuddling can spur romantic sparks. The closeness will make the guy feel things that he wouldn’t have felt from a distance.
    • Cuddling is a great way to initiate romance when you have known the guy for a while. It can be a great way to profess your feelings to them.
    • Sometimes, we get romantic feelings for our best friends. If that’s the case with you, tell them how you feel while cuddling.
    • Lead him into cuddling in situations like this when you have to speak out your heart. Who knows, they might end up getting attached to you.
  1. When you feel scared or lonely: Loneliness calls for intimacy. When lonely, you might want someone to be there for you. What’s better than cuddling?
    • Loneliness can be scary. Cuddles are the best way to go when you are scared of being alone. Lead him in cuddling if you badly need human contact.
    • Loneliness can be environmental or psychological. Both are devastating. Loneliness makes you crave the company of a person. Cuddling someone you know or like (with consent) can attempt to drive away your loneliness.
    • Being scared is okay. But a scared person often needs someone to look out for them. If you are the scared one, cuddling can make you feel safe.

Reasons why it is a bad idea

  1. It ignites mutual romantic feelings: Cuddling can ignite mutual romantic feelings even if you don’t want it. Whatever relationship you have with this guy might take a different turn while or after you have cuddled with him.
    • As we have discussed earlier, cuddling can spur romantic feelings. It can make you or your cuddle buddy look differently at each other, even if you guys don’t intend to.
    • You need to be careful about this. If you just want a cuddle and nothing else, be clear about that in your mind. Confusion about what you want out of these thirty minutes of closeness can complicate things and lead the situation to bitterness.
    • It’s not that romance is forbidden between cuddle buddies, but you guys need to tread lightly on this path. The intimacy offered by cuddling can turn into a kiss quicker than you think.
  1. It can get uncomfortable: Cuddling ensures physical intimacy, and that can turn uncomfortable in some cases, especially when people are not that into each other.
    • Cuddling can turn uncomfortable when you initially have no romantic feelings for each other. The closeness makes you feel differently, and that turns uncomfortable when you guys are not on the same page.
    • If he gets too attached to you after cuddling, it can be a problem for you. He likes you, no,w but you might not like him. You have no obligation to do that. But such one-sided affection can bring unnecessary toxicity in a relationship.
    • Similarly, if you get too attached to a person who is not that into you after thirty minutes of cuddling, it can be a problem for both.
  1. It can lead to “more”: It can lead to “more” even if you don’t intend for it to happen. The closeness brings in thoughts that never came to your mind before. He might get attached to you.
    • The closeness that comes with cuddling is a physical one. Physical closeness ensures the touching of two bodies. People cuddle in small spaces like couches and beds. It’s a cozy thing.
    • However, this coziness can turn sensual when the ones cuddling decide to take it to the next level. It starts with harmless thoughts like:
      • “Let’s get a bit closer.”
      • “His perfume smells nice.”
      • “What if we kiss? Will it be too bad?”
      • “Nobody would know if we start making out.”
      • “We don’t have to get serious. We can be friends with benefits.”
      • “Let’s make out and pretend as if nothing happened.”
    • Also, putting on a romantic movie while you are cuddling with a person you are not dating is a definite way to invite trouble, as it gives out all kinds of romantic signals.
  1. It can get awkward: Things can turn awkward while cuddling, even if you like each other. There is a big difference between liking someone from a distance and getting physically intimate with them.
    • He likes you but has no idea about what it is like to be with you physically. A cuddle might bring him closer, but it might also make him see the truth he never wanted.
    • Things can take an awkward turn if you guys are physically incompatible. You might not want to be with him after the first cuddling session, and that truth can lead to heartbreak.
    • It’s better to know the guy better before you decide to cuddle. It is a form of physical intimacy that should happen with someone you know and trust.
  1. It can spur one-sided feelings: Not getting reciprocated when you have feelings for someone is the worst. Isn’t it? Cuddling can lead to that disappointment by spurring one-sided feelings.
    • Cuddling brings you closer to another human being. The closeness is often misinterpreted as a romantic signal.
    • Cuddling doesn’t ensure a relationship. A guy can get attached to you, thinking he deserves to date you because he came closer to you for a few hours.
    • It can spur one-sided feelings which only brings toxicity to existing relationships. These misunderstandings can ruin a relationship at the root.
  1. It might make you overthink: The intimacy that comes with cuddling can make you overthink unnecessarily. People often turn too conscious about themselves while cuddling.
    • Overthinking can ruin relationships and wreak havoc in your mind. An intimate act like cuddling can lead a conscious person to overthink and ruin the moment.
    • People mostly overthink about embarrassment. Here are a few thoughts that can come to an overthinking mind:
      • “Do I smell good?”
      • “Am I looking good?”
      • “Do they like me?”
      • “How long should we cuddle?”
      • “Do we get to kiss now?”
      • “What if I burp now?”

What to do after you have done it?

  1. Try not to overthink: Try not to overthink the cuddling incident. It will only complicate matters.
    • Overthinking can lead to misunderstandings as people often tend to build castles in the air.
    • If he seems too attached to you, handle the situation carefully and keep yourself calm.
  1. Have a conversation about whether you like each other or not: This is the most important conversation. A relationship cannot function on guesswork. You guys need to know if you like each other or not.
    • Talk to him about what just happened and how he felt about it. Ask him if it had made him feel uncomfortable or happy.
    • You need to check if you guys are on the same page or not. Thinking alike is necessary for situations like this.
    • If you have feelings for him, this is the time to tell. However, if you don’t have romantic feelings, let him know about that too.
    • Conversations can solve the biggest confusion. If he feels attached to you, make a safe space for him to talk about that.
  1. Act as if nothing happened: Avoid thinking about it and act as if nothing happened. In some situations, denial is the best way to go.
    • You cuddled with a guy, and now he is acting all weird. He is getting attached to you in a romantic way. That might be a problem if you wanted the cuddle to be a casual one.
    • You needed someone to comfort you. That never ensured your position in his life as his lover. If he is too persistent about getting into a relationship that you don’t want, blatant denial is the best way to go.
    • Cut him off of your life and try not to think about him. It will be difficult at first, but you will get the hang of it with time.


Here are a few things to remember:

  • Guys can get attached to you after cuddling.
  • Cuddling is nothing but a non-sexual form of intimacy. However, one needs to respect the thin boundary of advisable conduct to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Consent is important when you want to cuddle someone.
  • You should cuddle a person you have known for a while to avoid awkwardness.

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