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Ghosted but Not Blocked: Here's Why!

Feature Image of Ghosted but Not BlockedThey ghosted you but did not block you because they are still curious about your life. They did it because they found flaws in you, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from peeping into your life. They watch all your stories and occasionally check out if you are online.

This article will help you understand the mind of a person who has ghosted you but has not blocked you yet. Let’s go through the reasons for such behavior along with ways to deal with it. Read on.

Reasons why you have been ghosted and not blocked

  1. They are still interested in you: They ghosted but never blocked you, probably because they are still interested in you. If you guys have already been in a relationship before, they did this because they are not over you yet.
    • Ghosting happens when two people stop being on the same page. Something similar probably happened to you guys too. Not being on the same page does not necessarily make someone lose interest.
    • They have not blocked you yet because they are still interested in you. They were always interested in you, even when they were ghosting you. They are just rude.
    • Ghosting can occur when two people (in a relationship) break up. It happens especially when one of the two is more functional in initiating the breakup.
    • A breakup doesn’t always mean they will be able to get over the relationship. They have ghosted you but not blocked you yet because they are still not over you.
    • They like you subconsciously. Otherwise, they would have moved on after blocking you from all places that might have helped you contact them.
  1. They are stalking you: They have not blocked you even after ghosting you for a while because they are stalking you. That shows they are subconsciously interested in you.
    • Their keen interest in your life clearly shows in their activities. They have not blocked you yet, even after ghosting you for so long. They want to be a silent part of your life stealthily. They are stalking you.
    • Stalking is not something to be proud of. It is a trigger word for many due to obvious reasons. Stalking can mess up someone’s mental health permanently.
    • Take the protagonist of the hit Netflix series You as an example. Joe Goldberg is a classic example of what stalking can do to the mind of the perpetrator and how it affects the mind of the one being stalked in an even worse way.
    • The one who has ghosted you but not blocked you yet is definitely interested in you and is influencing your life in more ways than you know. The issue that brought you here is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to this problem.
    • Always assume the worst in cases like this. They are not just stalking you through your social media posts and stories. They are probably stalking you in person. The ghosting part is to keep you from uncovering the truth.
    • You are seeing what they want to see in this scenario. The stalker is trying to convince you that they are not interested in you anymore when the truth is exactly the opposite.
    • They probably have a god complex that makes them think they can control your life in any way they want. They used to talk to you, and one day, suddenly, they stopped doing that. They stopped replying to your texts and ditched your calls but never blocked you. They watch all your stories (that is apparent because their name appears) and probably view all your posts on social media. You need to keep yourself safe from this person.
  1. They completely forgot about you: They forgot about you after ghosting you. That’s why they never blocked you. You do not matter to them.
    • They ghosted you because they lost interest in you, and a while after that, they completely forgot about you. You were so forgotten that they did not even remember to block you on the social media apps.
    • Forgetting about someone is one of the worst ways to deal with them. They might not be interested in you, but they went a bit too far with this.
    • Not blocking you on social media sends you mixed signals about the status of the relationship. Even though they ghosted you, not getting blocked by them will inculcate hope in your heart.
    • They are basically letting you harbor hope for nothing. They will never recall you or try to contact you, and you will never know about that because without being blocked (you think), there is still a distant chance of them getting back to you.
    • The saddest part in this situation is that they probably have moved on and would not even recognize you after a while. You are lost in their inbox as a forgettable chat that they are never going to revisit again.
  1. They want you to notice: Ghosting and not blocking you is their twisted way of making you notice them. They want to be a mystery in your eyes.
    • Everyone wants to be a bit different than others. The person who ghosted but never blocked you wants to make a distinct mark on your mind by doing something that they think is unique. What they are doing is unique, though, in an awfully twisted way.
    • They desire to be an enigma who intrigues you. The personality they are putting up for display is the one in which they are extremely fickle-minded.
    • They want you to think of them as someone who does not care about what people think. They want you to think they are above the judgemental eyes of society, and they do what they please.
    • They ghosted you but never blocked you because they want you to notice their personality. Things that are different often catch out gaze. That is what they want to do. They want to catch your gaze. They want to arrest your attention so that they can make their move.
    • However, twisted ways to get someone interested do not always work because people like mystery only up to a certain level. There is a thing called too much weirdness, and the person we are talking about crossed that limit when they ghosted you. They are probably just a sad loner who wants your attention.
  1. They are trying to disturb you: You are thinking about them, right? That is why you are looking for answers here in this article. That is what they wanted, and they seem to have succeeded.
    • They want to live in your mind as a constant source of disturbance. They are a headache that never seems to go away.
    • They ghosted but never blocked you. This makes you think about the state of your relationship with them all the time.
    • On introspection, you will be surprised to find how much time you spend thinking about them. This might happen, especially if you had a crush on them from the beginning.
    • They are acting like this, probably because they know that you had a crush on them. They want to have fun with your feelings. They want you to have false hope.
    • Their twisted mind finds pleasure in disturbing and tormenting you. This way, they can have you hanging in the relationship limbo, waiting forever for them you start dating you.
    • They feel nothing about you. They do not have affection, and they do not even have empathy. All they want is a sick kind of fun that makes you feel miserable and messes up your mental health.
    • If you allow them to continue like this, they will probably turn into a hefty therapy bill for you for the next two decades of your life. So, be careful and stay safe from them.
  1. They are trying to keep you as an option: They have still not blocked you because they want to keep you as an option in case their current relationship fails.
    • They are already in a relationship. They still have not blocked you because they want you to spare in case their relationship fails.
    • This kind of entitled behavior stems from extreme selfishness. The person you are so concerned about is a selfish individual who thinks it is okay to treat you like a spare tire at the back of a car.
    • Moreover, they do not even trust the relationship they are currently in. Obviously, they ghosted you before starting this relationship or while being in it. They sort of pressed a pause button on you and believed that you would come back once they chose to unpause you.
    • They have superficial feelings for you and probably even for the person they are presently dating. They get into relationships only for money and good looks.
    • However, in all this entitlement, they surprisingly have the sense that blocking you would seal you shut from their life forever. They are keeping the door ajar by not blocking you.
    • They think you will be happy to be a part of their life finally when your turn comes. The false sense of superiority makes them think like this.
  1. They are scared to talk to you: They ghosted you and realized their mistake. They want to start talking again but can’t figure out a way to start. That is why they have not blocked you yet. They are scared of your reaction.
    • They realized what a mess they had made after ghosting you for a while. Now that they want you back, they don’t have the courage to face you. They know you are mad at them.
    • They have not blocked you yet because they want to start talking again. They like you (now even more than they used to when they ghosted you).
    • They are scared of your reaction because you are mad at them for abandoning you for so long. They want to apologize for their unreasonable behavior.
    • They also harbor a little hope of dating you in the near future. They want to do it right this time without rash decisions and resultant mistakes. They think they deserve a second chance.

How to deal with the situation?

  1. Reach out and ask them why they are doing this: Be the first one to break the silence. Ask them why they are ghosting but not blocking you.
    • This is the best way to resolve things. Reach out to them and try to have a mature conversation about the situation.
    • Ask them why they are not blocking you. You need to know what it means. It is clearly sending you all these mixed signals, which are bad for your mental health.
    • Say that you need to put your mind at ease. Ask them what made them ghost you in the first place. They might not reply at first but keep pestering them until they do.
    • Ask them if they still like you. People in love often act weird. They are ghosting you probably because they want you to go to them.
    • Talk to them about what you want. Listen to their needs whenever they decide to talk to you. You can only try to make things normal between you two. The rest is in their hands.
    • You can ask them to give you clear answers about where they stand relationship-wise. They need to assign a position for you in their life until they cut you off completely.
    • Tell them you are not their puppet, and ask them how they feel after making you feel like trash. They were ghosting you probably because you guys were not on the same page, but that does not give them the right to be so insensitive.
    • They are literally letting you hang between their indecision and urge to keep tabs on you. You need to break free, and for that, you need to have one of the most difficult conversations of your life. Now is the time.
  1. Do not ever respond if this person contacts you: Do not respond if this person ever contacts you. They are not worth your time and effort.
    • They insulted your existence by ghosting you out of their life. They have still not blocked you, though. But that does not redeem them from what they have done.
    • Chances are there that they might attempt to contact you again. When they do that, do not respond. They do not deserve you in their life.
    • They ghosted you then, so you will ghost them now. Make them feel how they made you feel. Do not harbor the idea of going back to them.
    • If you decide to reconcile, they will probably ghost you again after some time. They do not care about how you feel.
    • They might try to contact you with selfish intentions that can range from getting you into their bed (to fulfill their carnal desires) to using you for favors (like borrowing money, your car, or your gadgets).
    • You should never allow them to be a part of your life again because people like these are like parasites who only appear in your life when they need something from you.
    • For example, if you let them borrow your money, they will ghost you when you ask them to give it back. They will pretend like it does not exist. On the contrary, they will never help you out when you seek their help for something. It is best to stay away from people like this. It keeps your mind healthy.
  1. Block them and move on: They ghosted you but will never block you so that they can stalk you at will. Step up to block them and move on.
    • Stalkers should always be kept at bay. They are going to stalk you as long as they want to until you do something about it. You can’t let them invade your privacy at will.
    • Block them from all your social media accounts to keep them out of your life. They do not deserve to be a witness to everything you do.
    • How to know they are stalking you? Look for signs like their name in the list of viewers under your stories. If they are consistent there even after ghosting you, you have earned yourself a stalker.
    • Check for the occasional like from them on your Facebook or Instagram posts. That must be a mistaken reaction from them while stealthily checking out your profile.
    • They want to spy on you from the shadows. Don’t let them have the pleasure of doing so. People like them can be extremely dangerous. You need to keep yourself safe.
    • You can try discussing this person with a close friend. I would recommend that because I think someone should know what you are facing, especially if you a dealing with a potential stalker.
    • You can talk about the situation even with your therapist (if you have one). They will help you with expert guidance that comes from years of experience.
    • Talk to your parents if you want. They care about you the most and will understand your plight without judgment. They, too, have years of life experience which will help them give you the right advice. They will protect you no matter what.
    • Try to move on from this chapter of your life. Find someone who is safe and perfect for you. Forget that someone like this ever existed in your life. You deserve better.
  1. Ask them to stop making you feel uncomfortable: They are hanging you in the middle of a complicated situation. That is supposed to be uncomfortable for you. Ask them to stop making you feel uncomfortable. Ask for closure.
    • Ask them to stop making you feel uncomfortable by hanging you in the middle of a complicated situation. You deserve peace. Reach out to them and tell them to stay away from you.
    • You can ask them for closure. You need that to move on with your life, especially if you once had a crush on them. You need them to confirm that no relationship can ever be there between you two.
    • They ghosted you. That means they talked to you for a while before they did that. You were habituated to conversations with them, but that stopped abruptly.
    • Also, they did not block you after that. Waiting indefinitely for uncertain things makes your stomach churn. A no-contact situation is extremely uncomfortable for you, and you need to let them know about this.
    • They probably have no idea that they are making you feel uncomfortable with their abrupt silence and radio silence. They might give you closure when you ask for it.
    • However, if they are stalking you, your approach should be a bit different. You do not have to talk to them for closure. Flush them out of your life instead.


A few things to remember:

  • They have not moved on yet, but they are still trying to stay away from you.
  • Be strict when you are dealing with potential stalkers.
  • They did not bother to reply when they were ghosting you. You do not have any responsibility to reply to their texts or take their calls when they try to contact you.
  • They just want favors from you. That is probably why they have contacted you now. This is a textbook example of toxic behavior. Do not help them in any way. They will vanish in thin air once their job is done.
  • They are still interested in you but do not have the courage to face you after the ghosting episode. They are ashamed of what they did.
  • They are not worthy of your time and effort. Say au revoir to them and move on. You deserve way better than them. You are yet to meet the [person of your dreams.
  • Stop yourself from pining over them all the time. You can use the help of your near and dear ones.

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