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When a Guy Stares at Your Legs (What Does It Mean & What to Do)

Feature Image of When a Guy Stares at Your LegsThe guy is checking you out. He finds you hot and perhaps fantasizes about you at the back of his mind. If you find him hot, too, give him a green signal to help him approach you. 

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out why a guy stares at your legs and what you can do about it. 

Reasons why a guy stares at your legs

  1. You are hot: When your legs are s*xy, the guy will promptly be attracted to it. Maintaining a hot and attractive figure is not easy. When you do it, you get the attention of not just one guy but most of the guys.
    • When a girl is hot, it doesn’t matter whether the guy is committed. He will check her out. It gives them a supreme level of satisfaction to watch a girl's legs, see them walking, and dream about them with open eyes.
    • Guys love to open their mouths at the sight of a woman. Even if the girl is committed, they will try to chase her. Even being in their company gives them a different sort of pleasure. 
  1. You are showing off your leg: If you are wearing a pair of stockings with a mini skirt, it is clear that you are trying to show off your leg. The guy might have found your legs appealing and thus stared at them.
    • If you have a birthmark on your leg, it might arrest all the attention of the guy. If the place is such that it allows him the leisure to stare at it, he will register its movement and texture.
    • It also depends on what kind of legs you have. If your legs are long, or if you wear silhouettes that make them look all the more attractive, he will look at it.
    • A woman has always been the subject of male gaze theory. A man has mostly proved to fail in looking at a woman overall and accepting her for what she is. They look at different body parts of the woman and develop a fetish for the same. The guy looking at your leg might be perverse at the back of his brain and is toying with you as his playmate.
  1. He is horny: This might have to do with what the guy’s mental state is at the given point in time. If he is high and dry in a strip club, where most of the women around him are n*de, it is a good thing that he is focusing on the legs of only one woman.
    • Strip tease is so common these days. Most of the men are on the watch out for it. When they see women wearing short dresses, their imaginations take a toll on them. 
    • If the guy is trying to approach you, or his looks are freaking you out, he is horny. If he gets a chance, he will ask you to dance with him and might touch you inappropriately. Hence, if you are uncomfortable around him, you better be on your guard.
  1. He wants to ask you out: There is a possibility that the guy is not looking at your legs deliberately. His eyes are downcast because, at the back of his mind, he is trying to gather the courage to ask you out.
    • Guys can be shy too. A guy looking at your leg doesn’t mean he is checking you out unless his eyes roll up from your legs to intimate parts of your body.
    • Downcast eyes would generally mean either the person is shy, deeply absorbed in thoughts, or merely hesitant. 
    • You can test this by shifting your position. If his eyes follow your movements, he has been focusing on you. If it stays in the same place, then you weren’t the objective of his thought.
    • Remember, staring and checking out have different connotations. The former can imply many things. The latter, however, implies a deep interest seated in you. 
  1. He regrets having a girlfriend: If you are a charmer, or you have given the impression that you would have made him lucky that night, but he doesn’t leave his spot, and rather than making a move, he merely stares at your legs, it indicates that he is committed.
    • When a guy is merely staring at your legs but doesn’t make a move toward you, something is keeping him from doing so. The idea that that something is his girlfriend is highly appropriate. 
    • The guy might be wondering about the wonders of your legs and thinking about convincing his girlfriend to tone her legs as well. Such is the faithful lot. They tend to take inspiration from things that attract them rather than getting lulled and losing their conscience.
  1. He is a playboy: If the guy is a playboy, he will hit you the moment he gets an opportunity. The only reason why he isn’t is the setting. If you are in a place that is surrounded by a decent public, it will not be possible for him to approach you.
    • While a playboy doesn’t care for the situation much, he will always be careful in his moves. He will ensure that his moves make the strike. 
    • He will deliberately stare at your legs so that you become inquisitive and ask him what he is thinking. As soon as he gets the opportunity, he will make a striking flirtatious remark that will make you feel that he has known you for ages and that you are made for one another.
    • However, be careful and never trust the first instinct in such cases. Take your time, and exercise with prudence. It is easy to fool a person once and difficult to do twice.

What to do when a guy stares at your legs?

If you like the guy, you must make it obvious to him that you don't mind him having a look. If you don't like him, make it clear that his male gaze makes you uncomfortable. 

Read below to find out how to give an appropriate gesture per your situation.

If you like him

  1. Give him a pass: Show the guy you are interested in making a move. The best thing to do here would be to check him out with an insistence.
    • There is nothing sexier than flirting at the same level with someone. Making them feel wanted as much as they make you is the best reward you can give to that person.
    • To appreciate them for who they are, what they represent, how they make you feel, and why you would be earnest to give them a specifically special spot in your life is as wholesome as it can get. 
    • The act of giving the green signal could either be prompt or thoughtful. In the former, it is delivered immediately. In the latter, you take your time to plan out how to woo him romantically.
  1. Approach him: When someone is checking you out from a distance, and you approach that person or walk towards him, he would be amazed.
    • Walking towards someone is as good as walking away is devastating. It is a healthy start to something that carries potential. You do it only when you are confident about what you are doing. 
    • You will earn the leverage here. When the guy approaches you, he tends to have the upper hand concerning the sequence and order of things. However, when you reciprocate the gesture with eagerness, you earn prompt respect, enabling you to take the lead easily. 
  1. Cross your legs to give him a good view: When you are enjoying the looks you are getting from an attractive fellow or your crush, why not elate and prolong the moment by giving him a better look at whatever he seems interested in?
    • What could be better than when you are checking out a person and you get a sharper and closer view of the same? You will be so much in awe that your jaw might drop open. 
    • That is how you control someone by getting intimate from a distance. You make things exciting and encourage them to get closer to you passionately.  It creates a special spot for them immediately in your life, and they are certain to appreciate it.
  1. Walk for him: To walk for someone, sliding your hips is as hot as Rachel describes it in FRIENDS. Meet his eye to indicate you are deliberately doing it for him, and then walk either towards a cozy spot or to the restroom to invite him to join you.
    • It is one of those moves that never fails. The delight is price guaranteed. You will be appreciated. It is also one of the moves that make the jaw drops. It gets better when the person knows it is done for their sake.
    • You might use some practice here. The walk has to be seducing. It has to be like a ramp walk. If you bend slightly at the end of it, you close it with the mark. 
  1. Give your number: If you aren’t that good at flirting or any of the above recommendations don’t suit you, but you are interested in him, and you don’t want the opportunity to get wasted, offer him your number.
    • There is no harm in making it as direct as that. Send him your number written with your lipstick on tissue paper, along with a glass of scotch. It is a cliche for a reason. It never fails to please. 
    • The chances are you would get an instant text from his side. Hence, you must be well prepared to make a move right. Your reply should be flirtatious and outright, with a ring of humor to save you from embarrassment if he fails to match the vibe.
  1. Give a cozy smile: A smile can take one a long way. Most relationships initiate with the warmth radiating from a smile. It never fails to delight. When you smile at someone, you make them comfortable.
    • Smiles are the coziest form of expression. It radiates warmth and energy. When you smile at someone, you extend the invitation to vibe. A smile is embedded in optimism, and it is powerful.
    • Don’t over-smile or be too wide about it. Overfriendliness is not the right way to begin a relationship. All you intend to do is send an affectionate impulse to stimulate interest.

If you don't like him

  1. Cover your legs: When you don’t like someone, and they bother you, you stay distant from them. Similarly, when you don’t like someone, and they eye you, you must cover your body.
    • If an unwanted person is checking out your legs, you can’t just shut their eyes. What you can do, however, is cover your legs. Why allow a person to stare at you when you don’t want them to? 
    • We like to dress fancy in the name of various claims, such as living in a free country. What we fail to understand is how important it is to dress according to the occasion and the people crowding around the occasion. 
    • Clothing need not always be about how you look. It should be about how it makes you feel. You don’t have to prove your worth to anyone by dressing in a particular way. 
    • You should be at ease in your clothes. After all, that’s the luxury of wearing unborrowed garments. It should not make you feel out of place.
  1. Give him an annoying look: Show the guy that he is annoying by giving you strange looks. There is nothing to hide the embarrassment when someone stares at you and makes you uncomfortable.
    • Your face must reflect your annoyance. There is no reason to hide what makes you uncomfortable. A person has no right to look at you weirdly. 
    • If you feel that the person might be doing it unconsciously, it would be wise to stop looking at him altogether. 
  1. Block him on social media: If the guy has been trying to hit on you and sending you follow requests, you should block and report his account immediately.
    • We cannot assure what goes on people's minds. When someone bothers us unnecessarily, we must block the person out of our life. 
    • Blocking makes the point clear without the need to speak it out loud. Your card will be played. If the person still chooses to ignore it, you will have to be more direct in your approach.
  1. Confront him: Confronting the guy can help you a great deal. Just go and ask him o his face what his problem is. He will have to make a reply or apologize.
    • Sometimes the only way out of an embarrassing situation is to embarrass the other person. They must know how it feels to be in your socks. Let it stink, and let them sink. 
    • Confrontation is harmless. Don't let it take a toll on you. You intend to resolve the matter, and clear misunderstanding of there might be one.
  1. Hold your boyfriend's hand: Show the guy his place by posting with your boyfriend before him. A guy might try to humiliate a girl, but he would think twice before doing it before her boyfriend.
    • Guys have a bro code. They won't embarrass their s*x easily. The guy will stop pursuing you when he watches you with another. 
    • In case you are happily single, there's no harm in taking your friend's help in giving a false impression to the guy. It will stop him from pursuing you, and your problem will be resolved easily.
  1. Avoid him: When nothing else works, play the card of avoidance. When they feel their efforts are going unappreciated, you will notice hiccups in their approach to you.
    • There is no destruction ignorance cannot bring about. If you want to destroy a relationship, you start ignoring them and making them feel that you have taken them for granted. 
    • When they see that they fail to create the desired effect upon you, they will eventually give up unless their life runs on the art of perseverance. If they are Dwight Schrute from Office, they won't stop putting in effort and showing up whenever needed.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • When a guy stares at your legs, try staring back at their d*ck. The way you do it will vary with your interest or the lack of it. 
  • Communication is the key to resolving issues. When something is stirring your curiosity, or making you uncomfortable, talk to the person about it.
  • Remember, all kinds of people inhabit the world, and not every time deserves your attention or respect. Sometimes, letting it be and letting go brings the best outcome. 
  • Never hesitate to ask for help. If something is bothering you, and you have friends around, approach them with your concern. 

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