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If He Compliments Your Intelligence (Why & What to Do)

Feature Image of If He Compliments Your IntelligenceSome guys would do anything to get into a girl's pants. If they find that the girl is sharp, they will complement your intelligence. 

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out why a guy compliments your intelligence and what you should do about it.

Reasons why a guy compliments your intelligence

  1. He is a nerd: The guy is a nerd and doesn't know how to compliment a girl. He might think that girls are bored of being appreciated for their beauty. Beauty is mostly gifted. Intelligence, however, must be worked hard to achieve.
    • Ask yourself this, would you mind if a guy compliments your intelligence, or would you take it as a compliment? 
    • If it's the latter, you will get well along together. Perhaps in that case, you might give him your favorite book with some side notes. It will be a romantic and witty gesture. 
    • If it's the former, do you think he doesn't mean his words? Why else would you mind it? Is a compliment indeed worth all the brain-racking?
    • Moreover, if you know he is a nerd, you should be surprised if he calls you hot or sexy. A physical attribute is least likely to come up from him.
  1. He doesn't know how to flirt: Perhaps the guy is trying to flirt, but he is clueless about going about it and fears that you might find it offensive. Hence, he is trying to play it safe with you.
    • If the guy is trying to flirt but doesn't know how to do it, and if you like him or at least find his conduct harmless, you can show him appreciation and encouragement. 
    • Remember that words, once uttered, cannot be undone. Hence, it won't do you any good to embarrass the guy. He certainly didn't have any ill intentions here. 
    • You might be seeing the beginning of a good friendship. The guy has a soft corner for you. It always does you good to keep people in your favor and be in their good books.
  1. He finds his soulmate in you: Perhaps the guy is crazy and is weaving stories of a different world in his mind for you. While it might not prove harmful for you, it might be self-annihilating for him.
    • Don't indulge someone when your intentions are not honest. You don't know what they have been through and how they are dreaming about you. 
    • Staying indifferent is better than mocking one's emotions or making their feelings public knowledge. Nothing is more depressing than getting your heart broken by the person you love.
  1. He admires you: If you won a challenge, aced a debate, or helped solve a grave problem, the guy might be in awe f you. He genuinely admires you and is using the opportunity to appreciate you.
    • People might consider you to be their idol. It might be out of your knowledge. While you might think that you were doing your job or performing your duty, your actions might have won you many hearts. 
    • When you are either the co-worker or superior to this guy, it is only natural for the guy to do so. You must take it as feedback and thank him for being so forward.
  1. He is shy: When the guy is shy, he is reluctant to express his true feelings towards you. In such a case, you must help to ease him down if you want to know what and how he feels for you truly.
    • You can detect the shyness in a guy if he gets all red when he talks to you or he is unable to meet your eyes when he talks to you. 
    • If you find the shyness adorable, tell him the same. When you are more direct and flirtatious upfront with a shy person, they will be able to perform better in amusing you.
  1. He thinks you would appreciate it: The guy is trying to impress you and gain favor. Don't be too surprised to find out that he is merely boot-licking you and doesn't quite think highly of you in any regard.
    • What is important to remember here is that it doesn't matter what such a guy thinks about you. He is shallow to the core. He has motives for which he is trying to use you. 
    • In any case, getting bootlicked feels pleasing. It satisfies your ego. However, remember not to get addicted to it. Remember, such people can get on the flipside as easily as they are on your side. 
  1. He wants to see your reaction: The guy wants to see if you give weightage to his words and how much if you do. If you like the guy, the word might be around.
    • When your crush compliments you, could you not buy it at once? He might merely be teasing you or pleasing himself. 
    • When you have a crush on someone, you are bound to act awkward around them. Suppose they do the same. They, too, like you. However, if they attempt to patronize you, be careful.
  1. He likes how you outwit him: If you were in a challenge against this guy, or you were the winning team's representative, he likes the way you won it.
    • This might not be anything personal. He is complimenting your strategies and your approach to the situation. 
    • It proceeds that you are deserving and witty. His extended motive might be to o know your trade secrets or to convince you to be on his side. 
    • Always talk less and keep it courteous with your rivals. Try not to engage with them enough to allow them to misuse you. 
  1. He is being sarcastic: The guy may be sarcastic in his remarks. He doesn't mean what he says. He is trying to patronize you.
    • This guy has to be your superior or your colleague. He is either someone who had expected better from you or someone glad you performed badly. 
    • Think of Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert from the Office in this regard. Dwight is so competitive that he would be happy to discover that Jim couldn't perform or secure a higher entitlement. 

What to do when a guy compliments your intelligence? 

Your reply should depend on whether you like or dislike the guy. If you like him, your reaction should give him a green flag, whereas if you dislike him, your reaction should help threaten him not to make such a show of liberty again.

If you like him

  1. Compliment back: When you like someone, and they compliment you, why not compliment them back out of appreciation? When a guy compliments your intelligence, you can ask how he knew you were intelligent.
    • Most of the time, people are looking for engagement in conversation. It is globally accepted that the easiest way of initiating a conversation is to compliment them. 
    • It sets a benchmark that will be appreciated by one and all. You could have been no exception unless you run by the book that if you are a fan, kindly appreciate me from a distance. 
  1. Make a sly remark: Since the guy has complimented your intelligence, you can show that you have taken it as an appreciation by making a sly remark.
    • A witty remark could refer to the guy's appearance, the way he is dressed, or the way he is trying hard to impress you. By commenting on his tone, you show your shrewdness and highlight your observation skills. 
    • A witty remark can also be made when you use metaphors in your compliments or make an allusive remark to your favorite star or literary character.
  1. Ask him out: If you understand that the guy is trying hard to flirt with you, but it's failing to hit the mark, you can be more direct in your reply when you are certain you would want to go out with him.
    • Ask him out on a date. It could be done by making an impromptu reply such as, "How about catching a cup of coffee to celebrate my intelligence?"
    • It could also be done later over a text, call, or letter. You can give him a quiz or a puzzle to solve. The answer to the quiz or the puzzle would be where you want to take him out on the date. 
    • The options for the places could be your home, rooftop, beach, favorite cafe, or perhaps a library. 
  1. Gift him a book: A book can start glorious love stories. When you gift a book to someone, and if that someone has already been charmed by your intellectual wavelength, he might consider it an honor to accept and read the book.
    • If you have been crushing on this guy for a long time, you might pick up a romantic tale such as The Notebook. These works are always classic. 
    • You can also pick up something adventurous or motivating, such as Harry Potter or Atomic Habits. Your choice of the book should reflect the message you want to convey. 
    • This gift can become more special when you personalize it with your notes or bookmarks. Design one and gift it to him. 
  1. Write him a letter: Writing letters is as old-school and romantic as possible. The choice of words, the way you decorate the letter, and the kind of paper you put to use will help you express your feelings for him.
    • You can make the letter fancy by using romantic hues and references. Moreover, you can address the guy romantically or be outright flirtatious by calling him "hot" or "sexy." 
    • You can quote excerpts from your favorite passage or music notes for the same. 
  1. Don't overreact: Handling the situation smartly can be the call of the hour here. Rather than giving an absurd overreaction to the situation, take it on lightly.
    • You can do this by not chasing the guy but by seeing where the conversation leads it. If he is strongly crushing on you, he won't stop dropping hints. 
    • While you are not to show your eagerness all at once, you must drop hints that you like him too. You can do this by not stopping his approach, exchanging numbers, and introducing him to your friend groups.
  1. Ask him if he means it: When you cannot control your excitement, that is, if you have always been looking forward to this opportunity, you can pose some direct questions.
    • Ask him if he means appreciation and what are the vast implications of it. It will give a kickstart to make it a dating scenario.
    • When you probe a question, you widen the canvas for different expressions and declarations. He might appreciate it ensures surely chuckle at it. This will help you two to initiate the dating on a friendly note.

If you don’t like him

  1. Ignore his comment: Keep a straight face and act like you never heard it or you couldn't care less.
    • It becomes important to make your ignorant game strong at times. Ignoring the comment will give you an upper hand to be a person of sound character.
    • It would imply that you don't allow the situation to narrate the events but keep a firm control over it. Rather than getting guided or misguided by the happenings, you make things happen in your life at will.
  1. Give him a plastic smile: When you don't want to engage a person, but you don't even want to come across as a rude person, passing a smile can help you a long way.
    • A smile radiates warmth and compassion. Doing it too much can come across as creepy. Doing it right will make you fly in rainbow colors or at least escape the situation gracefully.
  1. Don't engage him: Avoid the person by avoiding the places where you might have a chance to meet with him. Keeping the person at bay is the way to go.
    • If you are not a socialite, keeping people off the list will not be that difficult. You might be used to calling off on people. 
    • The guy will surely try to reach out to you on social platforms. When you don't accept their friend requests, you show them the unavailability of a room. 
  1. Meditate: When people get toxic, and life gets too much to handle, resort to meditation. It will make you a stronger person by hardening your willpower.
    • The importance of meditation cannot be underestimated. When you learn to meditate and practice it daily, no problem seems so big that it cannot be managed with firmness and determination.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A compliment is a compliment. The chances of it being ill-motivated should be less. Moreover, when practical, you can turn negative into positive when needed. 
  • If you are known for your intelligence, that is, if you have achieved a title in that platform, it shouldn't be much difficult to accept the compliment passively or merely with a smile. 
  • You need not engage much with everyone trying to draw themselves on your radar. Maintain a standard. Keep yourself aloof from the people you don't regard yours.

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