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He Cuddled With Me All Night (What Does It Mean)

Feature Image of He Cuddled With Me All NightHe cuddled with you all night because he likes you and wants to be near you. He loves how you smell. He wants you to be his partner. Cuddling is his way of showing affection. Cuddling is essentially platonic. He will probably move forward only if you want him to.

In this article, we will discuss why he cuddled with you all night and what your part is in this. You will get a peek into his mind with the help of this article. Read on.

Seven reasons why he cuddled with you all night

  1. He likes you: Cuddles signify affection in most cases. He cuddles you all night because he likes you.
    • Cuddling brings two people closer. That’s why it often signifies affection. He cuddled you all night because he likes you.
    • He wants to hold you close to his body. Cuddling lets him do that without getting sexual. But that does not mean he has no interest in getting physical with you. He is just waiting for the right opportunity and your consent.
    • He wants to get intimate with you without making you feel uncomfortable. However, that is what he thinks. You can still feel uncomfortable when he cuddles with you. His assumptions do not matter here.
    • It is true that he likes you, but he probably can’t say that to your face. Cuddling is the only way for him to let you know about his affectionate feelings.
  1. He is just a clingy friend: He cuddles you all night because he is a clingy friend. He tries to use you as permanent emotional support.
    • Some people tend to have a lot of emotional dependence on others. This person we are discussing can be one such person with attachment issues.
    • Cuddling all night, in this case, does not necessarily mean he likes you in a romantic way. He is way too dependent on you to function alone when he is upset.
    • In a word, he is clingy. He can be compared to Ralph from the Disney movies Wreck it Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet. Just like Ralph, your friend always needs someone to lean on (emotionally). For Ralph, it was Vanellope von Schweetz, and for your friend, it was you.
    • He cuddled with you all night for emotional support. Ask him what is wrong with him, and you will probably open a gateway to tears and snot.
  1. He wants to get more intimate with you: He cuddled you all night to get more intimate with you. He thought the closeness would make you feel things.
    • He likes you, and you have already reciprocated his feelings with words. He wants to take things to the next level this time.
    • For that, he has chosen the clever way of cuddling with you all night. He thinks that kind of closeness will make you long for more intimacy.
    • He wants to make out with you. It is true that he is an extremely patient person who knows how to wait for the moment.
    • If you do not initiate (or let him initiate) intimacy on the first night of cuddling, he will wait for another night (read opportunity) to make his move.
  1. He was feeling cold: He simply felt cold and used your body heat to keep his body warm. This may not have anything to do with affection.
    • He was shivering from the cold and needed something or someone to stay warm. That is the reason why he cuddled with you all night.
    • He probably does not have romantic feelings for you. He used your body heat to keep himself warm. He must have learned that from the 2004 movie Day After Tomorrow.
    • If you are not into him, you can feel relieved. There is no reason to feel uncomfortable as he is not in love with you. It was just an awkward night, and you should be glad that it passed.
    • However, it could be a problem if he suffocates you by holding you too close too tightly. You need space to breathe. His comfort is important, but so is yours. You need to wake him up and ask him to give you a little space, literally.
  1. He was upset and needed a long cuddle: Cuddling is the best medicine to cure a broken heart. He cuddled with you all night because he was upset. He needed this.
    • This, too, could have nothing to do with romance. He is just a friend who needed you to stay by his side when he was upset. He needed human contact to lift his spirits.
    • He was too sad to function alone. The clingy angle shows up here again. He can’t function alone when he is sad because he is clingy and needs constant attention from people.
    • However, this may also happen when you are in a romantic relationship with him or if you guys have just started dating. In this case, the meaning of this night-long cuddling changes a bit with a little bit of romance and a sexual undertone.
    • That means the guy you are dating can cuddle you when he is upset, but that can quickly escalate to sexual activities. Melancholy is an aphrodisiac.
  1. He was scared: He cuddled you all night to stay safe. He got scared of something and kept clinging to you, literally.
    • He is probably scared of everything. He cuddled with you all night to stay safe. That is a false hope, as holding you close can’t save him from impending dangers (even if they are imaginary ones).
    • This could happen when he watches a horror movie. It does not necessarily have to contain ghosts and demons. The movie can be about serial killers or from the slasher genre. He can get scared after watching things that trigger his phobias.
    • Cuddling can be a bit uncomfortable for you, but for him, it is about life and death. He was too scared to stay alone that night.
    • He clings to you because he feels safe that way. Your body comforts him from all the irrational yet real fears that haunt him.
    • This situation can occur in two scenarios. One does not require you guys to be lovers. He can hug you as a friend when he is scared. The other situation involves the two of you being in love. In that case, you will have more ammunition than just cuddling to make him feel better.
  1. He wanted to comfort you: You were upset, so he cuddled with you all night to comfort you. He wanted to make you feel better.
    • He cuddled with you all night to comfort you at a time when you were upset. You are asking questions about it because you are not familiar with the gesture. Nobody ever cuddled with you just to lift up your spirits.
    • He is just a good friend who cares about you and your mental health. He wants you to be happy. This night-long cuddling does not have sexual innuendos or even romantic undertones.
    • However, you can’t rule out the possibility of him being interested in you (romantically). He could be a friend, but that does not stop him from thinking about you affectionately. He did it to make you feel good, but he also harbors feelings for you. In simple words, he likes you.
    • If you are already in a relationship (long-term or new) with him, cuddling all night to make you feel good could be a way to show how much he cares. He is trying to say that he loves you without saying the actual words.

How to react when he cuddles with you all night?

  1. Cuddle with him if you like him: You can do it again if you like him. Cuddling could be a great start to a make-out session.
    • Cuddling with him can be a pleasant experience if you like him. It won’t be uncomfortable for you in this case.
    • It can kick start a steamy make-out session. Cuddling brings your bodies closer. The chances for intimacy can multiply while cuddling.
    • He cuddled with you because he liked you. He would feel great if you initiated the next cuddle. It can be your gesture to reciprocate the affection he has shown for you the other night.
  1. Tell him how you feel: If the night-long cuddle made you feel things for him, let him know. Tell him how you feel.
    • You can tell him how you feel without inhibitions. You felt butterflies in your stomach when he cuddled with you all night. Get it out of your system.
    • Tell him that you like him and wait for him to react. However, his reaction may not always be positive.
    • He cuddled you as a friend. He was upset or scared, clingy, or just needed a hug. Whatever the reason, maybe, he is definitely not in love with you. In that case, you might look like a fool if you try to tell him how you feel.
    • If he makes a snide remark or makes you feel bad, feel free to call him out for being unnecessarily rude and acting like a school bully. He may not like you, but he has no right to make fun of your feelings. They call themselves your friend. You should not be friends with people like this. It is bad for your mental health.
    • On the contrary, if he is into you, then you do not have to worry about embarrassment anymore. They would probably be glad that you came up to tell them how you feel. This will be a great start to a great new relationship.
  1. Ask if he likes you: Stop worrying about what he might think of you. Step up and ask him directly how he feels. Ask if he likes you.
    • You can ask if he likes you. The future of this relationship depends on his answer. He will probably say yes.
    • You can observe him for a while before asking this question. Try to watch his behavior when he is around you. You can even question his friends for information. This will save you from unlikely yet potential embarrassment.
    • Also, you do not have to be in love to ask him this question. The question could be asked just to make sure that he has feelings for you. You can then act accordingly.
  1. Give him a blanket next time: He cuddled with you because he was feeling cold. Next time, give him a blanket to keep himself warm.
    • People act weird when they feel cold. He cuddled with you all night because he felt cold, and your body was the sole source of heat for him.
    • Cuddling can make you uncomfortable. If that is the case, then keep a blanket handy for the time he needs it. Make sure he shouldn’t have to Shiver or hug you again.
    • He feels the cold a tad bit more than us. He gets the chill first. However, cuddling someone for an entire night is a bit too much, even if you have a crush on him.
  1. Ask him to stop if you feel uncomfortable: Cuddling might not make you feel good. It is perfectly okay to feel uncomfortable when someone cuddles with you. Ask him to stop cuddling if you feel uncomfortable.
    • Feeling uncomfortable when someone cuddles with you is perfectly normal. Tolerance towards intimate acts like this varies from person to person.
    • Ask him to stop if you feel uncomfortable while cuddling. Cuddling can make you physically or mentally uncomfortable. Physically, it can choke you up or make you sweat with a body so close to you. Mentally, it can make you claustrophobic.
    • Body odor can also be a problem while cuddling. His unpleasant body odor can make you feel uncomfortable and somewhat icky. Talk to him about it but be polite. You do not have to hurt his feelings.
    • You should be extra careful if you know him as a sensitive person. He gets hurt easily. He likes you. Therefore, harsh words from you can stab him like a thousand knives.
    • Be considerate when you know he is cuddling with you because he feels upset or scared. He is a friend, and you should always help a friend in need. They do not have the wrong intention and would probably understand your plight when you talk to them about the aspects that make you feel uncomfortable.
  1. Tell him not to cuddle with you if any of you are already in a relationship: You can’t let people cuddle with you all night if you are already in a relationship with someone else. That counts as cheating. Tell him not to cuddle with you again.
    • Being in a relationship comes with unwritten codes of conduct and serious promises. You need to be loyal to your partner if you want a relationship to survive.
    • If the person who cuddled with you all night is not your partner, ask him not to cuddle with you ever again. Cuddling with him was a mistake that you will never be able to forget.
    • Cuddling brings two bodies closer. It can initiate intimacy. Therefore, when you cuddle with someone, and that too for an entire night, you are cheating on your partner.
    • You can skip and forget this entire cuddling episode. Go back to being friends (or not) with the person you cuddled. However, you will have to make sure your secret never gets spilled. You need to cover “the trail” like Ross did (and failed miserably) in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode titled “The One With The Morning After” that dealt with him cheating on Rachel with the girl from the coffee place because (arguably) “they were on a break.” Covering the trail would mean finding you the people who may know or get to know about your cuddling shenanigan and can inform your partner to ruin your relationship.
    • You can be honest and talk to your partner about the cuddling incident. It counts as cheating, but your honesty can earn you a few brownie points (at least, you can hope for it).
  1.  Comfort him if he feels scared or upset: He is scared or upset about something. He may or may not talk to you about it. However, you can still help him by cuddling when he is scared.
    • You can try to comfort him in the way he likes if he feels scared or upset, He likes to cuddle. You can cuddle with him unless you feel uncomfortable.
    • You can comfort him by being a good listener. Hear out what he has to say. Empathize with him and try to understand his perspective. A good listener should never comment on the person who is ranting out about something. You can nod your head along with an occasional “hmm.”
    • You do not have to do something that does not make you feel good. If cuddles make you uncomfortable, you can make him a hot beverage like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.
    • You can convince him to go out and walk a few blocks to the coffee shop. You guys can go for drinks and snacks in the evening. Do anything that makes them feel better.
    • If they feel scared after watching a gory horror movie, calm them down and make them watch something light and breezy, like a rom-com movie or a pleasant comedy series. You guys can binge-watch the three seasons of Emily in Paris on Netflix together.
    • You guys can attempt to work out together. Create fitness goals and try to achieve them together. You guys can even cook something together if you feel like it. Search for recipes on YouTube and try making your comfort food from scratch together.
    • Make sure to keep the things that make him anxious away from him if you do not want to be cuddled again. You can’t let him stress out again.


A few things you should remember:

  • He likes you. That is why he cuddled with you all night. You can cuddle with him the next time you are together if you have loved cuddling the other night.
  • He is just a clingy friend who needs you for emotional support whenever he is upset. He just can’t function alone.
  • Tell him what you feel about them. Speak your heart out.
  • He wants to make out with you. Cuddling with you is just a subtle start to that.
  • Observation is key. Observe how he behaves around you and touches you. Little things like these reveal a lot about people’s characters. It shows their true intent.
  • He felt cold and decided to cuddle with you all night. Unfortunately, it turned a little awkward for you. Give him a blanket the next time he feels cold and tries to cuddle with you.
  • Cuddling with someone (that to all night) counts as cheating when you have a different partner. You are being disloyal to your relationship. You can either come clean to your partner about the incident, or you can cover your tracks and be quiet for the rest of your life.
  • His phobias kicked in, and he decided to cuddle with you all night, making you uncomfortable in the process.
  • Ask him to stop if he makes you feel uncomfortable. Your opinion matters.
  • He was only trying to comfort you as you were feeling low. You can do the same for him when he is in need of your attention. Help him overcome his fears. For that, you have to be a good listener.

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