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My Girlfriend Blocked Me Every Time We Fight (REASON & Dos)

Feature Image of My Girlfriend Blocked Me Every Time We FightYour girlfriend is hot-tempered and impulsive by nature. She doesn't think hard before taking a step. The chances are that she will regret it later. Try not to be too hard on her, even if she blocks you every time you fight. 

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out why your girlfriend blocks you every time you fight and what you could do about it. 

Reasons why your girlfriend blocks you every time you fight

  1. She is hot-tempered: If your girlfriend is hot-tempered and impatient, you need to be extra careful so as not to piss her off.
    • It is very easy to upset angry people. Even if you breathe around them, they will take it to heart. In such a case, you must function extra cautiously around them. If you have been dating for a long time, you must have registered by now what things your girlfriend doesn’t appreciate. 
    • Keeping a list in your mind and avoiding committing any of it would help you greatly. If you are as hot-tempered as your girlfriend, there are better pairs than yours. If both of you spend most of the time fighting over and resolving things, you won’t be able to make desirable memories together.
  1. You get on her nerves: If your girlfriend is not usually hot-tempered, but it is something that you do which pisses her off, you should be thankful to god that she loves you. This type of person won’t give enough weight to everyone’s words.
    • When you value someone deeply, you set certain expectations for them. You are hurt when they neither meet your expectations nor make feeble attempts to do it. Such might be the case with your girlfriend.
    • The words and gestures wouldn’t have mattered as much as yours. It is because she hearts frustrated. Blocking you are frustrating. She uses it to send you the signal that everything is not right between you or you have let you down again. 
  1. She uses it as a tool to control you: When she sees that her blocking has a severe impact upon you, it makes you feel downtrodden, you are weary at heart, you can think of nothing else but to get her back, she might be using it to her benefit.
    • Many people love to exploit others emotionally and use them to their benefit. This benefit could be boosting their ego or getting things done the way they want. If you feel your girlfriend deliberately uses blocking to trigger and inflict fear of losing her within you, she is exploiting you. 
    • Staying single is better than being with someone who uses your emotions against you. They would not exchange roles nor keep the relationship in balance. You will question why you have been putting up with them every day until you break up.
  1. She needs more attention: Your girlfriend is an attention seeker. When you pay attention to others or get too busy with your work to message or call her, she will create hurdles between you and her. This is done to see what you would do to reach out to her.
    • Guys are not the only egoist mammals. Girls have attitude problems too. When they feel you have taken them for granted or you shy away from putting effort now, they will be pissed. 
    • They will begin treating it as a rewarding game. Think of it as if you are playing the video game Mario, where you need to get over hurdles to level up. Similarly, your girlfriend will extend her favors and make herself available only when you prove worthy.
  1. She is a pessimist: if you are dating a pessimist who always doubts and runs away from everything that instills fear within them, she will be skeptical towards everything she is passionate about.
    • Pessimists would have negative notions of everything. Even when they get their dream job, they will wake up every day with the thought that someday they will lose it. They don’t know how to be satisfied or happy. Naturally, they won’t b able to make others happy. 
    • Abandoning her would only confirm her fears and make adjusting more difficult. Instead, you can take her for counseling, help her overcome her fears with your commitment, have wholesome dialogues with her, and gift her books that help broaden her mindset.
  1. She craves perfection: If your girlfriend is someone who wants perfection, she will have serious trouble making adjustments. Craving perfection, being the ideal, wanting to dwell in utopia, and calling love to live a paradisal bliss is as close to fantasy as possible.
    • At the initial level of falling for someone, we treat them as larger than life. Everything seems beautiful in their presence. Life is great. We don’t look for flaws, for we are so overwhelmed with the golden opportunity of dating someone so perfect for us.
    • However, as time elapses, the former golden touch begins to fade, and we realize that the state of things is not as perfect as it has seemed. We begin to see the loopholes. All our latent fear gets crystallized. 
    • We begin to see more and more faults. We judge harshly. Rather than overlooking minor flaws, we emphasize them again and again. The reiteration makes the situation worse.
    • In such cases, trying to understand each other’s needs, the non-negotiables, not only striving for perfection but striving to embody perfection, is the right way to do it. When you start introspecting more and judging yourself rather than the ones who love you, things will fall into place. 
  1. She is trying to get rid of you: It is possible that blocking is her way of giving you the red signal. She wants to call it off without spelling it out to you. She doesn’t want to take the entire breakup load on herself.
    • It is called silent resignation. Blocking is convenient, but going through the breakup phases slowly is tiring. When you don’t try to reach out to her in other ways after she blocks you, she knows there is no going back.
    • Moreover, your girlfriend learns to hate you a little more whenever you fight. This makes it easier for every next time to convince herself of a life without you in it. When we begin to live lies, it becomes our life. 
  1. She is double dating: There is a possibility that your girlfriend is cheating on you. If she is double dating, blocking you eases her burden of not having to text two guys at once. Look for signs to figure out if you are getting played.
    • She invites looks from other guys. She is fascinated by the idea of open relationships. She likes the idea of polygamy. She never questions the chances of you cheating on her. 
    • Her social pages have likes, comments, and many male followers. Her accounts are open pages. She doesn’t post pictures with you. Your relationship is not official, and she shows unwillingness towards it whenever you suggest such a suggestion.

What should you do when your girlfriend blocks you every time you fight?

  1. Talk to her politely: Give her polite treatment. Getting rude or annoyed would only worsen the situation. You need to express how it makes you feel when she blocks you every time you fight.
    • Don’t pose as a helpless lover. Tell her that though it drives you to helplessness, it is below you. There are things you don’t want to do. Explain to her why you never block her for any reason whatsoever. It is because you are mature enough to understand that it will only breed indifference and negative feeling toward each other. 
    • What you need to make a relationship work is mutual understanding. Blocking indicates that you are not keen to understand one another. Tell her that instead of blocking you, if she rants out before you in long paragraphs and letters, you won’t mind it. 
  1. Try to understand her concern: If something constantly irks her, try to understand it. There is always something so intense and striking that it puts off all the love and warmth. Even though we love them so much, our wrath gets the better of us.
    • Sometimes even after knowing that our gesture or words might hurt them, we go about doing it. It gets worse when they know that you are doing it deliberately. There is immediate confusion and misunderstanding. 
    • Your girlfriend might think you are bored of her and therefore do all she would never want you to do. It sends a negative message and is demotivating. In such a case, her blocking makes it easy for you to back off her life without hurting her more. 
  1. Work on your habit and behavior: When you know your habit and behavior disturb your girlfriend, refrain from doing it. There are many ways of getting rid of toxic habits.
    • If you are an addict, join a rehabilitation center. Talk to convincing people who can offer you life-changing stories and help you take on the change willingly and smoothly. 
    • If you are rude, watch podcasts and browse videos that help to mend your language. Read quality books that will enable you to be more gentlemanly in your conduct.
    • Start punishing yourself for the faults you commit. Withdraw yourself of luxury and necessity to engrave the lesson in your heart. You can do this by not having dessert or skipping your cheat meal.
  1. Don't lie to her: If the cause of your petty fights is that you keep things from her or you lie to her, you should stop doing it. Relationships run on trust. If you break the trust again and again, your girlfriend will be too disheartened to trust you again.
    • It is very difficult to trust a person twice, and almost a sin to trust them a third time. Unless your girlfriend has been dishonest with you, she will play by this rule. Hence, in the act of desperation, she resorts to blocking you.
    • While the initial stages of blocking could be due to the idea of teaching you a lesson, in the later stages, she might get so metal-hearted that she won’t unblock you even if you beg her for one more opportunity. 
    • Resolution in such cases comes with a permanent change in character. When people around you talk about how things have mended you and you have become a better person, she will honestly forgive you.
  1. Avoid fights: Fighting cannot occur unless both ends are sharp. If your girlfriend is in a bad mood and you allow her to rant, she will go quiet eventually. Adopt all non-violence means in your capacity to let go of fights.
    • An essential part of a relationship is allowing the other person to vent when the moment calls for it. You must not choose that moment to pinpoint the faults you scan in them. 
    • Being patient can take you a long way in this case. Your girlfriend is not a person without a conscience. She is bound to understand your concern. Hence, sometimes all you got to do is take it easy, and everything will fall into place.
  1. Take some time alone: It will help you see things clearly when you take some time alone for yourself. While dating someone, we get so fixated on them that we forget to see things from a different perspective.
    • Many resolutions take place when you shift your perspective. Changing the angle will broaden your view and make it easy for you to understand and handle things. Moreover, the last thing on your list should be to allow events to get the better of you.
    • While your girlfriend should see and accept your ugly side, there is a way of going about it. Don’t force her into accepting something that she hadn’t dreamt of. If there are flaws and weaknesses, let them be exposed naturally. 
  1. Stop reacting: She does it because it worries you. You react, and you lament and perhaps beg. When you stop giving her a reaction, she might not use blocking as one of her resorts to resolve things further.
    • The strings of blocking and unblocking would never have occurred in the first place if you had made her realize that some things can never be on your radar. Make it a rule to talk about things and resolve them maturely rather than creating a fuss about it. 
    • Even if something has happened to the extent that you need to part ways, it must be done in silence and with acceptance rather than creating riots on a battlefield. Remember, it is the same person on whom you were ready to toss your life.
  1. Love yourself first: Loving the other person must fall second to loving yourself. Only then will you be able to love the other wholeheartedly.
    • When you are selfless and forget to have your own back in certain situations and circumstances, it will hit you hard when the other person prioritizes themselves over and above you. Hence, don’t love sp selflessly that you forget to look after yourself. Remember, you can only look after others when you are at your best.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Communication is the key to resolvent (). Explain to her that blocking you is shutting the door on you to improve and enhance your relationship. Say this to her in person rather than over text or call.
  • You accept the love you think you deserve. So, if your girlfriend is ruthless toward you, stop her at once. Detach yourself from any negative vibes. When she is convinced that you only bring positivity to the table, she will also learn the right way to love you.
  • Blocking-Unblocking is child’s play. It means you are not in a serious relationship yet. Straining over it and exhausting yourself is not called for. Look after your fitness and take care.

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