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Guy Cancels the Date Without Rescheduling (9 Possible Reasons)

Feature Image of Guy Cancels the Date Without ReschedulingPerhaps the guy was planning to cheat on his girlfriend but was overcome by guilt without committing the act. He might repeat this behavior in the future in the moment of his vulnerabilities. You must help him remember this episode and the choices he had made in the past.

In this blog post, I will help you understand when and why a guy would cancel a date without taking the initiative to reschedule it. Happy reading!

Reasons why a guy cancels a date without rescheduling it

  1. He is committed (You are committed): The guy might be having a rough time with his girlfriend and was seeking ways to relax. He came across you and thought you would be eager to go to bed with him.
    • Guys are so confident about themselves that, more often than most, they indulge in misconceptions.
    • It can be called naivety for some and an utter lack of concern for others. They like to keep themselves morally free, but there is either a discovery or a sudden spasm of guilt.
    • If the guy who asked you out on a date was already dating someone or perhaps had been going on dates randomly, it might be that one of the previous dates showed genuine interest in him, or he struck a chord with her and took it to be unfair to not work on with her.
    • When we find something worthy, we like to stick to it. If the guy found out someone worthy, he wants to give it a chance to blossom.
    • If you are committed yet decide to see the guy, the situation gets messy and out of hand.
    • A guy going on random dates wants to be baggage free. He would not want your boyfriend to come after chasing him for destroying his relationship.
    • If your relationship is official, and you post along with your boyfriend on social media, the chances are high that he came across one of your posts and decided to call it off.
    • If you are dating, it is better to let the matter rest. If you are not, there is no harm in texting the guy to know what’s going on in his mind.
  1. His best friend likes you: Do you know how the guy came across you or stumbled upon your profile? There might be a chance that it wasn’t the guy but the guy’s friend who had wanted to ask you for quite some time.
    • When a guy’s friend or best friend wants a girl, it is against the bro-code to hit on the same girl. In such a setup, there might be a possibility that the guy would have asked you out but sent his friend in his place. It might be creepy for you, but at least his friend can express himself before you.
    • It is like the movie Crazy Stupid Love where Ryan Gosling tries to set Steve Carrell up by introducing him to girls in the pub. While Ryan has a personality of a casanova, Steve has been a one-woman man all his life.
    • This guy’s friend might be the Steve character here. He might be too shy and have decided against it out of anxiety.
    • However, the guy was planning to date you instead of setting you up with his friend because he feels that he deserves you more or is more worthy of you than his friend would ever be.
    • In that case, the last-moment cancellation would be either because his friend uncovered the guy’s plans or because he realized the importance of maintaining a friendship and being an integral character.
  1. He feels you are out of his league: The guy might be having confidence issues, and if you are a heavy extrovert with a wide network and loves to party, he might fear you would make fun of him later.
    • Most guys are easily attracted to an extrovert female who knows how to carry herself, is the center of attraction wherever she goes, loves to dominate, and radiates a crazy vibe about herself.
    • If you are one such, I bet you are not because an extrovert won’t care a penny for what one of the random guys might be cooking in his mind about her; however, you might be a close friend of one such girl. You fear they looked at you with that girl and took you to be all the same as her.
    • This is a common lack of judgment or being too prudent from the guy’s end. He took you to be the same fish, and he might not have had a pleasant experience with either your friend or a heavily extroverted woman. It is easy to get your heart broken with such a woman in the picture. 
    • Either way, you must approach him. Be his friend first. Ask him what is troubling his mind. Tell him you are keen on dating him and handle his heart carelessly.
  1. He is too proud (you are from a humble background): If the guy is a big extrovert, or has a filthy rich background, whereas you are an introvert, too shy, passive, or quiet, he might have asked you out to have fun with someone not his type for a change but then thought better.
    • An extrovert-introvert pair goes hand-in-hand for balance and the opposing pair of qualities that the other brings into their life. It is a ride full of excitement and wonders about a lifestyle one has never before delved into.
    • However, while exciting, the paradoxical pair can be off-putting or a scary proposal for either pair. The awareness that the other is different from you comes along with the understanding that you must be very accommodating and patient with them.
    • The guy might feel you would not fit in his friend circle. They chill and spend most of their time with their friends. If the guy asked you about your friends, he might have understood it better if you won’t be able to adjust to what he comes along for.
  1. He is busy: A strong possibility is that some urgency in the workplace or a crisis in his personal life showed up, owing to which he had to cancel your date and couldn’t plan another one.
    • Patience brings you all the answers. If the guy had asked you out on a date and canceled it without giving a precise reason, it might be because reality caught up. 
    • Give time, and everything will be alright. The tendency of a guy to ask you out again is unvaryingly high. If you don’t get fidgety about it, he will inbox you again in a fortnight. Then you ask him for an explanation.
    • Be gentle in your tone. Your approach should always look forward to a better understanding of the working of things rather than trying to ridicule them.
  1. He felt the vibe was off (He found someone else): Perhaps you failed to match the guy’s enthusiasm if you were too reluctant or threw too many tantrums simultaneously like confetti.
    • Texting, s#xting, and calls draw pathways to make one comfortable when you see them in person. It must be done right, for your words, tone, and accent are heavily scrutinized. When one thinks of spending a substantial part of their evening with you, they look forward to having a good time.
    • If you didn’t share the guy’s enthusiasm or didn’t show him what you bring to the table, he might have become skeptical about you. Constant reassurance has become the key to maintenance. A change of heart doesn’t take much time. 
    • If the guy, in the meanwhile, came across someone who radiated the energy and offerings he desired, he might ditch you for her. Hence, the advice to take home is to be mysterious rather than blatant in your dating approach.
    • Don't share personal opinions and pieces of information. Share fantasies and makeup situation handling. Excite your wooer. Make him feel good about his manliness.
  1. You are too conventional: Guys like to vibe, make out, have fun and then think about the big question of life or delve into the thought of “do we have a future together?” However, if you were bent on reversing the order and being future obsessive rather than having a great time together, he signed off the deal.
    • Guys are feminists because they want women to play along and have fun the way their gender has excelled. 
    • The qualities they look for in a woman are open-mindedness, not regulated by stereotypes, a love to experiment, and a liking to chill. The idea of what it feels to be modern should be written all over her face and body.
    • For instance, he would notice how you experiment with your hair, what kind of makeup you put on, which accessories you carry, if you get mood swings, or if you are sweating hard to make it work.
  1. You are a nerd: When all you talk about is books, you like to philosophize stories, you prefer quoting works, and you are not a movie buff, the guy might run away from you at the first chance.
    • Guys are more into the F1 race, movies, socializing, and the stock market. If you talk to them about this or adventurous places and sports, they will know how to lead the conversation. 
    • They might run off when you call yourself a bookaholic and proudly show them your library. While being a bookworm is not the problem, you must be open to it in the dating world.
    • Use your books to widen your scope. Change the way you talk about things. Rather than being formal or British in your use of words, pick lines and phrases from the urban dictionary. 
  1. He is career-oriented: There is a rare possibility that the guy sees relationships or dating as a distraction from the career-oriented streamline where they want to flourish. In such a case, you need to assure him that you will stick by in thick and thin with absolute patience.
    • Ambitious men don’t allow easy access to people in their inner circle. You get the pass when they are certain you are worth it. 
    • While you might hustle to secure his attention, they will be hooked on you and make you feel special once you get it. 
    • The first quality is to be patient. This might be a test to cancel the date and not reschedule it. He wants to see how you handle the situation.
    • Show him that you are not restless. You understand that life can catch up and want to take it one step at a time. 

What to do when a guy cancels the date and doesn’t reschedule it?

  1. Remind him: It is not to be taken to heart when your date forgets to ask you again.
    • Be a feminist in the good applicability of the term. If the guy cannot take the time to ask you another time or perhaps is too embarrassed to do it, send him a reminder.
    • Don’t pick up a criticizing tone when you attempt to send a reminder. Perhaps share a meme or a gif to express your emotion.
    • Show your sense of humor, and don’t let the darker aspect of humor come in. keep it on the surface and light.
  1. Ask him out: If your date did not ask you out while canceling it for the first time, pick up your phone and call him up.
    • Calling your potential date and asking him to catch up has perks. He will be caught off-guarded and might blurt out the truth.
    • It is also risky, as he might not answer the call and think you are desperate.
    • Either way, you will get clarity about what he wants or doesn’t want. If he keeps ignoring your texts or avoiding your company by making lame excuses, he is a coward and not worthy of your attention.
  1. Confront him: Confronting him in the face when you see him next, which you shall if you share the workplace or residency location, could be hitting the nail on the head.
    • You might choose not to be rude, yet it may come across curtly when you ask him what his problem is and why he would toy around with you in that manner.
    • However, when the situation calls for it, you have the little option not to adhere. 
    • When the guy asked you out, he should have known better.
    • Perhaps he decided not to sleep with people from his workplace, which is professional, but the call was made too late.
    • You need to convey that he cannot escape making vague excuses. You deserve proper reasoning when you are ditched. 
  1. Stalk him: While stalking him will only make you more restless, it is not that bad a deal.
    • Stalking his profiles would give hints as to what is up with him.
    • If he is on vacation, you will get an update.
    • If he is seeing someone, you would know it from there.
    • If he likes to stay low-key, you would know it either way.
    • Make good use of the internet, and check his LinkedIn when you need help getting him elsewhere.
  1. Go on other dates and upload photos: Rather than stalking the guy, let the guy stalk you.
    • Feed detailed info and insights into your personal life on social media.
    • Get excited in the circle, and let the message reach your date.
    • When he sees you going out with someone else, and if by chance that someone turns out to be one of his friends, the situation will get so spicy that he might finally decide to break the ice.
    • Do this not out of desperation but only when you are comfortable sharing your life on your feed. 
    • Not going on a date with you might have substantial grounds, and you will hear from him soon.
  1. Move on: Does the guy worth your attention span? When the guy lacks the courtesy to ask you out again, he has already taken you for granted.
    • It is only possible if the guy is tempted enough to show interest. 
    • Never allow anyone to take you for granted. Self-affirmation, improvement, and work is the key. 
    • Go on dates. Be active on dating apps if needed. There are much worthier guys who would do anything for your attention. 
  1. It is his loss: The thumb rule is when you are in love with someone, it is their loss if they don’t get to experience it.
    • You are not losing anything if the guy doesn’t ask you out again. You were the one who was ready with your heart up your sleeve to love him the way he had never been loved before.
    • When you don’t know how to love yourself with dignity, you will neither be able to love another worthily nor accept the right way of love you deserve.


  • Understand the mark of disrespect when you get one. If your date doesn’t reschedule, and the ground of reason is baseless, you would sense it.
  • Prioritize yourself under any circumstances. Don’t let a random date spoil your mood. He perhaps is not even thinking about this right now.
  • Take one step at a time. Don’t panic in certain situations. Know what the person wants when asked on a date. Conduct preliminary research on the internet before accepting the proposal. He might be a con artist trying to catfish his way.

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