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She Ignores Me but Talks to Everyone Else (Reasons & What to Do)

Feature Image of She Ignores Me but Talks to Everyone ElseIt is a deliberate move. She wanted your attention and wanted you to approach her. She might be interested in you but hesitates to take the first step. Try to ask her out over a text, and you might get lucky. 

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out why a girl ignores you but talks to everyone else and what you can do about it. 

Reasons why she ignores you but talks to everyone else

  1. She likes you: There is a possibility that the girl is shy and ignoring you because she likes you and feels intimidated by you.
    • It is not easy to approach someone whom we like. It is more difficult if we are introverts. Even an extrovert finds themselves off guard before their crush.
    • While you would mean the world to them, they will hesitate to open your mouth before you or look you in the eyes. 
    • You can be certain about their liking for you by observing their movements and activities. If they are partial and favorable towards you in gesture, they are crushing on you, making them weak.
  1. She knows you like her: If she is aware that you are crushing on her, but she might not be willing to date you for personal reasons, she might choose to ignore you.
    • It gets awkward when you know that the other person is crushing on you, but you don't feel the same way for them. 
    • You try to avoid them so that they don't get the opportunity with you to get so comfortable that they can express their feelings for you. 
    • If she doesn't wish to be with you in her proximity, she doesn't like you. Moreover, if you have told everyone you like her but her, she might find it off-putting.
  1. Her boyfriend doesn't like you: The girl keeps her distance because her boyfriend has warned her against you.
    • Most boyfriends are possessive and overly insecure about their girlfriends. If you are too attractive, presentable, and gentlemanly, he might warn her to keep away from her.
    • Moreover, if his girlfriend is naturally attracted to all you represent, her boyfriend will always be on guard.
    • If you have tried to hit on her or you are too friendly, she might have mentioned you before, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend might have decided to keep you away from her.
    • Most girls like to stay loyal and take their boyfriend's words by heart to prove their loyalty. Hence, the girl is maintaining a stringent distance from you.
  1. Your first meeting was awkward: If the girl is prejudiced and your first meeting or encounter turned out to be awkward or ill-humored, she might hesitate to take another chance with you.
    • Humans tend to be prejudiced in nature, and in their attempt to be prudent, they avoid anyone or anything that looks inconvenient. 
    • If you have the reputation of a troublemaker, the girl might have a spontaneous instinct to avoid you. In such a case, you should try to prove to them that you are useful and helpful too. 
    • Find an opportunity where you get to aid them in a troublesome situation, and help her fix it. She will go against the wind to be on your side after that.
  1. She is competitive: If you work in the same organization but are part of different teams, the girl might talk to all her team members while choosing not to talk to you or yours.
    • This particularly happens when the girl has a big mouth, so she cannot keep anything to herself. 
    • Her team members have warned her to avoid talking to your team and perhaps particularly to you, for you are manipulative.
    • If you are famous for brainwashing people and getting the secret out of your mouth, the girl might choose to heed the warning against you.
    • Moreover, there is the possibility that she has a crush on you. Henceforth, spilling out secrets about their possible strategies to win the race could be more obvious.
  1. She likes to keep her professional life separate: If you are her colleague, she might avoid you to avoid any romantic interest in you. This is an unsaid protocol followed by most professionals.
    • Mingling professional and personal life can give rise to the worst sort of disaster. The girl has perhaps not only seen it but might have had first-hand experience of the same in her past.
    • People are stubborn for a reason, and most of the time, the reason is the lesson they had learned in their past. 
    • If you are determined and earnest in pursuing her, you must exercise great patience. She will take time before attempting to jeopardize her career if the relationship fails to work in the future.
  1. You are her best friend's ex: If she has known you from the past, or knows about you from the past, even or incident which did not leave a favorable opinion of yours in her mind, she might hesitate to open up to you.
    • When we live in the same society, we hear people talks, watch people's actions and judge them on that basis.
    • We don't care about verifying the facts or giving them another option to prove themselves. 
    • The case worsens when the girl you are trying to hit on has known your ex or is friends with one of them. 
    • It becomes awkward and uneasy. Not everyone excels in handling such situations. 
    • If you discover that she is friends with your ex, don't panic. You can always approach her and justify your past. 
    • You can also prove that you are not the man your ex dated. Events, situations, and circumstances have changed your personality. 
  1. She doesn't like your habits: When we don't like something about someone, and we find that similar habit in someone else, we instantly develop a dislike for them.
    • It might be one such habit of yours that is not acceptable to the girl. It could be anything from the way you laugh and the tempo of your talk to something such as keeping dirty nails, picking your nose, wearing unpolished shoes, not ironed clothes, etc. 
    • You should notice her expression when you are close to her. Does her facial expression change when you do something in particular? If yes, then that is what you must work on. 
    • While you might think that it is unfair to change yourself to impress another, try to get rid of the nasty habits for yourself. 
  1. You are arrogant: If you come across as a distant and lofty person who likes to dwell in his world rather than befriend others, she might develop a dislike for you.
    • There might have been moments out of your awareness when the girl had come to approach you but found it difficult or impossible to do so. 
    • In such a case, you must mend your ways. He is more humble, modest, and easy to access. 
    • You can start this by getting on good terms with others. Make people love you in general. Women love to date popular men. If you are the good books of others, you will top in hers too.
  1. You are dumb: If you don't understand romantic gestures, that is, you are dumb when it comes to romance, or it is your first time trying to make it happen with a girl, you might have a difficult start.
    • If you are like Raj from Big Bang Theory, who automatically gets uncomfortable around women, you are bound to have a hard time even when you like her. 
    • However, if the girl is sincere in liking you, she will understand and come around. 
    • While other girls might take you to be a stud, a girl who has a soft corner for you will fight against all the odds. You must be relentless and persistent in your approach to her. She will find her way to you even if it takes longer.
  1. You offended her: If a remark made by you or something you said and done or did not do has offended her, she might choose to ignore you. Girls are pissed off easily as they fail to take things lightly, unlike guys.
    • While you might have made something in a light-hearted, cordial gesture of the situation and circumstances, she might have taken it by heart. A woman takes your sarcastic remark by heart if she has gentle feelings for you. 
    • When a lady doesn’t care for you enough, she won’t care for your remarks, either. Hence, while it is good news that she is paying attention to your words and they stimulate her, it also suggests that you will have to work a bit harder to keep her pleased. 
    • You cannot treat her like a toy and own or disown her the way you like. She will not stand humiliation and adoration in the same breath. Your intentions towards her must be an open and clear signal.
  1. She is a humbug: The woman craves attention and won’t give you her attention until you prove that you deserve it. She is not one of those regular vain girls who will awe you with easiness upon slight flattery.
    • You will have to prove that you deserve her in every way from the very beginning. You can think of it as a test. She is scrutinizing you and your actions from the corner of her eyes while pretending to ignore you.
    • Women play the ignored card to make the person feel discarded. They do it almost all their life with anyone who causes trouble. You don’t want to reign in that category, and hence, you must take the appropriate advances promptly.

What to do when she ignores you but talks to everyone else?

  1. Talk to her: the best way out of the problem is to talk to her directly. If she is ignoring you, why not ask her the cause of it? You are not enjoying it because you are a man of facts.
    • It irks you not only because you might have a possible tinge of romantic interest in her but also because you like to keep the facts straight. 
    • You are not a person who enjoys mind games. It baffles you. Hence, in this case, you need to state your side of the story before her, urging her to do the same with you.
    • There is no reason why she would think this to be impolite. You have to keep your voice modulated, of course. You can’t show that you have a romantic interest in her; that will have to wait.
  1. Don't be after her: If the girl is ignoring you, she must have reasons to do so. It is wise to let her be. Girls have an appetite for words. They can’t keep things stored within for long. Eventually, she will come around and confront you herself.
    • You don’t want to hurt a woman’s pride, but if you do, she will show her disapproval of the same to you. 
    • When you let a woman bask in her discomfort for that much, you can be certain that she is not comfortable around you, lest she hasn’t taken the extra measure to ignore you painstakingly. She will be pissed at you.
    • In her annoyance, on a not-so-fine day, she will rebuke you and resort at you. That is when you tame and control her.
    • You can also express what you feel for her more intimately. The words will come to you effortlessly. Being patient, most of the time brings you all the rewards.
  1. Ask for her help: When a woman ignores you, she needs you to give her more air. You need to make her feel important. You need to prove to her that she means life to you.
    • While everything at a jolt can freak a woman out, you must take small and meaningful steps toward her to make her feel special and important. 
    • It is harmless to boost a woman’s morale by making her feel that she is the apple of her eye. Call a spade a spade. If she is beautiful, sing her praises. If you find her attractive, tell her the same. 
    • There is no reason not to admit your feelings for the lady. If you intend to play long-term with her, give her priority over others and make her feel like the queen from the beginning.
  1. Approach her friends: When the girl of your dreams is ignoring you openly, approaching her friends before her and asking them out could make her melt.
    • When you approach a girl’s friends while you are interested in the girl herself, your moves will be understandable to one and all. It will be a good sport to flirt with them before her.
    • The moves will be subtle, and much will be said without the utterance of words. The eyes will move, the mouth will gasp, and there will be holding of hands and nudging of feet. 
    • It will create a silent commotion where everyone will know what you are doing and that she is hurt, and most people will relish it. Though it is a risky bet, in the end, the situation will prove to your advantage.
  1. Ask for her number: This is as direct as it can get, or you can want it to be. Asking for the girl’s number by approaching her directly could start the conversation.
    • If she hesitates in giving you the number, she would want to ask you the purpose. If you feel you want to flirt now, you will make a sheepish reply such as, "I need your number to ask you out, duh!"
    • If you feel you can't flirt at this point, or she would be unable to take the case and make it funny, tell her that you need help with something official. 
    • A girl, especially if she is your colleague, won't just deny giving you her number. She might hesitate and not answer your call or reply to your text promptly, and she might even leave your text on read, don't be too surprised if she does so. However, a start, even if it is bad, is better than no start.
    • Whereas, if she doesn't hesitate and appreciates you coming forward to ask for her number even though she had been ignoring you, it means she has a latent liking for you.
  1. Befriend her boyfriend: If the girl is committed and her boyfriend has asked her to maintain distance from you, try being friends with her boyfriend first.
    • Don't give up on someone you love because they are already committed. Remember how Jim and Pam made it to the Office?
    • Pam was engaged to be married to someone else. But that didn't stop Jim. He took his boss's advice and kept pursuing her relentlessly. 
    • Focus on doing good to win her heart. Ignore everything else. She is trying to make a point by deliberately ignoring you. You need to prove that she means more to you than she can imagine.
  1. Be humorous: Rather than being serious like the girl trying to ignore you, make the situation humorous. After all, what is more fun than seeing a man pursuing someone who won't even look at him?
    • When she sees what you are doing, she will be pleased. Using humor skillfully will help you to use the situation tactfully.
    • Rather than making the situation get the better of you, show that you don't care for the situation at all. 
    • There are two types of novels, one dictated by the plot other by the character. You write the story of your book of like and make it about the novel of character. 
    • Let your character unfold the situations and circumstances in your life rather than making it happen and vice versa. 
    • When you control the events happening in your life, you can easily manifest the desired outcomes by manipulating the sequence of events accordingly.


Here are a few things to keep in mind -

  • Don't be too hopeless. If she is ignoring you or trying to ignore you, it means you have had some effect on her. That's good news.
  • Don't be too harsh and persistent. Go slow and give your attempts a break. See if her behavior changes with the change in your flow.
  • She is hinting at something even when she is ignoring you. Try to understand what that something is. 
  • Look around you, and look around her. See what kind of people surround her. Are they surrounding her because she is a keeper? Or they are keeping her enclosed deliberately. 
  • It will help you to figure out the right way to approach her and to understand if she is genuinely not interested in you or if she is preventing it from happening due to some other reasons.
  • Learn not to stay in n the same place for a long time. You don't want to make your life stagnant. Keep moving with all your charm and delight. Happy and right things will come embracing your way.

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