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Do Walk Away Wives Ever Return (Yes, There is a Chance)

Feature Image of Do Walk Away Wives Ever ReturnYes, she might make a return in your life if you are a changed man and you convince her of your changed personality. She won't haste into it, and you should be able to appreciate how difficult it is for her to make a comeback.

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out when a would-walk-away wife returns and how you can win her heart again. Enjoy reading.

Reasons when walking away wives return

  1. You are a changed man: Actions are more powerful than words. When you demonstrate yourself as a changed man, your walkway wife might want to give it another chance.
    • Life is a tale of arrivals and departures. However, these need not be permanent. Your walkway wife's departure from your life might be temporary too.
    • If the end was caused because you had been negligent towards her, and since the split, you have done nothing but reform your manners and restore your previous self, she might also change the heart.
    • The walking apart of husband and wife does not mean that the one stops to stalk or to talk about the other. If you have mutual friends, words of your actions would be passed around.
    • It will take time because splitting is a big step and coming back is bigger. It will mean that you are exposing your vulnerabilities to one another. But it will also make your relationship much stronger than before unless you decide to screw it up again.
  1. You have apologized: Apologies can take a man a big way when made genuinely and are followed by steps for retribution. If you apologized to your wife in a way that made her feel appreciated, she might decide to give the relationship a second go.
    • Making an apology sound genuine is tricky because even when you do it with all your heart, the other person might not be convinced that it is not a facade.
    • If you choose to make an apology for something that has become public knowledge, for instance, if you want to apologize to your wife because you had disrespected her in a gathering, make your apology public too.
    • If the cause of your split is to become an unburdened man who can live his life in peace again, tell her that that was the wrongest notion you have held in your life, and you would go to any length to make it right.
  1. She is lonely (depressed, suicidal): Your wife might return because, in the course of staying married, she made her life all about you and with you. She feels so lonely now that she cannot trust herself to anyone but you.
    • It could be a possible mid-age crisis that makes us seem that all our endeavors are futile. We need someone who would bear with us. Support us, and cherish our presence in their life.
    • Your wife might be undergoing a crisis and have lost all purpose of living. She is depressed and lonely and wants emotional support.
    • Spending years with someone, we become so co-dependent upon them that we forget to live sustainably on our own.
    • If you take her back, you must understand that she is more vulnerable than before and will need your constant affirmation, love, and support.
  1. She needs a favor: If your action put her through the current crisis, she might ask you to put her out of it.
    • While married, you might have opened a joint account or taken a loan under both of your names. It could be that she needs your favor in resolving it.
    • It has been a while since the walk away, and you are single. She assumes that you might be happy to get her back and might tailor an excuse to stay close to you.
    • She might be in the city after a long and needs some arrangements for her stay.
    • She is tired of fooling around and considers you her friend even if you can’t make it together for long. She needs you to talk her out of certain things and help her settle down emotionally.
    • You are resourceful and have good networking. She wants your constant help and advice to thrive in her business. A walkaway wife might be looked down upon in society, and she might decide to come back into your life but keep the engagement limited.
  1. She is pregnant: A walkaway wife might return in a very short period if she is pregnant and you are the father of her child. She might want to give the marriage a second chance, expecting you to take the role of father sincerely.
    • This could be a major chance for you to salvage your marriage. Take it to be that luck is in your favor. Make a promise to yourself and your wife that you will be a loving husband and a great parent.
    • It is a load of responsibility at once. Don’t let it heave you down. Instead, take it up with a great sense of affirmation and manliness.
    • Chart out a plan. Take small steps in recovering your marriage. Show her that this time it shall last. Don’t get overexcited about everything; don’t try to engage in a huge celebration.
    • Make everything you do meaningful. The gestures should be such that it touches a chord in your wife’s heart. She must feel loved and want to love you. It will take you a long way in grooming your child.
  1. She had a breakup (with the guy she left you for): A walkaway wife might try to return to your life if she split apart with the guy she had abandoned you for. However, this doesn’t necessitate her coming to you looking for her husband.
    • When a walkaway wife makes a return because another man broke her heart, she might have low self-esteem at the moment. She might be questioning herself and the way she takes up things.
    • She will engage in self-doubts and blame herself for not being good enough to keep the guy affectionate to her.
    • She might return to you to understand herself better. She might need you as a friend. The relationship might be one of two dependent somebodies with nowhere else to go.
    • If you tried other relationships and were largely disappointed, this is your time to make amends with your wife. You both understand each other inside and out. Hence even the peculiarities won’t shock you as much.
    • At a later stage in life, it is better to return to your native home than to shift to a new place and start all over again. When you feel at home with someone, it is sensible not to let that person wander off you.
  1. She is broke: Women don’t own assets the way men do. She might need a place to stay or money to survive. She might be in heavy debt, and the bank might be harassing her. If the divorce wasn’t official, and she didn’t get alums from you, she can easily find her way back to you for the sake of finances.
    • A walkaway wife might resort to blackmailing if you let her down in her moments of crisis. She will create a stir if you don’t heed her words. The scenario will get worse if you are seeing someone or if you have a child. She will use this aspect to leverage her side of the story. Women are great storytellers, and any compromising facts about you would gain her the status of a victim.
    • If your wife is dignified, she can return to you expecting some tokens of kindness. This will only happen if you are a financially sound man. She will return all the favors she takes in due time.
    • You can choose to help her either out of guilt or love. However, don’t pile up expectations or urge her to stick to you because you aid her in her time of need. That would be ridiculous and invoke a pathetic sense of pity.
  1. You are depressed: Women have an admirable sense of responsibility even when they stay aloof and indifferent to the well-being of someone they used to hold dear.
    • If your wife comes to know that you are low and depressed, she might choose to make a comeback in your life.
    • If your business fails because of your lack of focus, damaging your employees' careers and lives, she might be pushed to come and fix you as a social responsibility.
    • If your depression is such that your doctor has asked you to stay with the ones you love or in a trigger-free and shockproof environment, your walkaway wife might decide to come back to support you and bring you out of this phase.
    • If you take your walkaway wife’s help to get out of depression, remember that you will become dependent on her to a great extent. If she feels that she is making sacrifices to help you out of depression, she might get depressed in return. 
    • In such a case, it is better to allow her to offer you company but not sensible to keep her if it is done out of sympathy. She doesn’t owe you that. However, if it is out of love, and she is miserable without you, embrace her.
  1. Your child needs you: If you are not just a husband but also a parent, it might be that your wife wants to make a comeback for the sake of your child.
    • If you feel responsible and want to spend time with your child and give the love of both parents together for stability and proper nurture, it will be a good call.
    • If you had wanted to take up the responsibility of your child, but your wife was reluctant, and now she has come around to giving you a chance, grab the opportunity and make good use of it.
    • Suppose you are hesitant to take responsibility because you have started a new family. In that case, it is better to talk to your current wife about it and make a sensible decision to accommodate your child into it to set an example.
  1. She yearns for stability: Life has been way too adventurous since her walking away from you, and it has given her a deeper understanding of the working of human psychology. She yearns for stability, and there is no better way to begin it than you.
    • Over time, we learn to forgive and forget. Our wounds heal, and we don’t remain the same complaining self we were before. We understand and filter the significant from the insignificant. 
    • Your wife might have understood that petty things must not be given too much weightage. What counts is having a meal with your partner in bed. When you return home, the toil of the entire day is worth it when you have someone to look at.
  1. You look hot again: If your wife had left you not because you had become negligent towards her but because you had become negligent towards yourself, she would be deeply moved when she discovers that you took her words seriously and became fit.
    • Fitness is a way of life. Working hard and getting the abs will be jaw-dropping for many but most strongly for your walkaway wife. 
    • A hot physique is always welcoming. When you hit the same gym as your wife, and her friends try to hit on you, she will be jealous and feel proud that she has shared the same bed with you for years.
    • In this context, think of the changed look of Steve Carrell and his wife’s reaction to it. Once you are determined to do something, there is no taking you back from there. 
  1. She is sick: Your walkaway wife may return to your life because she is seriously ill. She might want to forget, forgive, and spend the remaining time with you comfortably.
    • Try not to run away from her if she is terminally ill.
    • Offer her love and support.
    • Recreate memories with her.
    • Accompanied her to doctor’s appointments.
    • Take the recommendation of different doctors before accepting the decision.

How can I get my walkaway wife back?

  1. Talk it out: If the walkaway occurred due to recurring episodes of kitchen sink dramas in your house, you need to get at the root of it and fix it before going on with the restoration.
    • You need to address and understand the grievances of your wife.
    • Suppose she walked away because she was pissed off by how you treated her. In that case, if you did not take her word seriously and allowed her to rant without offering any sense of consolidation and empathy, the episodes might repeat.
    • Try to understand if your wife is allergic to your lifestyle or if it is something you have done in the past.
    • If it is old resentments that bother her, she might be getting flashbacks from time to time. In such a case, you should explain to her why you did certain things when you did them. You might also encourage her to talk to a therapist to get over the shock and anger that keeps penting up with the slightest trigger.
    • In case of everyday general issues such as why you wear darker colors, or why you keep a dense beard, and others, you should come to roundabout terms and understanding with her. Tell her you won’t intervene in her lifestyle, and ask her not to intervene in yours.
    • If you are fine with your wife dressing in a certain way and don’t try to superimpose yourself upon her, expecting the same from her would be reasonable. The everyday lifestyle nitty-gritty must be figured out and sorted beforehand if you want to take it again.
  1. Apologize: An apology can take you way ahead in life. Learning to forget and forgive is true bliss. Don’t hesitate a lot in making an apology when you owe the actions.
    • While an apology can be framed in many ways, it is best done in words.
    • Be direct in your approach. There is no need to beat about the busy. Accept that you are sorry and ashamed of your actions and behavior.
    • Even if you are not forgiven, or the forgiveness does not lead to the comeback, you will feel lighthearted.
  1. Make her feel she is missed: Do whatever it takes to make your wife feel you have missed her a great deal.
    • Cook her favorite recipes and send them to her.
    • Send her a playlist specially curated, keeping her in mind, and describing the various stages of your relationship.
    • Send her to miss you notes.
    • Send her cards and stuff, teddies.
    • Shares photographs of special moments you had spent together and caption them vividly to share how you feel in her absence.
  1. Redo the home the way she liked it: If she is visiting her home, redo your house the way she liked it. Show her that you have kept and maintained everything just the way they were before because you miss her.
    • It is a special way of making someone feel wanted.
    • The gesture won’t go unappreciated.
    • She might text or call you later in the evening to catch up.
    • Tell her plainly how much you desire her.
  1. Be affectionate: Never be rude in your words and behavior with your walkaway wife if you intend to fix it or sustain a friendship in a broken marriage.
    • While there are many ways to express your affection for someone, the most important is to make them know that you are available round the clock for them.
    • If they call you at odd hours, never say no.
    • Tell them their comfort is your priority and how you wish things had been different.
  1. Tell her you want to start over again: Asking for opportunities to start over again is not as bad as one might first feel.
    • When your words and actions synchronize, you can admit your desire to start over again.
    • Try to take hints if your walkaway wife would want to walk back into your life.
    • Never break the chord of friendship. Give her random calls to ask her if she is doing okay.
  1. Tell her you are unhappy: If you are unhappy in your wife's absence, and time seems to have come to a standstill, tell her the same. It is okay to admit that you are better with them even if you are spoilt.
    • Loneliness is a serious problem. When you feel lonely because of your emotional dependency on someone, don’t hesitate to admit it.
    • When you tell a person that you are unhappy without them, there is nothing to feel awkward about it. It’s a sad affair, and it only implies that you wish the circumstances had been different.
  1. Show her there is always room for her: Never say no. If you are hellbent on getting your walkaway wife back, don’t remove her name from your property papers or her things from your wardrobe.
    • Try not to change the housekeeping staff either. Women have a great connection with the housekeeping staff, and if ever your wife would want to get an update on how things are going with you, she might ask one of the staff.
    • No work or action goes unnoticed in the eyes of a woman. When you don’t permit another woman in your life, when you don’t change your relationship status online, nor remove your photos with your walkaway wife as a gesture of resentment, even when she does it all, she is bound to find her way back to you.
    • Be chivalrous with her and courteous with everyone. If anyone raises a finger at your wife in her presence or absence, be ready to defend her. 


  • Try not to make love on the first go. Give it time, and handle your relationship with utmost care and affection.
  •  Switch from kitchen sinking to kitchen thinking. Rather than allowing your wife to stonewall you, or get all defensive about everything, learn and teach to sit and resolve the matter in words rather than angry gestures.
  • Learn to work on yourself rather than getting offended. Becoming antsy towards someone is easy, but understanding their viewpoint and modifying yourself is the real deal. 
  • When your walkaway wife makes a return, appreciate her presence every day in your life without failure. Make her feel that the return was the best decision made by her.

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